Saturday, January 23, 2016

State of Emergency Declared as Nor'Easter Slams Region

A powerful nor'easter is slamming the tri-state area, bringing with it blasting winds and heavy snow as residents prepare for a potentially paralyzing blizzard with as much as 20 inches of snow.

A blizzard warning was in effect Saturday morning from New York City to the Jersey Shore, with conditions expected to remain hazardous until at least Sunday morning. Storm Team 4 projects 15 to 20 inches of snowfall in New York City, on Long Island and in nearby areas of New Jersey.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday morning that he was declaring a state of emergency. About 600 members of the National Guard were on hand.

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Source: NBC News

Weekly Address: Affordable Care Act is Making a Difference for Millions of Americans

West Wing Week: 01/22/2016

This week, The President sat down with will known YouTube creators to be interviewed and reflect on The State of the Union, headed to a local elementary school with The First Lady to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, and to Motor City to celebrate the comeback of the American auto industry. That's January 15 to the 21st or "Say Spinach, Say Kale".

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sanders Calls on Michigan Governor to Resign in Wake of Water Crisis

A cartoon by M. Wuerker / Politico illustrates the possibility that the decision making that led to the Flint water crisis may have been based on race.

New York State Senator James Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) today called on the Governor of Michigan to resign after residents of the city of Flint  were exposed to lead poisoning from contaminated water. 
The problem began after the city stopped getting its water supply from Lake Huron in order to save money and began drawing from the Flint River, which is known to be polluted, and then did not properly treat the water according to federal guidelines. 
The Governor, along with city and state officials, knew about the dangerous conditions for months, but failed to act swiftly to rectify the situation, putting the health of Flint residents at risk. 
"He had enough information to realize the water was toxic and cancerous, and just a disaster, but he let it continue to travel to homes," Sanders said of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. "I don't understand the reason behind his decision making. It may have been abject racism or a question of class. Perhaps he thought what happens to the lives of lesser folk is not as important as the dollar bill." 

Source: The Office of New York State Senator James Sanders, Jr.

Statement by the President on the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Today, we mark the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, which affirmed a woman’s freedom to make her own choices about her body and her health. The decision supports the broader principle that the government should not intrude on private decisions made between a woman and her doctor. As we commemorate this day, we also redouble our commitment to protecting these constitutional rights, including protecting a woman’s access to safe, affordable health care and her right to reproductive freedom from efforts to undermine or overturn them. In America, every single one of us deserves the rights, freedoms, and opportunities to fulfill our dreams. 

Source: The White House, Office of the Press Secretary

President Obama Delivers Remarks to the U.S. Conference of Mayors

On January 21, 2016, President Obama delivered remarks to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in the East Room of the White House.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Campaign Events (Full Videos)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to supporters and campaign organizers at a rally in Iowa City, Iowa. She asked the audience to caucus for her in the upcoming caucuses and vowed to be a voice for issues concerning college affordability and student debt, gun violence prevention, affordable prescription drugs and child care and civil rights. She was introduced by singer Demi Lovato. 

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Bernie Sanders Town Hall Meeting
in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) held a town hall meeting at the Kingswood Regional Arts Center in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. 

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Source: C-Span 

The Planned Parenthood Videos

Center for Medical Progress Founder David Daleiden talks about secret video recordings showing Planned Parenthood staff discussing the donation of fetal tissue, as well as his assertion that the organization illegally profited from these donations.

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Source: C-Span

Supreme Court Case on Abortion Providers


Donna Crane, vice president for policy with NARAL Pro-Choice America, discusses the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a case dealing with Texas regulations governing abortion providers. 

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Source: C-Span

Sanders Applauds Gunshot Technology Coming to the Rockaways

New York - State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village) recently applauded Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton for expanding the ShotSpotter program to cover more parts of the city, including the Rockaways, but says the gunshot alert and analysis system should have been implemented in his district sooner.

Sanders, a visionary, saw the importance of such gunshot detecting technology more than a decade ago, particularly in areas around some NYCHA housing where high levels of crime had been reported. He set aside money in the budget during his time as a City Council Member for its implementation, but said it went nowhere under the old administration. 

