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Worker Charged With Sexually Molesting Eight Children at Immigrant Shelter

The allegations against the Southwest Key youth care worker are the latest in a series of serious accusations of sexual abuse inside the government’s immigrant youth shelters.

This story includes graphic details of alleged sexual violence against minors.

A youth care worker for Southwest Key has been charged with 11 sex offenses after authorities accused him of molesting at least eight unaccompanied immigrant boys over nearly a year at one of the company’s shelters in Mesa, Arizona, federal court records show.

The allegations against Levian D. Pacheco, who is HIV-positive, include that he performed oral sex on two of the teenagers and tried to force one of them to penetrate him anally. The other six teens — all between 15 and 17 — said Pacheco had groped them through their clothing. All of the incidents are alleged to have taken place between August 2016 and July 2017, according to a court filing last week that laid out the government’s case.

The case, initially investigated by local police, is now proceeding through U.S. District Court in Phoenix. Pacheco had worked at Southwest Key’s Casa Kokopelli shelter, one of eight the company runs in Arizona, since May 2016.

Casa Kokopelli was cited by the Arizona Department of Health Services in 2017 for failing to complete background checks, including fingerprinting, to ensure that employees hadn’t previously committed sex offenses and other crimes, records show. Pacheco worked for nearly four months without a complete background check, according to documents and an agency official. Those records did not show any previous arrests or convictions for sex offenses, they said.

Pacheco, 25, was indicted in August 2017 after an investigation by local law enforcement and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services inspector general’s office. The current charges include eight counts of abusive sexual contact with a ward and three counts of sexual acts with a ward. Pacheco, who is in U.S. Marshals’ custody, could not be reached for comment, but he denied the charges in court documents. His federal public defender, Benjamin Good, said, “We are looking forward to defending Mr. Pacheco in court.”

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Source: ProPublica

UCCA: 'We Strongly Encourage Our Ukrainian-American Community to Vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections'

 Andriy Futey

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), the largest representation of Americans of Ukrainian descent, looks to increase voter participation by the Ukrainian-American community in this year’s mid-term elections

UCCA President Andriy Futey stated, “We strongly encourage our Ukrainian-American community to exercise their right to vote and make their voice heard. Do not sit back and watch from the sidelines. Make your voice heard by making sure you and your fellow supporters of Ukraine register to vote this November.”

Voter turnout during midterm elections is historically low – in 2014’s midterm election, voter turnout was the lowest since World War II.  After 3 consecutive years of increased Congressional funding for aid to Ukraine, many House and Senate chairmanships are due to change in 2019 following a historic number of Congressional retirements this year. Only by maximizing the Ukrainian-American presence at the polls will incoming Representatives understand the importance of continued aid to Ukraine.
UCCA members and all supporters of Ukraine who are eligible to vote in November are encouraged to visit the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to find out more about registering to vote. 

Source: UCCA

California’s Cannabis Regulators to Present at CWCBExpo LA

Paramus, NJ —“The Past, Present, and Future of California Cannabis,” will be a topline presentation at the 5th Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo). Taking place September 26-29, 2018, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, CWCBExpo LA is the leading business to business trade show and conference for the legalized cannabis and industrial hemp industries. 

This panel presentation, featuring Lori Ajax, Chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California, and Cat Packer, Executive Director of the Department of Cannabis Regulation for the City of Los Angeles, will take place on Sept. 28 at 10:00 a.m. Attendees will gain insight on the rules and regulations that are being implemented by California.

Ajax, the California “pot czar,” is the first Chief of the newly formed Bureau of Cannabis Control, appointed by Governor Brown in 2016. The Bureau is responsible for regulating commercial cannabis licenses for retailers, distributors, micro-businesses, testing laboratories, and temporary cannabis events.  Prior to her appointment, Chief Ajax served as Chief Deputy Director at the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and also spent ten years in private industry prior to her state government career.
Appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Cat Packer is the first Executive Director and General Manager of the Department of Cannabis Regulation. Packer leads the licensing and regulation of commercial cannabis activity within the City of Los Angeles and manages the implementation of the City’s cannabis related policies and programs. Prior to this position, Packer served as California Policy Coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance, where she worked to ensure the successful and equitable implementation of various cannabis policy reforms. Before this role, Packer served as Campaign Coordinator for Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform, a social justice-centered campaign in support of the 2016 Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Source: Polsinelli Public Affairs

Obama to Go Head-to-Head with Donald Trump in Battle for Midterms

Neither man's name will be on the ballot, but they will be their parties' star campaigners.

