Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rev. Al Sharpton, Civil Rights Groups to Meet with AG Sessions

(New York, NY)—Civil Rights leader and National Action Network (NAN) President and founder Rev. Al Sharpton will meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, along with other civil rights groups. 

Two weeks ago, the Attorney General called Rev. Sharpton and five other civil rights leaders from civil rights organizations and they agreed to meet.

Rev. Sharpton unveiled the agenda during his Saturday Action Rally at NAN’s House of Justice this morning and it’s to discuss the following issues:
The DOJ and the Texas Voter-ID law that’s in the courts in Texas: Last week the DOJ announced it will withdrawal from the position that Texas lawmakers purposefully discriminated against voters of color by passing the nation’s strictest voter identification law in 2011. The laws were found to be discriminatory in the previous Administration under President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Rev. Sharpton and NAN will state that voting rights should not be in any way compromised. Attorney General Sessions has supported the gutting of the Voting Rights Act.
Criminal Justice Reform and specific issues that are before Congress including the federal indictment of the policeman that killed Walter Scott and shot him in the back. National Action Network wants to be clear that the Justice Department will move forward.

The Status of the investigation of the Eric Garner chokehold case
Criminal Justice Reform

Additional information will be provided soon.  

Source: Mercury

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