"It's a fantastic program, but think of how many lives could have been saved and how many bad guys we could have taken off the street, if we had done this 12 years ago," Sanders said. "Sadly, the old police commissioner had no faith in it, but today we have been vindicated."

The ShotSpotter system can triangulate the location of a gunshot to within 25 meters of where it was fired, according to the Mayor's Office, and sends an alert to the NYPD, which also includes information such as the number of shots fired and the direction of the shooter's movement. 

Source: The Office of New York State Senator James Sanders, Jr.   

$3 Million Clean Energy Competition Launched for NY Colleges and Universities

Governor Andrew Cuomo today launched the “Energy to Lead Competition,” which challenges student-led coalitions from New York colleges and universities to design and develop innovative plans for campus and community clean energy projects. The competition, part of the REV Campus Challenge which was announced by the Governor in October, will begin accepting applications this week.

“This competition will engage our future leaders today in this fight against climate change," Governor Cuomo said. "I encourage students across the state to get involved and look forward to having their cutting-edge ideas transformed into real projects to reduce emissions, lower energy bills and improve resilience across this state."

The "Energy to Lead Competition" is part of the Governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV, a plan to build a clean, resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. Central to the plan is engaging energy leaders of the future on core issues to help New York achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent, generating 50 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources, and decreasing energy consumption in buildings by 23 percent by 2030.

The $3 million “Energy to Lead Competition,” administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is open to student-led coalitions from two- or four-year public or private colleges or universities. Applications are available on NYSERDA’s website here. Proposals must be submitted by 5 p.m., April 4, 2016. 

Richard Kauffman, Chair of Energy and Finance for New York State, said, “This competition provides an opportunity for students to embrace their central role in building a stronger economy and a healthier environment for all New Yorkers by collaborating with faculty, staff and other members of the community to demonstrate innovative and replicable clean energy solutions.”

John B. Rhodes, President and CEO of NYSERDA, said, “Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York has become a national leader in developing innovative energy solutions to protect our environment and grow our economy. We encourage college and university students to take up this challenge alongside faculty, staff and others from their communities to develop their own creative and compelling solutions for campus projects that will reduce carbon emissions, improve resilience, and create a cleaner and healthier environment.”

Submissions should demonstrate innovation in one or more of the following areas: project design, business model, partnerships, and/or curriculum integration. In addition, proposals should describe the project’s potential impact in reducing or mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, as well as how its success can be measured and how the $1 million award would be leveraged to advance the project.

All proposals must feature a least one undergraduate or graduate student from the college or university and be submitted by a faculty or staff member from that institution. Coalitions may include external, third-party consultants or other community members, or represent a collaboration among different institutions on a single project.

Students, faculty or staff interested in participating in the competition can obtain information, including submission guidelines and details about informational webinars to be held Jan. 27, Feb. 10, and March 1, at 

Source: Press Office, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

The Sex-Trafficking Victim Next Door

By Goldie Taylor

When Annika was 13, she was snatched off the streets of Atlanta and forced into prostitution, one more victim in America’s ‘capital of sex trafficking.’

ATLANTA—“I got snatched two days after I turnt 13,” she says. “I guess I got numb, ’cause I couldn’t feel nothing no more.”

Annika sucks on the butt of a Newport, lets the smoke fill her chest and then exhales a perfect stream from her nostrils. “You ain’t gotta say it,” she tells me. “I smoke like a man.”

She’s 17 now, the mother of an 8-month-old baby boy, and she has the demeanor of a woman twice her age. I watch her carefully—taking in the hard lines in her face, the pockmark scars running up her frail arms and the deep, serious brown eyes—wondering how much of the truth she’s finally willing to tell me. 

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Source: The Daily Beast

'Flashback Friday': The Blizzard of 1947 (NY Gets Record 26 Inches)

Trailblazers in Black History: Eugene Jacques Bullard, WWI Fighter Pilot

Today in History: January 22nd

Former Cop Convicted of Sex Crimes Heads to Prison

Department of Ed Completes Racial Discrimination Investigation

As public pressure to enforce civil rights law escalates, the Department of Education released the results of its most recent civil rights investigation today. The subject of the five-year compliance review was the Toledo City School District in Ohio, where Black students make up close to half the K-12 population.