Barack Obama is preparing to go head to head with Donald Trump, as he hits the campaign trail in support of Democratic candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

While neither man’s name will be on any ballot in November, both will be the star attractions for their respective parties, as they seek to use their popularity and fame to help push candidates over the winning line.

And while supporters of each will thrall to the differences between the two - Mr Trump’s off-the-cuff, nationalist bravura, and his predecessor’s more measured, multilateral inclusiveness - both men have the ability to excite and energise an audience.

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Source: The Independent

KKK, White Supremacy-Related Items Distributed in New York Counties

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In response to the distribution of Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacy related materials, including recruitment materials, in Oneida and other counties, Governor Andrew Cuomo today directed State Police to investigate the distribution of white supremacy materials, to determine their origin and whether they are designed to promote or incite hate crimes, and to increase patrols in the area.  The Governor also directed the State Police's Hate Crimes Task Force and the Division of Human Rights to launch a public awareness campaign to combat hate and help New Yorkers report and fight back against incidents of hate.

"While President Trump and Republicans in Washington sow divineness and hate that is spreading like a cancer across the country, in New York we say not here, not now, not ever," Governor Cuomo said. "I have directed State Police to investigate the appalling distribution of KKK material in several counties and send a clear message that New York has zero tolerance for intolerance. Today more than ever, New York must fight against hate crimes and stand as a beacon of equality and diversity."

Governor Cuomo created the Hate Crimes Task Force in 2017 to fight the increase in reports of bias-motivated threats, harassment and violence throughout New York State. The Task Force, run by the New York State Police, has engaged county leaders, district attorneys, school district leaders, local police departments and other key stakeholders to identify and investigate hate motivated crimes and bias related trends, community vulnerabilities and discriminatory practices.

State Police Investigation

The Governor is directing State Police to investigate the distribution of white supremacy and KKK materials in several New York counties, including most recently in Oneida County, determine their origin, determine whether they are related to promoting or inciting hate crimes, and increase patrols in the area.  As part of the investigation, the State Police is offering assistance to both the local Police and County Sherriff's Office, increasing local patrols to monitor potential suspicious behavior, and sharing information with the Division of Human Rights during the course of the investigation.

Additionally, the State Police will share information and resources from the New York State Intelligence Center.  As the State's fusion center, the New York State Intelligence Center serves as a repository of statewide criminal intelligence, including information on hate crimes.  The State Police will offer additional access to this resource so local law enforcement can utilize the extensive intelligence resources the State has to offer.

The Division of Criminal Justice Services also administers funding for the statewide network of Crime Analysis Centers.  The State invests approximately $7 million to support nine Centers, including the Mohawk Valley Crime Analysis Center in Oneida County.  Click here for a map of the network.  The Mohawk Valley Crime Analysis Center has offered their assistance to local law enforcement and can provide an additional stream of intelligence support to these investigations.

Public Awareness Campaign

At the Governor's direction, the Hate Crimes Task Force will also work with local organizations on a public awareness campaign to combat hate and help New Yorkers report and fight back against hate crimes. The Task Force will deploy teams on the ground to conduct an educational outreach campaign and distribute information on how to file reports of hate crimes to the state, including by calling the free hotline or texting "HATE" to 81336.

In addition, the taskforce will hold a town hall in Oneida County to discuss local concerns, educate the community on their rights, and explain how to report hate crimes.

All New Yorkers who have experienced bias or discrimination are encouraged to call DHR's toll-free hotline at (888) 392-3644 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday or text "HATE" to 81336. If you want to report a crime or fear for your safety, call 911 immediately.

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Julie Kohler on the Role of Women in Campaign 2018

Ms. Kohler, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Planning for Democracy Alliance, discusses her recent pieces in The Nation about the role of women voters and candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

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Who's Afraid Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Everyone.

This report was published on YouTube on July 31.

Body of Olivia Lone Bear Found in N. Dakota as Native Women Face Crisis of Murders, Disappearances

Source: Democracy Now!

