Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiger Woods: Protecting an Endangered Species

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his New York Post publication
have been relentless in their effort to castrate Tiger Woods

Sponsors Wrong for Bailing On Golf Great!

People? People!!! Don’t act like you can’t hear me. It’s pretty hard to ignore The G-Man once he gets going. The United States of America is in a very, very bad state. I’m not referring to the recession, global warming or the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m talking about the fact that we’ve become so goddamn transfixed by the lives of celebrities that we lose sight of the things that are vitally important. It’s absolutely incredible how callous, ignorant and insensitive we’re becoming as a nation, and I’ll bet our allies and enemies are having one hell of a laugh at our expense.

Everyone from the global media to fellow golfers has piled on Tiger Woods since admitting he cheated on his wife, and things only got worse after a bevy of skanks surfaced with claims that they also polished the legendary golfer’s “sand wedge”. Yes, I called them skanks because that’s just what the hell they are. Wake up, America! Don’t you find it odd that none of them had anything to say when they first hooked up with Woods or during the entire course of their alleged affairs? Oh, but the gold digging sluts slithered out of the woodwork once they saw an opportunity to shove the knife in his back, make money or get their 15-minutes of fame, didn’t they? Still, there were those who chastised Woods, abandoned him and kicked him when he was down. Tiger Woods messed up, big time, but he doesn't deserve to be raked over the coals.

These two-bit, money-grubbing banshees are more than deserving of the skank title, and the majority of people lusting for more information about Tiger’s indiscretions need to take a hard look in the mirror .…. so they can see the ugly staring back. They need to see how they’re being transformed into media zombies - whose thirst can only be quenched with the blood of a wounded Tiger. Well, for those of you who want to be saved from the hellish transformation, The G-Man has an antidote. It’s called the truth, and I’m about to shove the needle in even deeper!

Former basketball superstar Charles Barkley and filmmaker Spike Lee have publicly expressed concern for the safety of Woods. They believe all the negative media attention and lost endorsements could place the golfer in a suicidal state of mind. If it should come to this, heaven forbid, The G-Man would place all of the blame squarely on Rupert Murdoch and his toilet paper tabloid, “The New York Post”. Both have been relentless in their attempt to demean and castrate Woods. The proof is in the fact that they've lampooned him and the situation on every front cover since the story broke. In my humble opinion, Murdock and the Post editors are straight-up dicks! Yeah, I said it. Go ahead and sue my black ass.

I lost all respect for The Post when it published that despicable cartoon comparing President Obama to a chimp. The editorial staff's decision to publish a full-length photo of a 15-year-old girl as she lay bleeding on the sidewalk, after being struck in the head by a stray bullet, really pissed me off, too! To their credit, the New York Daily News published the same photo and only showed the facial expressions of the victim’s friends and relatives as they stood over her body. That is responsible journalism at its best! Now you have a pretty good idea as to why I only use the New York Post to wipe my ass.

There are two more things I want to say regarding the “Simpsonization” – as in O.J. Simpson - of Tiger Woods. There were pro-golfers who sought out the media in effort to bash Woods. They called him a phony, a liar and a con man. The G-Man doesn’t blame them. Hey, if I got my ass handed to me by Tiger Woods at every tournament I ever played in, I’d seek some form of revenge, too. Instead of bashing him like a bunch of little punks, they really need to shut the hell up! Lord knows, they all have probably done something in their lifetime to shame themselves and loved ones. The only difference is they were lucky not to have their dirt publicized. I want all of those pencil-necked golfing pros to do me a favor. Sit your plaid-Knickers-wearing, loud shirt sporting, 18-hole-playing asses down and suck on a bottle of Yoo-hoo! None of you are fit to carry Woods' golf shoes.

Secondly, the last time I checked, only one person was perfect enough to feed five thousand people with just fives loaves of bread and two small fish; turn water into wine and walk on water. No one on this planet is capable of such feats because we’re mere mortals. Moreover, as mere mortals, it is part of our DNA to fuck up every now and then. Why the hell do you think the term “I’m sorry” was invented? Hallmark and 1-800 FLOWERS have made billions from faithful and unfaithful people!

All of the advertisers that are bailing on Woods are publicly saying they want a perfect human being as their spokesperson. Excuse me!!!! You stuffed shirts at Accenture and other Fortune 500 companies can’t be that damn stupid; not when some of you may have cheated on your tax returns or banged your hot-ass secretary - like a screen door caught in a hurricane - on those extended business trips. Folks, did you hear the collective gasp of every well-to-do housewife in America that read the previous line? They're not stupid. They know what time it is. I'll go as far as to say that some of the execs that dumped Woods may have spent time in jail or did a stint in rehab. My point is everybody has skeletons lurking in the closet, so let’s not fool ourselves or treat Woods like he's the worst person on the planet.

Thanks to each corporate sponsor's asinine, knee-jerk reaction to the scandal, they lost sight of the fact that Woods has also done some major good through his charitable work and within the Professional Golfers Association. The sponsors and ad execs drank the nasty Kool-Aid that the Jim Jones media loves to serve up, and they ended up throwing the baby out with the bath water. They were wrong to do that. Tigers are fast becoming an endangered species all over the world, and given his rare and amazing contribution to the sport of golf, this Tiger, flaws and all, should also be preserved and protected.

Photo source: Rupert Murdoch - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2007
Copyright World Economic Forum (

Author: worldeconomicforum at

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"White House Crashers" Must Go To Jail!