The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights routinely screens school agencies for discrimination, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits racial discrimination in federally-funded entities or projects.

While Toledo "has taken several positive steps" to keep education equitable, the investigation "did identify a number of potential Title VI compliance concerns regarding equitable access to resources for African American students, including experienced teachers, teachers with master's degrees, and library access for K-8 students, and live distance learning classes for high school students," the report read.

An unrelated Justice Department investigation over disparities in student discipline and provisions for English language-learners is also ongoing. 

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Source: NBC News

NSA Chief Mike Rogers: Encryption Is 'Foundational to the Future'

The director of the National Security Agency says encryption is here to stay, and to argue about how to get rid of it is a waste of time.

Adm. Michael S. Rogers, who is also commander of U.S. Cyber Command, outlined his view in a talk on Thursday at the Atlantic Council. 

Some U.S. officials, including FBI Director James Comey, have argued that encrypted communications make it much for harder for law enforcement to go after terrorists and other criminals. 

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Source: NBC News

Blizzard 2016: 8 Apps to Keep You Safe and Informed

The Northeast is hunkering down for what could be a major storm, with the area around the nation's capital in particular bracing for a blizzard that could bring more than 30 inches of snowing in the coming days.

After you've stocked up on food, water and candles, check out these eight apps that will keep you armed with the information and communication tools you need to weather the storm. 

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Source: NBC News

First Read: The GOP Race's Circular Firing Squad

First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.
GOP race turns into a Tarantino flick

You know we're 10 days out until Iowa, because the political attacks -- on both sides -- have picked up. But what's happening in the Republican race is akin to the final scene in "Reservoir Dogs" or "True Romance," where everyone has their weapons pointed at each other and, well, a lot of people are going to die. Think about it: Donald Trump has his gun pointed at Ted Cruz in the form of a new TV ad attacking Cruz for being "pro-amnesty"; Cruz is pointing his own gun back at Trump for supporting "eminent domain"; National Review's gun is directed at Trump in its "Against Trump" edition; the Republican National Committee already fired back by disinviting the magazine from co-hosting an upcoming debate; Jeb Bush's Super PAC, according to one estimate, has already unloaded $20 million in negative TV ads against Marco Rubio, though the Super PAC disputes that actual figure; and Team Rubio already fired its weapon at Chris Christie. Now someone will survive -- Steve Buscemi's Mr. Pink or Christian Slater's Clarence -- but it's going to be a bloody mess.

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Source: NBC News

Major Snowstorm is Predicted to Impact 20 States, East Coast is Bracing

As Zika Spreads, So Do Fears About Birth Defects, Other Dangers

Colombian officials predict the fast-spreading Zika virus may infect as many as 700,000 people there, and they're advising women to put off getting pregnant if they can.

Brazil has reported several hundred more cases of a birth defect called microcephaly, in which babies have underdeveloped heads and brains and often die before or at birth. More than 3,800 cases have been reported in the past year. 

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Source: NBC News

DRC Calls on Uganda to Stop Oil Activity in Virunga, Africa’s Oldest Natural Park


Uganda should not license an oil exploration block close to neighbouring Congo’s Virunga National Park because drilling would harm the park’s ecosystem, 60 local and international environmental groups said on Thursday.

The east African country of Uganda discovered crude reserves in its Albertine rift basin near its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2006.

In its latest licensing round, the first to be conducted competitively, six blocks covering about 3,000 square kilometres (1160 square miles) are expected to be handed out early this year. 

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Source: Africanews.

Islamic State Militants Attack Lybia’s Ras Lanuf Oil Terminal

Militants affiliated to the Islamic State set fire on Thursday to oil storage tanks in a fresh assault on Ras Lanuf terminal in northern Libya.