Mexican Journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto, Freed from Detention, Denounces ICE 'Concentration Camps'

Source: Democracy Now!

Celebrating National Black Business Month

Statement from Assemblyman Michael Blake

Realizing dreams by creating jobs and economic opportunities is what makes Black businesses so critical. We take this moment to celebrate National Black Business Month, a month dedicated to entrepreneurship and Black economic empowerment. Entrepreneurship continues to be the economic driver in our communities and the key to unlocking opportunities and promise for many individuals and families. Our vision in supporting Black-owned businesses is realized by increasing access to capital, contracting and counseling.
From our continuous efforts through the "EnVolve" entrepreneurship program to our Being Your Own Boss series supporting local female entrepreneurs, many of whom are of African, Latina or African-American, we’re working to strengthen Black-owned businesses in the Bronx. In the Bronx, the number of African-American business owners was higher than the city average, rising to 13% compared to 3% in all five boroughs. Moreover, immigrants make up 60% of entrepreneurs in the Bronx, signaling our commitment to fostering inclusiveness and diversity in our commercial corridors.
The US Census Bureau reported that there are 2.6 million black-owned businesses nationwide, and while there was a 2.4% increase in Black business growth nationally, New York City was 1 of the largest 25 cities with 500 Black-owned businesses to see a decline in Black businesses. With gentrification, income disparities, unemployment and rapid economic change challenging business owners every day, we must continue to do all we can to support Black-owned businesses as they are critical to improving the economic state of the Bronx and throughout New York City.
Throughout August and beyond, let us all support Black-owned businesses to create jobs, increase economic growth and strengthen communities. Creating a thriving business climate where there is community advancement and sustainability, is how we continue #BuildingABetterBronx.
Assembly Member Michael Blake, 79th District

Chicago Anti-Violence Protesters Want Entire City to 'Feel Our Pain'

This report was published on YouTube on August 2. 

Source: PBS NewsHour

Wells Fargo Whistleblower on Fraudulent Banking Practices

Source: CBS News

Millions of People Living in Modern Slavery Worldwide

Source: CBS News

Apple Makes History at $1 Trillion Mark

The Jewish Refugee Crisis in Europe, 1939


Introductory Note: This column offers a paper on the emigration/immigration of European Jews fleeing Nazi terror in the decade before the onset of World War II. It was written by my father, Harold J. Jonas, and published in the Contemporary Jewish Record in the Sept.-Oct. 1939 issue. Comparisons with the contemporary world situation, from the Western border of Myanmar to the Southern border of the United States, are purely intentional.

People in Flight



THE problem of political refugees is not new in the post-War period. As a result of territorial adjustments and internal upheavals hundreds of thousands of homeless people were thrown upon a war-worn world. The groups most affected were the Russian "Whites," the Armenians, and the Assyrians. The Russian "Whites" and the Armenians scattered into various countries in both hemispheres. The Assyrians, driven out from their homeland, following the assumption of independence by Iraq, were settled mainly in Syria and Lebanon. Other post-War refugees were Greeks, Bulgars, and Turks, whose problems were solved, though not fully, by mass repatriation or exchange of populations.

International cooperation was in every case a large factor in the eventual solution of the problem created by these refugee migrants. By 1930, the most crying needs had disappeared and the world was already beginning to take an academic view of the problem. The rise of Hitler to power in 1933, however, set in motion a new stream of refugees from Germany. Because of the racial laws, Jews were the first among those who were faced with the choice of exile or death. Others were political opponents, such as the Catholic Centrists, Social Democrats, and Communists. Still others feared the concentration camps and fled immediately. Christians of "non-Aryan' descent, too, furnished a large proportion of those forced to leave.

As Nazi imperialism swept across other countries, many emigre's again had to flee the terror of the Gestapo. Not uncommon are cases of men who sought refuge, first in Vienna, and later in Praha, only to be trapped there. While Germans, Austrians, and Czechs are not forced to leave their homelands, a Jew or a Christian "non-Aryan," is faced with the choice of leaving, or facing slow death by starvation or quick death in the concentration camps. It is their lot to bear their sufferings grimly and await the day of liberation.