President Obama and the First Lady could've met the same fate as President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Breaching National Security Cannot Be Tolerated

The G-Man is absolutely furious, America! I’ve refrained from addressing this issue since the story broke, but I can't contain myself any longer. Michaele and Tareq Salahi were somehow able to penetrate Secret Service security details, crash the annual White House State Dinner and get face-to-face with the First Couple, as well as Vice-President Joe Biden. Oh, but they didn’t stop there! The couple actually posted photos of their dastardly deed on Facebook for the entire world to see. Moreover, it is alleged that the whole incident was set up to secure the couple a spot on a reality-based TV show entitled, “The Real Housewives of Washington”.

Why isn’t the country still in an uproar over this? Why isn’t the White House going after this couple with reckless abandon? Yes, I know the economy and the fact that 30,000 more soldiers are being sent to war in Afghanistan are issues of vital importance right now, but I would argue that this incident is equally important for two key reasons. First of all, the very fact that someone was able to get this close President Obama and the First Lady is frightening and shameful. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a major first.

For one moment, let’s just forget the fact that this is a wholesome, sweet couple. Now, I admit that’s a stretch, with all the dirt that has come out about them, but dance with The G-Man on this one for just a bit. If they were trained assassins, President Obama and the First Lady would be dead and black Americans, particularly in the decimated inner cities, would've retaliated all across the country.

The emotional reaction would've far exceed the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles, and white people would've been forced to cower in fear because this time inner city residents would seek to burn and destroy white communities. America would've fallen under martial law, and race relations would've reach critical mass. I guess I’m the only one in the media with enough balls to raise this issue, huh? People need to thank God for “Kool-Aid free” journalists and commentators. They really do.

The pundits and analysts making all that noise about the Salahis not being armed or ever posing a threat need to slapped! Anyone with half a brain knows that an assassin can simply break one of the crystal glasses on the dinner table, place a sharp edge in their pocket and ram it into the leader of the free world’s throat when they shake hands. The female assassin could finish off the First Lady in the same manner. Given the fact that this couple so easily bypassed security, they proved, unequivocally, that anything is possible.

Some of you may be laughing at my scenario - saying it’s far-fetched or that I’ve watched too many James Bond movies. Well, I would simply say this. No one in the world ever imagined the towers of the World Trade Center would fall, either. Simply put, shit can and does happen! With that said, I dare you to dismiss my scenario.

The second reason this matter is of vital importance is because it involves national security. If you think would-be assassins and terrorists didn’t take notice of how easy it was to breach White House security, you’d better think again. I would be willing to bet that extremists, here in America and abroad, are not only laughing at the U.S. about this extremely dangerous and embarrassing incident, they’re probably conjuring up some very creative and brilliant ideas on how to infiltrate the president’s Secret Service detail. The Salahis have no idea how much internal and external damage they have caused by their stupid, selfish and self-promoting act.

I may be out of place to do so, but I’m going to publicly make two requests of President Obama and his administration, and I’m going to make them without reservation. Number one, have prosecutors get busy and find a way to throw the Salahi’s White House-crashing, First Couple-hugging, Joe-Biden picture-taking, reality TV show-wanting asses in federal prison! They have to be taught a serious lesson and made an example of. The office of the presidency, vice-presidency and national security are at stake.

There is absolutely no excuse for willfully breaching or compromising national security, and you know this, Mr. President! With all due respect, I believe President George W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney and ranking members of the Republican Party would've wanted the couple's heads on a platter! I certainly hope your administration will handle this in a stern and immediate fashion, Mr. President.

Secondly, if this stunt really was done to secure a reality TV show deal, the White House needs to implicate and prosecute the stupid network that may have aided and abetted the Salahis in successfully gaining entry. I’ll go out on a limb and say I believe they did have assistance in pulling this off, which would explain why they hired an attorney and have recently decided to hide behind the Fifth Amendment, like the little punks that they are, if called before the courts.

The Salahis have laughed and smiled there way through this ordeal, but you can bet they won't be laughing or smiling in their jail cells.....where they belong. Don't let them pass go or collect $200. Send them straight to jail! Period! This isn’t “Punk’d” with Ashton Kutcher, Mr. President. This is a matter of grave importance. The G-Man is urging your administration to lay the smack down on this couple, uphold the office of the presidency and let it be known that matters involving the national security of this country are not to be taken lightly.

Photo source for attempted Reagan assassination:

Author: United States Federal Government

Licensing: Public Domain

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lifestyle

Tiger Woods Is Latest Victim of "The Curse"

Every now and then, The G-Man gets knocked around like a big, fat piñata because of positions he’s taken or for slamming politicians and celebrities. Sometimes, I even got my feelings hurt. Yeah, right! The truth is the attacks never really bothered me because I was always confident that something would happen to validate the comments or vindicate me. Ladies and gentlemen, the current situation regarding legendary golfer Tiger Woods has vindicated me…. once again.

Woods, like so many other wealthy saps, has become the latest victim of what I refer to as “the curse” or “the three pees”. I had a great deal to say on the subject when I addressed it several months ago, and you can read the article by clicking on the following:

Once details of the Woods incident started to emerge, I suddenly realized I wrote an article about Woods a number of years ago entitled “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Racists”. I pulled the article from my archives and was absolutely stunned because the article contained a dire prediction for Woods that has, unfortunately, come to pass. I have taken the liberty of posting the article below. Brace yourselves for a prediction that was made more than eight years ago.

“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Racist”

(Initially published in “The Wave of Long Island” – April of 2001)

Let’s hear it for Tiger Woods! In past years, this darling of the media has made all the right moves to become one of the most beloved superstars in the world of sports. I guess you could call him the Michael Jordan of golf. He has changed the game as we know it, and many say that he is just starting to reach his golfing potential. I’m not so sure about that, given his poor performance in recent competitions.