According to an energy official, the militants drove into the oil storage site early in the morning, had a confrontation with security guards before retreating and firing from a distance and set four tanks on fire. 

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Source: Africanews.

West African Nations Beef Up Security After Ouagadougou Terror Siege

In the wake of weekend attacks in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, that left at least 29 people dead, security has been beefed up in countries on Monday, as businesses and banks reopened.

There has been increased presence of security forces in front of hotels and increased cooperation with authorities to thwart any threats. Customers are being subjected to systematic body searches and cars are also being inspected. 

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Source: Africanews.

Ivory Coast: Ouattara, Opposition in Key Talks


The release of political prisoners taken in during the 2010- 2011 post-election crisis in Ivory Coast topped the agenda on Thursday during a meeting between President Alassane Ouattara and opposition leaders from the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) party.

The two parties are yet to agree on the number of prisoners to be released.

The leader of the FPI party, Pascal Affi N’guessan, said he saw real progress and a political will to settle all problems related to the post-electoral crisis. 

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Source: Africanews.

A Universal Income – What it is and How it Works

Source: Euronews

West Bank: Palestinians to Go to the UN Over Israel’s Land Plan

Source: Euronews

More Than 40 Refugees Drown Attempting to Cross from Turkey to Greece

Two separate boat sinkings in the eastern Aegean Sea have claimed the lives of at least 44 refugees, 20 of them children. One went down early this morning within swimming distance of the tiny Greek island of Farmakonissi and dozens managed to reach land.

A second vessel sank in what the Turkish coast guard described as ‘rough weather’, off the island of Kalolimnos, also Greek but only ten kilometers from the Turkish mainland. More than 20 people were rescued, and more than 30 bodies were recovered. The number of missing is still being verified.

Note: This is a breaking news story, so visit Euronews and other online news sources for updates

Source: Euronews

Germany: Migrant Crisis on Agenda as Merkel Hosts Turkish PM Davutoglu

Source: Euronews

Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Docks in UAE

France’s only aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle has been deployed in the Persian Gulf since December for actions against the group calling itself Islamic State (ISIL).

“We are monitoring all flights in the war zone according to military agreements between the US and Russia: two forces operating in the same war zone. The agreement was put in place after Russia started air strikes in Syria. We monitor all flights to avoid military incidents between US-led coalition planes and Russian planes. It works very well,” said Rear Admiral René Jean Crignola. 

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Source: Euronews

North Korea Holds US Student Accused of Hostile Act

North Korea says it has detained a US university student accused of committing an unspecified “hostile act”.

The official KCNA news agency reported that the student from the university of Virginia had entered the country on a tourist visa.

He is said to have been incited by the US “to destroy the country’s unity”.

An official at the US embassy in South Korea said he was aware of the reports.

Note: This is a breaking news story, so visit Euronews and other online news sources for updates

Source: Euronews 

Davos: Nations Urged to Adopt Paris Climate Accord

Source: Euronews

European Central Bank May Launch More Stimulus to Counter Economic Slowdown

European Central Bank head Mario Draghi has been doing what he can to reassure the financial world by hinting that the ECB could be going to provide more stimulus for the eurozone economy.

Turmoil in the markets and concerns over China and other developing nations will mean a review of the Bank’s monetary policy in March, Draghi said: “In this environment, euro area inflation dynamics also continue to be weaker than expected. It will therefore be necessary to review and possibly reconsider our monetary policy stance at our next meeting in early March.” 

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Source: Euronews

Thursday, January 21, 2016

White House Daily Briefing

Josh Earnest was joined by the mayors of Kansas City, Missouri, Fresno, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. Following their remarks, Mr. Earnest briefed reporters and responded to questions on a variety of topics. 

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Source: C-Span

Veep Meet and Greet: Poroshenko, Anastasiades, Netanyahu, Ghani and Sharif

The Vice President met yesterday with ‎President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The two leaders agreed on the critical importance of the continued implementation of Minsk by all sides of the Ukraine conflict, as well as the need to continue to move forward on Ukraine's anti-corruption agenda.

