Friday, October 30, 2009

Marked for Death?

FOX News Host Sean Hannity

CNN, FOX, MSNBC Hosts & Others Should Be Very Worried

The latest report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization that closely monitors hate crimes and hate group activity in the U.S., indicates that membership is increasing. Still, the national media turns a blind eye and simply regards the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation and others as nothing more than small, insignificant fringe groups. Try telling that to the family members of the three murdered Philadelphia police officers or the Holocaust museum security guard. All of them were killed this year by white supremacists.

Tensions are rising in this country at an alarming rate. However, it isn’t just the white supremacists that are raising hell. Now, average Americans who feel change has not come fast enough, or fear that it will not come at all, have joined the revolt. The anger will steadily intensify, creating a powder keg effect, as corporate crooks continue to receive government bailouts; job opportunities become virtually non-existent; the national debt continues to soar to record numbers; and universal health care is rammed down the throat of every American that denounces it.

The talking heads at every major network or cable news/talk show have played a key role in all the confusion and rage engulfing the country. People are looking to them for clarity, truth and an honest assessment and discussion of the issues without a bunch of stupid special effects, the same, old analysts and pundits, bravado or political bias. Viewers aren’t getting that. Instead, Keith Olbermann and Sean Hannity are sniping at each other. Rush Limbaugh is race baiting, “Morning Joe” has too much damn “cream” in its coffee, and Glenn Beck has morphed into the man with two faces, after jumping from CNN’s Headline News (HLN) to FOX News. With the exception of FOX News, network and cable news ratings are in the toilet. Americans are pissed off and tuning out!

Who could blame them? Every network anchor is shouting over the other in effort to get an edge on the competition. Facts and vital information are being grossly distorted in effort to win public sentiment, shift political views and increase ratings. Network execs and reporters are cutting backroom deals with White House powerbrokers in exchange for major breaking news tips, “leaked” White House memos or special invites to the annual correspondent’s dinner. The American voter isn't as stupid as the “puppeteers” might think. They're starting to figure out that the game is rigged at their expense, as well as the fact that the mainstream media has played key role in the elaborate con for years.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs recently filed a police report indicating that someone fired a shot at his home and wife. An investigation is underway. Every network owner, news director and talking head needs to stop and think about that for a moment. Seriously! I stated that people, and not just the white supremacists anymore, are getting really, really angry. Given the economic, political and social climate in this country, what network anchors or cable news show hosts say on the air, and how they say it, could literally get them or their loved ones severely hurt or killed. The Dobbs situation is a clear confirmation.

Think about it, folks. If madmen were able to squeeze off shots at President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, John Lennon and leading abortion doctors, what makes the mainstream media reps think they aren’t in some sicko’s rifle scope? No one is immune from the threat, and because I have said things in this blog that angered many people, that includes The G-Man. The networks are limited when it comes to playing the protector. I'll say it again. The Dobbs situation is a clear confirmation!

Here’s something else for all the network and cable news reps to chew on. I truly believe it’s just a matter of time before someone angrier than the Dobbs shooter kills one or more of you in route to the studio, while pulling into your driveway, while walking your dog, or as you tuck your young son or daughter into bed. Having said that, ask yourself this question. Are the money, influence, perks and power that come with your position all worth it? Is it, Rush Limbaugh? Is it, Sean Hannity? Is it, Geraldo Rivera? Is it, Chris Matthews? Is it, Joe Scarborough? Is it, Mika Brzezinski? Is it, Keith Olbermann? Is it, Rachel Maddow? Is it, Jim Cramer? Is it, Pat Buchanan? Is it, Joy Behar? I want you to answer. Don’t wait until a gunman - who lost his job, life savings, home and belief in the American political system - puts a bullet in the forehead of one or more of your colleagues to take this commentary, the situation or me seriously.

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