The fact that Woods has reached legendary status, while still in his youth, is a scary thought. However, there is something much more frightening within the world of golf, and I don’t think Tiger can be considered a true hero until he is willing to speak out against this ugly reality. Many of the major tournaments, like The Masters or The Bob Hope Classic, are often played on some of the most beautiful and breathtaking courses in the country. The lakes are crystal clear. The grass is emerald green. The sand is a sparkling yellow, and the people who are exclusive members are as white as the driven snow.

The sponsors and beneficiaries of these courses and clubs also tilt in favor of the Caucasian persuasion, and they have made it abundantly clear that no other groups are welcomed. This is the dirty little secret of the golfing world, and no one has every really addressed it in the cowardly American media. So, The G-man is going to tee-off on the subject. Four!!!!

There are a number of complaints and lawsuits on record that clearly illustrate how racism is alive and well throughout the golfing circuit. While most involve the smaller courses around the country, charges have been brought against clubs that have hosted major competitions in the past. The lawsuits, filed by the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP, charged that certain clubs and organizations excluded Jews, Asians and African-Americans from becoming members. The suits also revealed the staggering percentage of white memberships versus minorities, which was somewhere in the area of 95 percent to a paltry 5 percent.

The most astonishing aspect about all this is the fact that many of the members staunchly defended their position to keep the clubs exclusively white. They claimed it was part of a tradition or some nonsense. Sadly, this is probably the sentiment of a good number of people who enjoy these so-called exclusive memberships. I am amazed at the level of hypocrisy with regard to the "acceptance" of Tiger Woods by the golfing world.

I watched the spectators cheer wildly, most of them white, when he sank the putt to capture his first Masters trophy. I could not help asking myself, "Why do they embrace him so easily and deny others of color an opportunity to ever play on their courses?" Is it the fact that he is successful? Is it the fact that he has made millions and could possibly to become the first billionaire in the world of sports? Is it because he is the product of an interracial union, which gives them this silly notion that he really isn’t black? Is it because he exclusively dated white women, married a Swede, or dyes his hair blond on occasion? If it is the money and status, then that’s a bunch of crap because there are plenty of Jews, Asians and African-Americans who have both and they still aren’t allowed access.

I am not "hating" on Tiger Woods. I’m proud of his accomplishments, and he is an outstanding role model for young people all over the world. However, I take issue with the fact that he has chosen to ignore an aspect of golf that is so painfully obvious for many inside and outside of the sport. He has all the praise and accolades that he could ever obtain in life, but he would be a true hero and leader if he simply came out and addressed this issue. Imagine the impact it would have on society if he said something like the following:

"While I have managed to break new ground and records in the sport of golf, there are those who have been excluded from the game, and they have not had an opportunity to develop their full potential as golfers in the pro and amateur circuits. This cannot continue, and I ask that people in all facets of the golfing circuit work to insure that this practice is halted."

Granted, his words may fall on deaf ears, and he may even lose a number of endorsement deals, but to hell with that! At the very least, a light would be shed on a very serious problem within the sport he has literally transformed.

Finally, I would like to offer an additional piece of advice to Tiger Woods. As quickly as you have been embraced by the white masses, more specifically the white media, you must remember that they will turn on you just as quickly if you allow yourself to become "Simpsonized". There are some striking similarities between you and O.J., and you could find yourself in the role of villain if you’re not careful.

People started out worshipping O.J. too, but the minute he jacked up it was all over! Don’t let success, fame, fortune and hype destroy you like it did O.J. You are much higher on the fame, respect and status meter than "The Juice", but that only means that you will fall faster and harder than he ever did the minute something negative or extremely controversial impacts your life; such as allegations that you beat your former girlfriends or being accused of rape by a beauty pageant contestant. Don’t ever forget why you got into the game or where you came from. If you remain true to yourself, you will never stray off course.

Looks like I nailed it, again, didn’t I? Tiger Woods has given new meaning to the term "sinking the putt".

Tiger Woods Photo Source: Originally posted to Flickr as "Tiger Woods"

Author: User Keith Allison on Flickr

Permission: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 "Jim Jones Media"

Cult-News Agencies, Oprah & Palin Guilty of Poisoning America

Hey, America! The G-Man is going to let you in on little secret. Come closer and I'll tell you what it is. Okay, you ready? The major cable and network cult news outlets, as well as the major cult news publications, think you're a bunch of idiots. That may come as a surprise to some, but I think the majority of you know exactly what I mean. How else would you explain all the asinine news stories that are flooding the television and radio airwaves and newspapers?

Folks, it's really, really bad! It's the kind of bad you feel when you have a heavy lunch and throw up, just a tad, in your mouth afterward. What? Don't look at me like that because we've all done it at least once. Act like you know. Now, where was I? Oh, that's right. It's a sad situation, and the worst part is things are likely to get even worse. If you'd like me to give you some examples of the lunacy to illustrate my point, I'd be delighted. Pull up a chair, grab a beer and get ready because “Mount G-Man” is about to blow.

President Obama Bows to Japanese Emperor

I can't believe how the Kool-Aid serving media and dimwit politicians in Washington, D.C. are making such a big deal about this. What President Obama did is considered a gesture of respect in Asian culture. Foreign leaders have shaken hands with U.S. presidents for centuries while visiting the White House, so what the hell is the damn problem? Politicians and pundits probably would've had a heart attack if he gave a high-five to Japanese Emperor Akihito. What a bunch of jackasses! The backlash against the president is a clear indication that political leaders in this country would rather be disrespectful toward foreign leaders than acknowledge sacred and traditional customs. That is inexcusable, particularly for the United States, because this is the country that most of the world looks up to, and everyone that is complaining about President Obama's gesture should be deeply ashamed.