Vice President Biden met with President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades today. ‎The two leaders reaffirmed the strategic partnership ‎between Cyprus and the United States. The Vice President commended President Anastasiades on the leadership he has shown in working with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci in UN-facilitated discussions to achieve a reunified and more prosperous Cyprus. ‎

Today, the Vice President met with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel in Davos, Switzerland. The Vice President reaffirmed the unshakable U.S. commitment to Israel's security, and the two leaders discussed ways to further deepen security cooperation to confront common regional threats. The Vice President and Prime Minister also discussed regional developments, including Syria, the campaign against ISIL, the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, steps to counter Iran's destabilizing activities, and opportunities for Israel to expand energy partnerships with countries in the eastern Mediterranean to enhance regional prosperity and cooperation.

The Vice President, joined by Secretary Kerry, met today in a trilateral setting in Davos with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.  They discussed recent efforts to relaunch peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.  The Vice President offered condolences for the loss of life from recent terrorist attacks in both countries and commended both leaders for their diplomatic efforts to advance peace. The Vice President reaffirmed U.S. support for reconciliation and improved bilateral ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan and called them important pillars of regional stability.  The Vice President encouraged both leaders to remain committed to a credible peace process reinforced by tangible steps to reduce violence, eliminate militant safe havens, and promote bilateral cooperation.  

Source: The White House, Office of the Vice President

Army Secretary Confirmation Hearing


Eric Fanning testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on his nomination to be secretary of the Army. He stepped down as acting Army secretary this month after senators raised concerns because he had not yet been confirmed by Congress. 

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Source: C-Span

Veterans Affairs Modernization


Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald testifies before the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee on the VA’s strategic plan to improve and modernize agency operations. 

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Source: C-Span

The Republican-Christian Alliance Begins to Come Out

        By Steven Jonas, MD, MPH        

The GOP candidates fight to outdo each other in their protestations of piety and belief in the Almighty.  Of course, they profess to know God’s plan for all lesser creatures. 

In 1996, as many readers of my columns know, I published the original version of the book now known as “The 15% Solution: How the Republican Religious Right Took Control of the U.S.: 1981-2022.”)  (The current version of the book, the third, is published by my dear friend and comrade Patrice Greanville, Editor/Publisher of The Greanville Post and Publisher of Punto Press.)  In that book, based entirely on what the Republicans and the Religious Right were already telling us back then what they would do if they ever got significant control of the U.S. government at both the Federal and state levels, I predicted that a transmogrification of the Republican Party into something I called the “Republican-Christian Alliance” would occur sometime in the first decade of the 21st century.  Well it’s happening folks, about ten years after I originally made the call.

I pointed out in my last column that one of the “mainstream” Republican candidates, Jeb Bush, in responding to Donald Trump’s proposal for barring all Syrian refugees, allowed that he would let in the Christian ones.  But given what happened to Mr. Aikenhead, Jeb, suppose they took a different positon on the validity of the Doctrine of the Trinity than you do, would they still be allowed in?  And while it might make no difference to Jeb himself, there are still some serious doctrinal differences among Christians of various stripes on this one.  And then must one wonder which version of the concept of the Trinity and of the Eucharist would be approved by John Kasich’s proposal for the establishment of a governmental office for spreading “Judeo-Christian values.”  (In that last column I discussed the difficulty — actually the impossibility — of getting the various Jewish denominations to agree on almost anything that might, or might not, be considered a “core Jewish value.”  I gather from numerous conversations that Christians would have the same problem.) 

Of course we know that Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Ben Carson are Dominionists (meaning they put “God” above the Constitution), and Ted Cruz likely is, too, because his father is one, quite openly.  Of course, no media person is ever going to ask any of them a direct question on the matter.  Just as no media person will ever go beyond the word “evangelicals” to describe the Christian Rightists in Iowa who are very strong in the Republican Party to get to a definition of the term.  But in any case, these four, along with Trump, are usually considered outside of the Republican “mainstream.”