JEWISH mass migrations had begun even before the destruction of the Second Temple and remained an important factor throughout Jewish history. The emancipation period served to cement Jewish communities in Western Europe, but in Eastern Europe economic pressure caused great waves of Jewish migration. From the period of the 1880's onward, Jews fled in large numbers from the intolerable conditions in the Russian Pale of Settlement. Rumania, and other East European lands to new homes in Western Europe, in South Africa, and the Americas. Restriction of immigration after the World War, particularly in the United States, served to choke off the flow of a harassed people and to aggravate their condition. It must be noted, however, that German Jews were not at first affected by this policy. It was their brethren in East Europe who suffered.

Formerly, the problem of immediate refuge for large numbers of migrants was not pressing. While the threat of pogroms was not pleasant, the Jew was not required by law to leave Russian lands. When he did come to America, there were employment opportunities, although life itself was hard and the process of adjustment to new surroundings difficult. Today, the Jew in many European lands is forced, willy-nilly, to become a migrant; often without adequate funds, and, in many cases, without a destination. Previously even the lowliest Russian Jew had a reasonable expectation of a job, food, and shelter in his new home.

Prior to 1933, those who migrated as Jews were Jews, by birth, by custom, by observance. The present situation is different, for a more inclusive. definition finds many non-Jews and professing Christians grouped as Jews. It has been estimated that from one to three million persons in Germany may be affected by such legal definitions. Another distinguishing factor is the problem of the ''stateless" Jew. The plight of the post-War Russian refugee was alleviated by the Nansen passport, but no such international action was undertaken until a rather late period on behalf of the German refugees. Today some 56,000 persons are tainted with "statelessness.'

A rotten barge floating on the Danube, a wind-swept barn, a weed-filled ditch, a canvas tent pierced by the cold--each of these in turn has been the uncertain domain of migrant Jews in flight. These are the latest, the unprecedented types of refugees--the residents of no-man's-land. At one time more than 5,000 persons congregated in a no-man's-land at Zbaszyn on the Polish-German frontier.

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Source: OpEdNews

Is Duterte Targeting Corruption Watchdog Investigators?

Nicaragua Unrest: New Law Targets Student Protesters

IDPs in Libya Running Out of Time and Resources

Fighting in the Libyan city of Benghazi has displaced hundreds of families who have come to rely on the government, UN and NGO support.

DRC: New Ebola Virus Outbreak Days After Previous Epidemic Ends

Rollback of Fuel Efficiency Standards: A Positive or Negative Impact?

Source: FRANCE 24 English

Will Theresa May Find Brexit Support from Macron?

Source: FRANCE 24 English

Zimbabwe Elections: Police Interrupt Chamisa Press Conference

Source: FRANCE 24 English

Tensions in Zimbabwe as Election Results Set to Be Unveiled

Source: FRANCE 24 English

Series on Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services to Air on Univision and Telemundo Networks

The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) announced today the second year of the “Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Vida” educational program, which will raise awareness of addiction, and the prevention, treatment and recovery services available to Latinos living in New York State. The Spanish-language series will air on both Telemundo and Univision stations. Each 30-minute episode will cover a new topic highlighting New York States various initiatives to expand access to addiction services, including family navigators, peer engagement specialists, youth clubhouses, recovery centers, mobile treatment, and open access centers.

"Every day, we are working to prevent addiction, help New Yorkers with recovery, and save lives," said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. "Through this informative campaign, we are helping our Latino communities learn more about opioid addiction and the many services New York has made available to help those in need. The opioid epidemic continues to impact families throughout our state and we are doing everything we can to reverse the trend and assist all New Yorkers in search of help."

“As a proud Latina, I understand the many cultural differences among the Latino population that impact the way substance use and addiction are viewed,” OASAS Commissioner Arlene González-Sánchez said. “Through this program, we will discuss prevention, treatment and recovery in ways that resonate with Latino New Yorkers who may want more information about addiction.”

“Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Vida” is funded through the federal Opioid State Targeted Response grant awarded to OASAS to raise awareness of the opioid crisis, the risk and dangers of opioid use, and how to access appropriate treatment services. The episodes include people sharing their experiences with addiction, and highlights the resources available for individuals, families and communities. The conversations include personal stories about addiction, as well as discussions of general information about aspects of New York State’s continuum of care. Representatives from OASAS-certified providers and other addiction experts are also featured.