The only reason the old farts in Congress and the Senate are bitching, especially in the Republican Party, is because they hold fast to the ridiculous notion that America is superior and bows to no one. Let me tell you something. With China and other Asian countries absorbing most of our debt, all of the hoopla over President Obama's gesture is a moot point. Never mind the bowing. The fact is we should be kissing their ass.... in gratitude! Hey, Mr. President? Next time, channel your “inner-brotha” and give foreign leaders a fist bump! That should really piss your critics off.

Sarah Palin in 2012…Who the F*ck Cares?

If I had a choice between slamming a car door on my balls and watching all the stupid coverage of Sarah Palin and her book tour, I'd opt for the car door. Go away, Sarah! A good number of Americans are continuing to prove that stupidity has no boundaries by actually lauding and supporting a woman that would be better served managing a damn Walmart. Still, the media fawns over Palin like a modern-day Jackie-O. Allow me to take a page out of the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen's book. Sarah Palin, I knew Jackie-O. Sarah, you're no Jackie-O! If people thought eight years of President George W.. Bush was bad, imagine how much worse things would be with Sarah Palin as Commander-in-Briefs. I have just one thing to say to every one of her fans and supporters. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid that Palin is serving!

Republicans and the Mid-Term Elections

The cult-news media is reporting that Republicans are gaining a stronghold on the country because of resistance to President Obama's health care plan and his foreign policy positions. Recent gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia have given members of the GOP a great deal of hope and momentum heading into the mid-term elections. That's all cool, but here's what I don't understand. Why do the voters expect a man who's barely been in office one year to immediately undo eight years of destruction brought about by the Bush administration? That's just not logical or realistic.

If the Bush administration was largely responsible for giving Wall Street tycoons, major banks and housing lenders a free pass to completely jack this country up during its two terms, why would voters be stupid enough to place Republicans in a position to regain control of the country? Why are people so willing to defend and justify eight years of Kool-Aid cover-ups, economic ruin, lies and war, but they're ready to toss President Obama out on his ear before he completes his first full term. And I'm not supposed to think it's a “black thing”? Yeah, okay. You political neophytes go ahead and put Palin, Romney or, God forbid, that fool Giuliani in the Oval Office, if you want to. Don't wait for me to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on you after you drink the Kool-Aid. You'll be a bunch of waitin' asses.

Bullsh*t News Stories (Celebrity Takes Off His Shirt)

I saw a news story on the Internet this week that absolutely made no sense. The entire piece was based on the whether or not Talyor Lautner, star of the “Twilght” vampire films, would take off his shirt in future films. Did you catch that? I'd love to meet the damn genius that thought Lautner's scrawny chest was worthy of a national debate so I could slap them upside the head with a putrid pig's foot. This is why America ranks almost dead last when it comes to countries that excel in education. We're too caught up on wanting to see someone's nipples. Meanwhile, U.S. soldiers are being blown to bits by incendiary explosive devices (I.E.D) and taking bullets to the back of the head in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is media poisoning at its worst, and America is chugging it down with reckless abandon.

Precious”…. Not So Much

The G-Man is hearing a great deal of buzz, courtesy of the national, cult media, yet again, about the movie “Precious”, which is an Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry production. I haven't seen the film, but the critical acclaim leads you to believe that it will garner nods for “Best Picture”, “Best Supporting Actress (Mo'Nique) and “Best Director” (Lee Daniels). Winning the honors would be a monumental achievement for Winfrey, Perry and black cinema, but it would definitely come at the expense of black men.

I've read the film's synopsis and have come to understand why Winfrey was so passionate about developing the project. Winfrey's involvement with the film gave her an opportunity to mix up her own potent batch of Kool-Aid. If you look at most of the film projects she aligned herself with, the image of the black man has been portrayed as cruel, incestuous, manipulative, nasty, violent and vicious toward the black woman. Precious, in hideously graphic and violent fashion, provides Winfrey with a vehicle to carry on her tradition of promoting black women as innocent victims, castrating black men, and providing white America with invalid reasons to fear him.

Diane Sawyer: Scourge of Black Men

Speaking of castrating black men, what the hell is Diane Sawyer's problem? First it was the infamous Robin Given and Mike Tyson interview. Then, it was Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Most recently, she slithered her way into an interview with Rihanna to discuss the beatdown the songbird took from ex-boyfriend “Fist” Brown. Oops! I mean...Chris Brown. All of the interviews had one thing in common: they made the men look like total buffoons. I don't know if it's Sawyer solely or her producers, but it is very clear that she is fast becoming the scourge of black men in America. I know quite a few “sistahs” that aren't too happy with her, either. You can't help but wonder who else is on Sawyer's hit list. It's getting to the point where she'll even trap poor Sasha and Malia Obama and ask them, “Did your father ever curse at or hit you while running around in the Oval Office?” What...the.... hell? Black men of America, be afraid. Be very afraid! If you see Sawyer and a camera crew headed your way, you'd better haul ass like you stole something. It's all about the Kool-Aid, and its called “Dewberry Diane”!

