Monday, March 11, 2013

The G-Man's Latest Offering

"The G-Man Interviews" Series 

Gaining the Attention of Many 


I'm submitting this brief announcement as a result of the many, many emails I receive from people that continue to log on and read or view my four-year catalog of work. I'm truly honored by the comments and heartfelt requests to relaunch this news and information site. 

As stated during the final months of operation, the site could no longer function without significant advertising or public donations to help maintain its base of operations and produce even more quality news stories and features. I literally placed myself in debt to hold on to my creation and provide the public with hardcore, uncensored, and unfiltered news and information while battling proponents of "yellow journalism". I exhausted whatever savings I had over the four-year period just to manage the site on a full-time basis, but in the end it proved to be more than I could handle, financially speaking. 

I still have hope that one day a person of substantial means or wealth will come across this site, see its potential and power, and contact me with an offer to help reactivate it and make it better than ever. Undoubtedly, I'll jump at the chance. 

Until then, I invite all of my devoted "G-Fans", and those discovering this site for the first time, to visit the following link to see my latest offering: "The G-Man Interviews"

The show features exclusive interviews with some of the country's leading activists, celebrities, foreign policy experts and political figures. It premiered in December of 2012, shortly before I shut down "From The G-Man", but it is quickly gaining the attention of media industry professionals, public officials and the general public. I hope you'll join me. 

Here's are two recent episodes. Enjoy.