New York State has the fourth-largest Latino population in the United States, with nearly one in five New Yorkers who identify as Latino or Hispanic. Since 2000, the Latino population in the State has grown by nearly 33 percent, today making up 19 percent of all New Yorkers. OASAS-certified programs treat 54,000 Latinos annually for addiction. The television series makes the information about the prevention, treatment and recovery from substance use disorders more accessible to Spanish speakers who may not find the information otherwise.

The program, hosted by television personality Jacqueline Contreras, will be available on the NYS OASAS website for all New Yorkers to view.  It will air on the following schedule: 
Univision Channel 41: Saturdays at 12:00 p.m. from August 4 through November 17 
Telemundo Channel 47: Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 a.m. from November 24 through February 24, 2019

New Yorkers struggling with an addiction, or whose loved ones are struggling, can find help and hope by calling the state’s toll-free, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week HOPEline at 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369) or by texting HOPENY (Short Code 467369). 

Available addiction treatment including crisis/detox, inpatient, community residence, or outpatient care can be found using the NYS OASAS Treatment Availability Dashboard at or through the NYS OASAS website 

Visit to learn more about the warning signs of addiction, review information on how to get help, and access resources on how to facilitate conversations with loved ones and communities about addiction. For tools to use in talking to a young person about preventing alcohol or drug use, visit the State’s Talk2Prevent website.

Source: OASAS

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This Organization Has Been Helping Black Boys Become Men For 10 Years

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By Maya J. Boddie

Black men and boys matter, and Shawn Dove, president and CEO of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA), has known this since the organization's start in 2008. The initiative, built on the knowledge that black men are worth the investment, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and is proud of its accomplishments, thus far, as well as its work developing black male community leaders.

Dove said this work is more than just something that blossomed into a career; it's his passion, calling and ministry. The organization, headquartered in New York, has grown to have 5,700 individual members and 2,765 organizational partners under his direction.

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Source: Blavity

Saving Our Youth: LeBron James 'I Promise School' Grand Opening Press Conference

This report was published on YouTube on July 30. 

Source: ESPN

Trailblazers in Black History: Audre Lorde

A self-described “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet,” Audre Lorde dedicated both her life and her creative talent to confronting and addressing injustices of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. Lorde was born in New York City to West Indian immigrant parents. She attended Catholic school and published her first poem in Seventeen magazine while still in high school. Of her poetic beginnings Lorde commented in Black Women Writers: “I used to speak in poetry. I would read poems, and I would memorize them. People would say, well what do you think, Audre. What happened to you yesterday? And I would recite a poem and somewhere in that poem would be a line or a feeling I would be sharing. In other words, I literally communicated through poetry. And when I couldn’t find the poems to express the things I was feeling, that’s what started me writing poetry, and that was when I was twelve or thirteen.”

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Sources: ThirdWorldNewsReel and Poetry Foundation 

National Urban League President Marc Morial Discusses the 2018 State of Black America Report

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Source: C-SPAN

Ivanka Trump on Working in the White House

Ivanka Trump speaks about her high and low points of working at the White House, saying a high point was when her father commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, and a low point was the issue of family separation at the border.

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Intelligence Chiefs Provide Updates on Election Interference

National Security Adviser John Bolton, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, FBI Director Christopher Wray and National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone briefed the media on Russia's attempts to interfere in the U.S. election systems ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Source: CBS News 

Another Charlottesville? Threats of Violence Loom Over Upcoming Portland 'Proud Boys', Patriot Prayer Rally

Joey Gibson, founder of Patriot Prayer

By Hatewatch Staff

Since early last year, the far-right groups Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys have held more than a dozen rallies throughout the Pacific Northwest under the banner of “freedom” — and with talk of bringing weapons and declarations that “this is war,” members are threatening to make next weekend’s march the most combustible yet.

Update: Since this story was originally published last week, Patriot Movement AZ announced they were dropping out of the Portland and Berkeley rallies. Instead, they will be holding their own event in Tucson called “Refuse Alt-Left Fascism.” The status of the August 5 rally in Berkeley is uncertain after a rash of infighting and an announcement from Gavin McInnes that the Proud Boys 

“DISAVOW” the event. Berkeley rally organizer Amber Gwen Cummings still plans to hold the event, but has warned attendees it “is not gonna be someplace you're gonna be safe.” Joey Gibson condemned Cummings’ original decision to include the American Guard in the Berkeley rally, but will still attend.