Slick Rick” Lazio Returns
If New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio could be given a flavor in the popular Kool-Aid franchise, it would be “Slick Rick Raspberry”. The media circus was crazy enough, and now another clown enters the tent with a 5-gallon water gun filled with Kool-Aid and drama. Go away, Rick! No one is going to take you seriously. Don't you get it? You're like an old pair of boots with toes sticking out the front. You're that old pair of ripped boxers that wives beg their husbands to throw out. You're the last two pieces of toilet paper on the roll after a “three-pounder”. Nobody wants you. You were tossed aside like a dirty dishrag years ago after Hillary Clinton laid the smackdown on you in the Senator's race. Do you really think you and the cult-leader media will be able to hypnotize New York voters with a bunch of new campaign promises and revamped speeches? Your ship will sink the moment Katie Couric starts asking the hard questions. How am I so sure? Well, you'll probably get up from your chair and get in her face, too! Isn't that right, Slick? Listen to The G-Man and save yourself the embarrassment. Dude, your name is Lazio, not Lazarus.

Oprah Winfrey Photo Source:
Author: Alan Light
Permission: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

Sarah Palin Photo Source: Sarah_Palin_at_Chambliss_rally.jpg
Author: Sarah_Palin_at_Chambliss_rally.jpg: Bruce Tuten from Savannah, Georgia, United States
derivative work: Maximus0970 (talk)
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Diane Sawyer Photo Source: originally posted to Flickr as GMA News
Author: Amanda Benham from Bloomington, IN, United States
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Marked for Death?

FOX News Host Sean Hannity

CNN, FOX, MSNBC Hosts & Others Should Be Very Worried

The latest report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization that closely monitors hate crimes and hate group activity in the U.S., indicates that membership is increasing. Still, the national media turns a blind eye and simply regards the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation and others as nothing more than small, insignificant fringe groups. Try telling that to the family members of the three murdered Philadelphia police officers or the Holocaust museum security guard. All of them were killed this year by white supremacists.

Tensions are rising in this country at an alarming rate. However, it isn’t just the white supremacists that are raising hell. Now, average Americans who feel change has not come fast enough, or fear that it will not come at all, have joined the revolt. The anger will steadily intensify, creating a powder keg effect, as corporate crooks continue to receive government bailouts; job opportunities become virtually non-existent; the national debt continues to soar to record numbers; and universal health care is rammed down the throat of every American that denounces it.

The talking heads at every major network or cable news/talk show have played a key role in all the confusion and rage engulfing the country. People are looking to them for clarity, truth and an honest assessment and discussion of the issues without a bunch of stupid special effects, the same, old analysts and pundits, bravado or political bias. Viewers aren’t getting that. Instead, Keith Olbermann and Sean Hannity are sniping at each other. Rush Limbaugh is race baiting, “Morning Joe” has too much damn “cream” in its coffee, and Glenn Beck has morphed into the man with two faces, after jumping from CNN’s Headline News (HLN) to FOX News. With the exception of FOX News, network and cable news ratings are in the toilet. Americans are pissed off and tuning out!

Who could blame them? Every network anchor is shouting over the other in effort to get an edge on the competition. Facts and vital information are being grossly distorted in effort to win public sentiment, shift political views and increase ratings. Network execs and reporters are cutting backroom deals with White House powerbrokers in exchange for major breaking news tips, “leaked” White House memos or special invites to the annual correspondent’s dinner. The American voter isn't as stupid as the “puppeteers” might think. They're starting to figure out that the game is rigged at their expense, as well as the fact that the mainstream media has played key role in the elaborate con for years.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs recently filed a police report indicating that someone fired a shot at his home and wife. An investigation is underway. Every network owner, news director and talking head needs to stop and think about that for a moment. Seriously! I stated that people, and not just the white supremacists anymore, are getting really, really angry. Given the economic, political and social climate in this country, what network anchors or cable news show hosts say on the air, and how they say it, could literally get them or their loved ones severely hurt or killed. The Dobbs situation is a clear confirmation.

Think about it, folks. If madmen were able to squeeze off shots at President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, John Lennon and leading abortion doctors, what makes the mainstream media reps think they aren’t in some sicko’s rifle scope? No one is immune from the threat, and because I have said things in this blog that angered many people, that includes The G-Man. The networks are limited when it comes to playing the protector. I'll say it again. The Dobbs situation is a clear confirmation!

Here’s something else for all the network and cable news reps to chew on. I truly believe it’s just a matter of time before someone angrier than the Dobbs shooter kills one or more of you in route to the studio, while pulling into your driveway, while walking your dog, or as you tuck your young son or daughter into bed. Having said that, ask yourself this question. Are the money, influence, perks and power that come with your position all worth it? Is it, Rush Limbaugh? Is it, Sean Hannity? Is it, Geraldo Rivera? Is it, Chris Matthews? Is it, Joe Scarborough? Is it, Mika Brzezinski? Is it, Keith Olbermann? Is it, Rachel Maddow? Is it, Jim Cramer? Is it, Pat Buchanan? Is it, Joy Behar? I want you to answer. Don’t wait until a gunman - who lost his job, life savings, home and belief in the American political system - puts a bullet in the forehead of one or more of your colleagues to take this commentary, the situation or me seriously.

Photo source: Image:Seanhannitykingofprussia.JPG; cropped and rotated.

Author: Modified by CrazyLegsKC, original taken by Hello32020

Permission: Public Domain

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michael Steele: "Little Black Sambo"

GOP Leader Kowtows to Party's Racial Gaffs & Limbaugh, Palin Fame

Yeah, I said it! Go ahead and call the “po-po”! For those who may not be aware, po-po is a street term for the police. Now that we’ve gotten that little explanation out of the way, it’s time to grab hold of something because The G-Man is about to raise some serious hell. I know a hell of a lot of black people, along with the lovely Republican dudes and dudettes in the Congress and Senate, will not take kindly to me calling Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, a Sambo. Well, tough! I have more than enough reason for doing so, and I could care less if Steele, or President Barack Obama, who has referred to Steele as his homeboy, is offended by my description.

