Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Deserve to Die!

Legendary columnist and journalist Walter Winchell

A Special Message to the Mainstream Media

To all ass-kissing anchors, media whores and newsroom sellouts:

How are ratings and the bottom line these days? Oh, I’m so sorry! How thoughtless of me. With newspapers and broadcast news agencies cutting back or shutting down all over the country, you folks can’t be doing too well. So sad, especially for the true journalists and production teams out there that fought hard to protect the industry and maintain its sense of integrity. I feel a deep sense of sorrow for these people and their families, but I have nothing but contempt for the weasel executives and managers responsible for the demise of an industry built solely from the wisdom of Winchell and the character of Cronkite.

Ten years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Av Westin, former Senior Vice President of ABC News. He was also a producer for the ABC Evening News, 20/20 and numerous news-related programs. While an employee of the ABC and CBS network, he racked up six Emmys and four Peabody awards, among others. Simply put, Westin was and still is considered the man, and I dedicate this commentary to him.

Former ABC News Senior Vice President, Av Westin

The media icon has authored a number of books, but the one I found most fascinating was entitled “Best Practices for Television Journalists (The Freedom Forum). In a bold, brilliant, unapologetic and uncensored fashion, Westin explained how racism was commonplace in newsrooms and how the news industry has become a business that places great emphasis on the commercialization of news and reporting sensational news stories instead of real ones. He also offered solutions on how aspiring reporters and broadcast journalists can maintain their sense of integrity and fairness in an industry run amok. Westin caught the attention of the nation, but he also caught hell.

With news divisions and publications folding all over the country and the world, Westin has been vindicated. Every claim he put forth has proved to be true, and people in America and abroad are quickly abandoning traditional news formats, lining their bird cages and pet boxes with newspapers, and searching for mediums that offer honest, real and unbiased news reporting instead of entertainment. You know what, mainstream media? You deserve to die!

“Citizen” and “digital” journalists and independent, online news organizations will replace the biased, corporate-owned and tainted news outlets sooner than anyone expects, and everyone, from station owners and managers to news directors, knows it. That’s why ABC News has begun shutting down a number of their national bureaus and handed a significant number of journalists and production crew members their walking papers. It won’t be long before other stations follow suit. News organizations are scared to death because they realize the public is fed up with bogus news stories, half-assed news reporting and the non-objective opinions of network anchors and/or hosts. Yes, you deserve to die!

"The Most Trusted Man in America" is sorely missed.

You media vampires have no one to blame but yourselves for the downfall. The stake of justice and truth is being driven right through your blackened, money-pumping and putrid hearts. You traded your conscious, honor and integrity for the almighty dollar, sensationalism and high ratings. You’ve spent the last 35 years or so bowing to corporate Draculas instead of serving the public interest and greater good. You’ve failed to tell the stories that people needed and wanted to hear and showed a blatant disregard and disrespect for certain demographics. You failed to serve the will of the people, and now the people are getting ready to serve you…bigtime! You deserve to die, and The G-Man will be standing side-by-side with Winchell and Cronkite disciples, armed with his blog and talk show, ready to put you out of your goddamn misery.

This commentary is from the heart and…From The G-Man.

Walter Winchell photo source: U.S. Department of Defense
Author: U.S. Department of Defense
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