Of course Trump could be described as a Dominionist as well.  Except that it would be a special type of Dominionism, not of “God,” but of Donald Trump.  Consider, for example, that at a meeting of police officers he announced that on his first day in office -- by executive order -- he would institute the death penalty, on a national basis, for killing a police officer.  Except that the use or non-use of the death penalty is a matter of law, at the Federal and state levels, and in the ordinary course of events could only be changed by legislation.  Then there was his statement that he would end, nationally, gun-free zones in schools, another matter ordinarily handled by government, state and local.  I have discussed Trump’s flirtations with fascism, another term for Trump-Dominionism, in this space before, and it is a matter to which I shall likely return.

But then along comes Marco Rubio.  He is considered by the media as a “Republican Establishment” candidate along with Bush, Kasich and Christie.  As such, however, he is a candidate for the Presidency of a Republic governed by a Constitution in which neither the word “God” nor the word “Christian” appears.  In this context, he made some utterly remarkable statements in a TV ad aimed at the Iowa Republican-Christian Right.  I present for your consideration a discussion of it that appeared in a publication called the Christian Post (which seems to be rather favorable towards Sen. Rubio.

“Florida Sen. Marco Rubio released a new web ad (watch below) Tuesday discussing his Christian faith, saying our ‘ultimate goal is to live in all eternity with our Creator.’  Rubio, like many presidential candidates in the Republican field, has been open about sharing about his faith on the campaign trail. The Roman Catholic candidate, who also attends Protestant services with his wife, has admitted in the past that there have been times he was not a strong spiritual leader in the home. The new ad focuses on higher truths beyond politics, reflecting on the purpose of life and the created order.  ‘Our goal is eternity,’ Rubio says. ‘The ability to live alongside our Creator for all time. That is the purpose of our life to grow closer in our relationship and to accept the free gift of salvation to us offered by Jesus Christ.’  Rubio affirmed the dignity and importance of work in the ad saying that our vocation is a way to reflect the glory of God but added our ‘ultimate goal is to live in all eternity with our Creator.’”

The Christian Post article goes on to say about Rubio:

“Rubio said that the struggle ‘on a daily basis’ for Christians ‘is to remind ourselves of this, to remind ourselves the purpose of life is to cooperate with God’s plan.’ The Florida senator quoted the notable passage from Luke 12:48: ‘From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.’ Rubio adds that God will ask humanity to account for the gifts that He has given to us.  ‘Were your treasures stored up on earth or in heaven?’ asks Rubio, ‘and for me I try to allow that to influence me in everything that I do [emphasis added].’ ” In his book American Dreams, Rubio discusses the imago Dei teaching and the dignity of work: ‘For Christians, the centrality of work to human meaning and happiness comes from our being made in the image of God,’ wrote Rubio. ‘Being made in His image means we have dignity, worth and creativity. Work is how we use these gifts to contribute to our fellow men and women and to honor His name [emphasis added]’.”  Presumably, as President, too.  

If you don’t find this philosophy of life in a man who wants to be President of all of the people of the United States totally frightening, you should.  Even more frightening for me is that the likelihood of the mainstream media asking him about his theology and how it would govern his mode of governing as President is about as high as the likelihood that the Doctrine of Global Warming is a myth.  One can say the same for any such questions coming from any representatives of the Democratic side of the Duopoly.

       About The Author

Senior Editor, Politics, Steven Jonas, MD, MPH is a Professor Emeritus of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University (NY) and author/co-author/editor/co-editor of over 30 books.  In addition to being Senior Editor, Politics, for The Greanville Post, he is: a Contributor for American Politics to The Planetary Movement; a “Trusted Author” for Op-Ed; a contributor to the “Writing for Godot” section of Reader Supported News; and a contributor to From The G-Man. He is the Editorial Director and a Contributing Author for  Further, he is an occasional Contributor to TheHarderStuff newsletter, BuzzFlash Commentary, and Dandelion Salad.

Dr. Jonas’ latest book is The 15% Solution: How the Republican Religious Right Took Control of the U.S., 1981-2022: A Futuristic Novel, Brewster, NY, Trepper & Katz Impact Books, Punto Press Publishing, 2013, and available on Amazon.