Steele is deserving of the title because he repeatedly and willingly steps aside and allows the national media and the GOP to showcase others as the voice or face of the very organization he was chosen to lead. What the hell is up with that? You think I’m bullshitting? Okay, let me ask you folks a question. When was the last time you saw the media providing round-the-clock coverage of Steele? Just stop and think for a minute. The national media has practically had a microphone or interviewer up Rush Limbaugh's or Sarah Palin’s ass for the last several weeks. Even “The Governator”, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been getting more “media pussy” than Steele.

Limbaugh and Palin are being promoted as the true leaders, symbols and voices of the GOP, even though Limbaugh has publicly stated that he doesn’t consider himself as such. The king of conservative media has reportedly inked a new deal for his radio show for an estimated $400 million, and Palin’s memoir, entitled “Going Rogue”, set a record by rocketing to the top of Amazon’s book list without one book being released! In the midst of all this, Michael Steele has literally become the central character out of Ralph Ellison’s groundbreaking novel “The Invisible Man”. Moreover, Steele has allowed himself to be treated like a modern-day Sambo and cast aside as someone completely impotent and insignificant.

Michael Steele, 63rd Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Steele has not bitched or moaned about his lack of media coverage. Why? Steele did not take a firm or vocal leadership position when an asshole Republican compared First Lady Michelle Obama to a gorilla. Why? Instead of lacing up a pair of kick-ass boots and serving notice to fellow Republicans that shit was going to change on his watch, Steele quietly and simply noted there were things the Republican Party needed to address. Duh! No shit, Sherlock! You think? Steele has not even made an all-out effort to convey that he is, without question, the big dog in the GOP yard. His actions lead me to believe that some racist Republicans and influential people got in his ear and whispered, “Know your role, boy!” or “Just shut up and do the little Sambo dance for us!” Yeah, I said it…. again! Go ahead and call the damn po-po!

Hey, Steele? Until you get some hair on those balls, seize the national media spotlight from Limbaugh, Palin, Giuilani or other noted Republicans, and speak out on the real issues that the GOP is too scared to address, no one, especially in black America, will ever take you seriously. You’ll be viewed as nothing more than little black Sambo doing what a few powerful and influential white people tell you to do.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

President Barack Obama: "Nigger Nobel"

Award Presents Clear and Present Danger to Presidency

President Barack Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize, and I’ve noticed that many people are not happy about it. While walking along the streets of lower Manhattan, I heard scores of people on cell phones, who were predominately white, blasting the Nobel Prize committee and the president. “He hasn’t done a damn thing to broker peace anywhere! All he’s done is make a bunch of eloquent speeches,” stated one woman. “I don’t fucking get it! Everybody’s pandering to this fucking liberal, including this committee, and the man has no clue about how to run this country,” said a man sporting a Syracuse jersey. Another woman summed up her feelings by loudly proclaiming, “This is bullshit!” I’m sure there were white people that supported the selection, but I didn’t see or hear them during my travels.

With all of the vitriol expressed by so many whites over the last several months, on issues ranging from health care to deficit reduction, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the hardcore Obama-haters, particularly the racists of America, started referring to him as “Nigger Nobel” in the wake of the committee’s decision. In stark contrast, a good number of black people, like national radio talk-show hosts Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden, have applauded President Obama’s recent and historic accomplishment. As much as it pains The G-Man to say it, I’m in the minority. I absolutely loathe the fact that he has been awarded the prize, and I fear that the President of the United States is being set up for failure and will eventually be made to look like a complete asshole.

Stay with me on this, folks. In recent months, President Obama’s approval rating has taken a serious beating. Poll numbers indicate that more and more people are unhappy with the policies and regulations he’s attempting to put in place, in addition to the unprecedented level of debt that has been heaped on the country. The haters have “Jokerized” him and compared him to Adolf Hitler. By the way, don’t let those gun-toting imbeciles at the president’s town hall meetings fool you. They know exactly what the hell they’re doing, but that’s another article entirely. Moreover, members of the Republican Party added fuel to the fire by distributing copies of “Barack, the Magic Negro” to fellow “Pubs”, calling the president a liar before the nation, and making gorilla jokes about the president and the First Lady. The level of disdain for President Obama, be it political or racial, continues to grow. However, there’s only one thing that threatens to eradicate every political/social victory and make him the most beleaguered, hated and ridiculed president in U.S. history: a deadly, large-scale terrorist attack.

Americans, especially blacks, can celebrate the Nobel Prize committee’s choice all they want. Don’t look for The G-Man to be part of the stupid celebration. I know what’s at stake, and all it will take is one cataclysmic attack on American soil for the level of animosity and distrust for President Obama to dramatically increase, and there will be hell to pay as a result. A Nobel Peace Prize won’t be able to do a damn thing to change that! Now that he has been presented with this esteemed honor, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and networks, including domestic terrorists, will place even greater emphasis on carrying out their mission in effort to annihilate and denounce everything the U.S., the Nobel Peace Prize, and its 2009 recipient stand for.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

McDonald's & Starbucks: Cyber Whores, Inc.

McDonald's in New York City's Times Square. The slogan states that billions have been served, but it should probably be changed to billions jerked!

Multi-Billion Dollar Franchises Jerk Customers on Internet Use

Has anyone looked at the ridiculous revenue numbers that McDonald’s and Starbucks generated over the last several years? The figures have been off the chart! According to published reports on Wikipedia, in 2008, “Mickey Dees” pulled in $22.6 billion and Starbucks bagged a measly $9.4 billion in 2007. Even in a jacked up economy, people are still willing to shell out their hard-earned money for Big Macs, fries and the brewmeister's wildly popular lattes, which I’ve dubbed liquid crack. People all over the world have literally become hooked on what these franchises are peddling, and I’m completely astounded.