Gibson also made explicit Patriot Prayer’s intention to attend the Portland rally fully armed. “We’ve always had guns at the rally,” he said. “Everyone should be carrying around guns at all times, especially people in our situation.”

These events have always been about exhibiting machismo, but — as political divisions in the country have grown — they’ve developed a more targeted purpose: far-right activists taking out their aggression on political opponents. As Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes once put it, “Fighting solves everything.”

Or, as their slogan goes, “Fuck around and find out.”

The glorification of violence was indisputable late last month, when the Proud Boys found a new hero on the streets of Portland. At a rally hosted by Patriot Prayer, 28-year-old Ethan Nordean — a burly member of the “Western chauvinist” group who goes by the moniker Rufio Panman in a reference to Stephen Spielberg’s Peter Pan film Hook — knocked out a black-clad counter-protester in a single swift punch.

A video of the hit went viral, landing Panman a chummy interview with McInnes and another with Alex Jones on Infowars. It even earned praise from those who normally mock the Proud Boys for their bizarre conventions: matching black-and-yellow polos, rules against masturbation and initiation rituals that include screaming the names of breakfast cereals while being beaten by fellow members. “I’m never makin fun of proudboys again,” Jesse Dunstan, co-host of the white supremacist podcast “The Daily Shoah,” tweeted in response to Nordean’s punch.

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Source: The Southern Poverty Law Center

Franklin Turns 50: A Look Back at Peanuts' First Black Character

HOT 97: Cynthia Nixon on Legalizing Marijuana, Abolishing ICE, Challenging Gov. Cuomo and Socialism

Syria Looks to Reopen Seized Border Crossing with Jordan

China-US Trade War Takes Its Toll on Soybeans

Nicaragua Unrest: Ruling Party Accused of Land Grabs

US-Russia Probe: 'Even Trump Doesn't Dare to Shut Down the Investigation'

Source: FRANCE 24 English

Public Opinion Divided as Denmark Bans Burqa

Source: FRANCE 24 English

World Health Organisation Declares New Ebola Emergency in Democratic Republic of Congo

Source: euronews.

Israeli Airforce Targets Militants in Syrian-Held Golan Heights

Source: euronews.

Turkey Vows to Retaliate Over US Sanctions

Source: euronews.

Zimbabwe: Tense But Quiet, a Day After Violence Broke Out Wednesday

Source: euronews.

National Grid Barred Charter from All Its Poles After Cable Worker Electrocuted

Syracuse, N.Y. -- The largest power company in Upstate New York temporarily barred Charter Communications - the largest cable company in the state - from its utility poles after a contractor for Charter was electrocuted last month.

National Grid issued the stop-work order to Charter July 12, the day after James R. Fogg was killed while running cable television lines in Yorkshire, a town in Cattaraugus County in western New York. 

Fogg, 39, of Fairfield, Maine, was in the basket of a bucket truck on Block Road about 4:36 p.m. when he came into contact with a primary electric line, causing him to be shocked with high voltage, state police said.

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Source: (via Empire Report New York) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Republican Official Says White Nationalist Was ‘Label-Lynched’

Washington State GOP leaders disavowed a member of a hate group, after a Daily Beast report, but in private they’re cozying up to him.

By Kelly Weill

A Spokane, Washington GOP leader says she feels duped after inviting a known member of a white nationalist group to speak at an event, where—surprise—he did not denounce his white nationalist ties.

James Allsup is an alt-right YouTuber and a member of Identity Evropa, a whites-only youth group that marched during the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year. Allsup also won a position in his county Republican party in an uncontested election in June, The Daily Beast first reported. Immediately after the report, Republican groups disavowed Allsup. But some of those groups were quietly building inroads with Allsup.

Last month, Spokane County GOP Chair Cecily Wright and her husband hosted Allsup at a meeting of their local libertarian group, Right Wing Watch first reported.