The argument could be made that both companies produce exceptional products and are entitled to every penny they’ve earned since launching their operations. I agree. As a matter of fact, I would be the first to congratulate anyone that was able to develop a concept and turn it into an enormously success venture. However, what burns my ass is the fact that McDonald’s and Starbucks continue to rake in billions of dollars every year while ripping off the general public by charging them to use the Internet, even if they have a wireless or Wi-Fi laptop.

The G-Man has a few questions for “the suits” over at McDonald’s and Starbucks. Now, when I refer to the suits, I’m not talking about the lower-level lackeys with butt-ugly spouses or the “Mad Men” who have nothing to do with decision-making or policy implementation. Having said that, here’s my first question. Were you people sipping “Madoff Juice” when you decided it would be a good idea to charge the public for this service? Let me break it down for you, folks. McDonald’s and Starbucks are banking on the fact that you’ve become so hooked on the product and atmosphere they’ve created that you wouldn’t mind paying for Internet service. Sorry, but I have a problem with that.

In my honest opinion, McDonald's and Starbucks executives don't give a rat's ass about people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. You want proof? Well, consider the fact that people are being charged up to $8.00 for a Big Mac meal and damn near $4.50 or more for a latte. I think it's safe to say that these companies aren't looking to cater to people who have to use EBT cards to eat or those barely making $18,000 a year. They’re aiming for the folks with very deep pockets or disposable income.

The Starbucks franchise has gone global. This one is located in Korea. The sign probably translates to...."We make you pay for Internet service here, too!"

Without question, there are people out there that can easily afford to frequent these establishments, in some cases with co-workers, family and friends, and pay the Internet service charge three or four days out of the week. This leads to my next series of questions. Where does that leave the people who love McDonald’s but are working two minimum wage jobs just to survive? Where does that leave the single mother of three who loves Starbucks and wants to use the Internet to look for greater career or employment opportunities? I’ll tell you where it leaves them. It leaves them ass out!

More often than not, this is what happens when you corporate officials allow greed to take hold. You lose sight of what’s important, forsake people’s basic needs and focus solely on ways to increase profit. The greedy bastards responsible for “cyber-raping” the public should be kicked in the ass with Ronald McDonald's shoe or smacked in the face with one of those awful Starbucks scones! What the hell? How much of an increase in revenue do you need? It’s not enough that your companies continue to reap astronomical profit? Must you follow the Madoff playbook and bilk the public for all it's worth?

You wealthy, corporate bigwigs may not think the Internet service charge amounts to much, but tell that to someone living from paycheck to paycheck and struggling just to get their child a “Happy Meal” or a Starbucks cookie. Do you see, folks? Do you see how corporate greed reared its ugly head, yet again, and how you are being taken advantage of as “loyal customers”? That’s some serious bullshit, and I'm challenging the Chairman, CEO and CFO of both companies to do something about it...right now!

If you corporate weasels truly and sincerely appreciated the fact that the public is largely responsible for your success, you would contract with AT&T, or some other major Internet service provider (ISP), have McDonald’s and Starbucks pick up the annual tab, and allow your customers to have free Internet access. Oh! Here’s an even better idea. Take a percentage of the billions you earn each year, start constructing Internet cafés at many of your locations and contract with an ISP to provide free Internet service. Stop shoving your grubby hand in people's pockets and let them cyber-up for free.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Al Sharpton, Where the Hell Are You?

Black Leaders & Celebrities Silent After Derrion Albert Murder

I’m going to issue a warning to all my G-Fans and those reading “From The G-Man” for the very first time. If you don’t like strong language, you’d better move on to another blog. If you’re not interested in watching the video I posted, which shows an actual murder being committed in Roseland, Chicago, you’d be better off visiting one of those pointless, pretentious and prissy-ass celebrity websites. The video was posted because I want people to really get a sense of how gang violence is out of control, particularly in the black community, and The G-Man doesn’t have time for frivolous, bullshit complaints about the content posted in what will probably be my most controversial article to date. This issue is bigger than all that!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m fuckin' pissed off beyond words! If any of you have the courage to watch the video I’ve embedded below, in its entirety, I want you to keep something in mind. Derrion Albert, a 16-year-old who many regarded as a really good kid and student, could’ve been your son, your brother, your nephew, your cousin or your dearest and most trusted friend. No one deserves such a fate, and it’s high time that something was done to stop the rising tide of random, senseless and violent killings of young, black males all over the country.

This video is proof that black communities in America have reached the point where the analysis and goddamn psychobabble from black intellectuals and sorry-ass politicians, specifically as it relates to the plight of black youth, has to fucking stop! It’s time for immediate action and intervention. Plain and simple! The young men responsible for the deplorable attack on Albert didn't give a fuck about Dr. Joy Leary's “Post Traumatic Slave Disorder” theory when they slammed the wooden board over his head. The bloodthirsty demons didn't give a fuck about Malcolm X, Dr. King, Rosa Parks or Medgar Evers as Albert lay on the ground in a pool of blood. They didn't give a fuck about anything! I'm thoroughly convinced that many of them would've told Leary, “Go fuck yourself, bitch-ass ho! That shit was back in the day and ain't got a mother fuckin' thing to do with me!” It’s time for immediate action and intervention. Plain and simple!