After The Daily Beast reported Allsup’s election, Wright told local media that she’d “like to go punch the guy in the nose myself.” But in private, Wright was more welcoming to Allsup. During a July 11 event with hosted by her conservative group Northwest Grassroots, she introduced Allsup has having been “label-lynched.” She played a clip of him speaking at a Donald Trump rally. “Did you hear anybody that you disagreed with in the video?” she asked the group. “Absolutely not.”

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Source: The Daily Beast 

Hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency's Agenda

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler testified on the agency’s priorities for the first time since taking over the agency following Scott Pruitt’s July 6 resignation.

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'Quiet Skies'? Boston Globe Exposé Reveals TSA is Secretly Surveilling Thousands of U.S. Travelers

This report was published on YouTube on July 31. 

Source: Democracy Now!

The Problem with Fear in Politics

This report was published on YouTube on July 31. 

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum wrote her latest book, “The Monarchy of Fear,” to better understand the 2016 election. She tells Jeffrey Brown that when fear gets into the mix, we fail to work out actual problems.

Former CIA Leader on Disinformation on Facebook

Facebook announced on Tuesday it had removed 32 pages and accounts that sought to create political, racial and social divisions in the United States. CBS News senior national security contributor and former acting and deputy CIA director Michael Morell says the U.S. needs to defend itself with legislation and broad retaliatory sanctions aimed at crippling the Russian economy.

Source: CBS News 

Judge Blocks Release of Plans for 3D-Printed Guns

Passenger Video: Aeroméxico Plane Crashes Moments After Take-Off

Source: euronews.

Brexit Plea: British PM May Cuts Short Holiday to Meet France's Macron

Iran: Drought Epidemic Fuels Water Crisis

Afghanistan Set to Hold Parliamentary Vote After Long Delay

Massive Blackout Leaves Venezuela in the Dark

South African Women Use Social Media to Fight Against Violence

Jordan's Economic Woes Pile Pressure on New PM

NYPD Update: 32nd Precinct to Celebrate the 34th Annual 'National Night Out Against Crime'

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Note: The next meeting of the 32nd Precinct Community Council will take place on September 20 at 7 p.m. The site will be the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Memorial Center at 34 West 134th Street. 

Source: A. Smith, President/ NYPD Civilian Volunteer, 32nd Precinct Community Council

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez SF Mission Appearance So Popular It Sold Out — Twice

New York congressional candidate and democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the political world’s rising superstar.

Her popularity is so gangbusters, she won a primary race in June in a New York congressional district she wasn’t even running in as a write-in candidate, according to the New York Daily News.

Well, surprise surprise, her popularity extends all the way to the West Coast.

Ocasio-Cortez has two fundraisers planned Tuesday in San Francisco’s Mission District, and both have sold out. One even sold out twice.

The first fundraiser the firebrand candidate will attend is a high-price affair at The Assembly, hosted by a who’s-who of local progressives including Supervisor Jane Kim, among a bevy of others. The tickets range from a “friend” seat at $50 to a “host” level seat at $2,700.

Yowza. I felt my wallet shiver just typing that.

It’s the second fundraiser of Tuesday evening, however, that has many locals energized. Tickets for an appearance at the bar El Rio, organized by the San Francisco Progressive Alliance, ranged in price from $10 to $250, and sold out last Wednesday within hours of being posted online. In fact, San Francisco Berniecrats Co-Chair Claire Lau tells me, demand was so high to see Ocasio-Cortez that organizers switched venues to Gray Area on Mission Street.

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Source: San Francisco Examiner (via Empire Report New York) 

Buffalo Fracas Goes Viral: Why Was Black Customer Arrested But Not White Security Guard?

The five-minute video on Facebook has been viewed nearly half a million times: A white security guard and a black man are seen arguing inside a Tim Hortons in the Liberty Building in downtown Buffalo, and then they start physically fighting.

Many who saw the video on Facebook questioned why the black man was the one who was arrested.

Now, Buffalo police have watched the full video, and they say they're not finished with the case.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood said Monday that the officers involved in the arrest said they were shown a portion of the video before arresting the customer, Daryl Mingo, 53. They have since seen the full video and officials are "looking into it," Lockwood said.

Mingo was charged with a misdemeanor count of third-degree assault and violations of trespassing and second-degree harassment.

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Source: The Buffalo News (via Empire Report New York)