I have a question for Leary and all the other so-called black elites in this country. Why the hell do you expect murdering assholes to give a shit about your theories and speeches when they don't even have regard for human life? It's time for immediate action and intervention! I'm talking to the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), the Urban League, Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Donovan McNabb, Venus and Serena Williams, Prince, Lil' Wayne, Dr. Dre and a host of black political heavyweights that remain silent or inactive in the wake of Albert's murder. I don't understand this bullshit! Sharpton is always quick to jump into the fray when it involves blacks wronged by whites, but the Albert murder is a prime example of how he and the black elite of America count their money and look the other way when it comes to black-on-black crime.

The same thing happened when members of music superstar Jennifer Hudson's family were murdered. There was an outpouring of love and support from Sharpton, the black elite, the general public, the music world and Hollywood, but nothing was done in the wake of the killings to address the “kill-a-nigger mentality” that has been seared into the minds of thousands of black youth. What the fuck has happened to us as a race? Even the black people who shot the bloodcurdling video footage are just as responsible for Albert's death. Why? If they found the time to point and shoot a fuckin' camera, why the hell couldn't they find the time to slam into the crowd, pull Albert into the car and speed him off to a hospital? If they had, maybe he'd be alive today! Instead, they simply slowed down, filmed, watched and provided commentary. What...stupid.... fucks!

Here's another thing to consider. Now, that Albert's horrific death has been posted on the Internet for all the world to see, the racists of America, as well as those who have an intense fear or distrust of black people, have every reason to view us untamed savages and/or cold-blooded beasts. Enough is enough! It’s time for immediate action and intervention. Plain and simple! If that means allowing federal agents and police officers to do their job and arrest thousands of wannabe gang members, then Sharpton and all the black, intellectual whores in media should stop appearing on national networks playing the race card, blaming “the man” for the plight of black youth, and let law enforcement lock the black bad-asses up! They shouldn't wait until the next victim is Denzel Washington's or Will Smith's son or nephew to get their ass in gear!

I've come to accept the fact that many people, especially from black communities and black Hollywood, will never embrace “The G-Man” because he steps on too many powerful toes. Believe it or not, this is what I've been told by numerous newspaper editors in the past. Well, I guess I'll keep my battle boots firmly laced and live the rest of my life as a toe-stompin' bastard. I have no qualms about holding people accountable or calling them out. The shit going down in black communities all across America is serious, and someone has to “nut up” and be willing to wear a bull’s-eye on their back. I accepted that responsibility 30 years ago when I decided to become writer. People can take aim, but they'll never take me out! Check out Psalms 27:1 and you'll understand.

Sharpton is accustomed to gassing up buses and heading to locations all over the country to tackle racial issues, but now I'm publicly challenging him to partner with the most powerful and influential black people in the country and face the issue of black-on-black crime and gang violence head-on. Fuck all the black eggheads and their theories! Talking and theories didn't mean shit when Derrion Albert took his last breath! If the legendary, Washington, D.C. deejay Petey Greene were still with us, you know what he would say about all this, right? He would say, “Wake up, goddamn it!” I pray they're listening, Petey. I really do.



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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Can Kiss My Black Ass!

"Airwave Asshole" Blames President Obama for Brutal Bus Beating

In the past, I’ve totally dismissed the rants of Rush Limbaugh because he proved to be the biggest hypocrite walking after he was caught up in that Oxycotin scandal a few years ago. However, now that the pompous, cigar-smoking, media whore has blamed President Barack Obama for the brutal school bus beating of a white student by black kids, I’ve reached the point where I’ve had enough of “Dough Boy’s” bullshit!

In an excerpt from a recent broadcast, Dough Boy stated the following: “You put your kids on a school bus you expect safety, but in Obama's America the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering 'yeah, right on, right on, right on.' Of course everybody said the white kid deserved it. He was born a racist, he's white.” According to the St. Louis Dispatch, the assault was initially regarded as a hate crime by the Belleville police captain. It didn’t take long for him to backtrack from his assessment and state that no determination could be made until a full-scale investigation was conducted. Still, the retraction was irrelevant to Dough Boy, who proceeded with his asinine effort to link President Obama to the vicious attack.

I really don’t like the game Dough Boy is playing. As a matter of fact, I hate it. I’m stating in the strongest terms that he really needs to cut the bullshit! I watched the video of the beating, and the young man was abused in the most horrid manner. Unless the audio recorded the assailants saying “Beat that white-boy down!” there is no way to determine if the attack was racially motivated. Still, the young man didn’t deserve what happened to him and those responsible, even those standing around applauding and cheering, should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period!

Furthermore, I don’t know what sick and twisted world Dough Boy is living in. School bus beat downs occur every day in this country and have for years. I’ve witnessed them firsthand as a child, and some even took place on public buses. The victims and attackers were of every hue, and, like the recent case cited by Dough Boy, students contributed to the melee by cheering and yelling with every punch thrown. Pick any president that served over the last 50 years, and I guarantee you some kid in America got their ass kicked on a school bus for their lunch money, a seat on the bus or because of their race.

Limbaugh’s attempts to stoke the racial fire in America should be viewed as nothing more than delusional acts associated with recovering drug addicts. Yeah, I fucking said it. Go ahead and sue me, Dough Boy! All you’ll get is The G-Man’s old, high school jock strap and a bag of “Tootsie Rolls”. I’ll bet you got your fat ass tuned up a few times, which is why you’re popping “yang” now. Repressed memories are a bitch, huh? You’ve really stooped to an all-time low, Limbaugh, and if you, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all the other members of the “Pretentious Pussies Club” keep attacking President Obama, in racial terms, Americans of all colors will show up at your networks, corner you and give you the beat down of your lives!

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