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Special Briefing on the Pittsburgh Massacre: White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism

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The Jewish Council for Public Affairs is shocked and saddened by the mass shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. 

"We are very close to the Pittsburgh Jewish community, and are horrified by this atrocity," stated David Bernstein, President and CEO. "We express our profound condolences to the families of those killed, and our wishes for a speedy recovery to those wounded. We commend law enforcement for their reported quick and decisive response, and are disheartened that police officers were shot in the line of duty." 

The assault is a direct attach on Judaism and America's Jews. It represents the single most violent incident against Jewish Americans in the history of the United States. This anti-Semitic hate crime is a sad reminder of our continued need to fight hate in every quarter and with every means.

Source: Jewish Council for Public Affairs

'Multiple Casualties' Reported in Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo 

"The New York family grieves for those who were killed and prays for those who were injured in this heinous and horrific mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. 

"While the nation awaits further details of what occurred, initial reports suggest that this senseless act of gun violence was an anti-Semitic attack and we stand together with the Jewish community in this difficult time as we always have before. As a precaution, I have directed State Police to increase patrols around Jewish centers and houses of worship across the state. 

"We, as a nation, must stand together and stand against the corrosive and destructive forces of hate in all of its forms." 

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

Friday, October 26, 2018

NY Renews, State Legislators Will Mark 6th Anniversary of 'Sandy' Calling for Action at Trump Tower

New York, NY – On the 6th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Sandy, October 29, – and in the wake of statements denying the reality of the climate crisis by President Donald Trump — members of the NY Renews coalition will stage a “die-in” at Trump Tower from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. to bring the urgency of the climate crisis to President Trump’s doorstep.

NY Renews members and state legislators will also call for Governor Cuomo and the state legislature to stand up to Trump by passing the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) during the 2019 legislative session, in order to prevent the increase of future climate change-fueled storms.

This the first public response by NYC community activists to the dire report released by the United Nations that called for drastic changes in the next 12 years in order to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Following the release, President Trump doubled down on his climate skepticism, saying the climate would “just change back.”

Source: Environmental Advocates of New York (EANY) 

Cuomo Adviser Drew Zambelli Passes


A top adviser to then-Gov. Mario Cuomo and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo died on Friday morning, according to a press release.

Andrew “Drew” Zambelli worked for the elder Cuomo from 1985 to 1994, serving the last three years as secretary, and then worked as a private market strategy and research consultant. He founded Summit Strategy Group in 2007, performed polling for Andrew Cuomo’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign and worked as a “counselor” to the current governor during his first term in office.

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Statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo

"Today we mourn the loss of a great public servant, a brilliant political mind and our dear friend Drew Zambelli who died this morning. I've known and worked closely with Drew for more than 35 years. He was more than just an advisor to my father and me — he was part of our family. He was my father's last Secretary, the highest staff position in the state executive branch, and he was my Counselor, in every sense of the word. He spent his life helping make this state a better place and always gave it his all. 

"Drew began as a brilliant scientist who chose to leave a highly promising career, stunning his peers, to enter the path of public service, because he wanted to make a difference. And he did. He was of another era, a gentleman, humble, devoted, and selfless. He mentored countless young people who now serve the state. He lives on in them. 

"On behalf of all New Yorkers, I am grateful for his service and we send our deepest condolences to his wife Barbara and their children, Drew and Katie. My entire administration and the extended Cuomo family mourn his loss. We will miss him." 

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

DOJ News Conference on 1 in Custody in Suspected Mail Bombs Case

Texans Say Voting Machines Changing Straight-Ticket Choices

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Source: Associate Press

Myanmar Court Frees Journalists on Bail in Incitement Case

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Source: Reuters

Killing Journalists Is Wrong When the Saudis Do It — and When the United States Does It, Too


What lesson should be learned from the brutal murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi and the ongoing geopolitical fallout from his death? That governments cannot be allowed to kill journalists with impunity, correct? Everyone from the secretary general of the United Nations to hawkish Republican senators have lined up to make this point and to express their concern and anger.

But is this a lesson that only applies to Middle Eastern dictatorships? Or to Western democracies, too? The United States, perhaps? The reason I ask is that we all now know the name of Arab journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but very few of us know the name of Arab journalist Tareq Ayoub.

The difference between them? An unelected crown prince in the Gulf is blamed for killing Khashoggi, while an elected president of the United States has been blamed for killing Ayoub.

We rightly demand justice in the case of Khashoggi, so why not in the case of Ayoub?

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Source: The Intercept_

Steven Brill Discusses Journalism and 'Fake News'

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Source: C-SPAN

Daniel Yudkin Discusses Political Polarization and Tribalism in the U.S.

Daniel Yudkin of the group More in Common discusses their recent study of political polarization in the U.S.

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Saudi Ties to U.S. Universities Under Question Amid Ongoing Crisis Over Khashoggi Murder

Trump Admin Opens Up Alaska for Drilling, Threatening Already At-Risk Arctic Biodiversity

1 in Custody in Connection with Suspected Mail Bomb Campaign

College Police Face Questions After Student's Murder

NYPD and Other Officials Provide an Update on Suspicious Package Investigation

Many Key Races Still Close as Midterm Elections Approach

Trudeau and Rutte Are the 'Right Sort’ of Populists, Says Dutch PM

This report was published on YouTube on October 25. 

Source: CBC News 

Sahle-Work Zewde Named Ethiopia's First Woman President

Lifting US Sanctions on Sudan Didn't Help Its Economy

Indonesian Children at Risk of Trafficking After Disaster

Woman Takes on Uganda's Malaria Crisis with Soap

This report was published on YouTube on October 25.

Is Ukraine Losing the War with Russia?

On this week’s UpFront, we speak with Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze about the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the situation in Russian-annexed Crimea.

Ukraine Filmmaker Jailed in Russia Wins EU Rights Award

This report was published on YouTube on October 25.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Charlie Brown: Uncensored (The Exclusive, Lost Interview!)

This is the official 2007 booking photo that was taken shortly after Brown's arrest at the trendy Las Vegas nightclub "Spit". The black eye and five o'clock shadow are firm indications that the TV icon has become the latest Hollywood casualty.© "The Raven"

How Booze and Jealousy Nearly Destroyed An American Icon

This "interview" was posted because the country is in an extremely tense state. With mail bombs being sent to elected officials and high profile figures, growing angst over the midterm elections and increasing racial tensions, I felt it was crucially important to use this site to also draw attention away from these unfortunate situations, if only for a few minutes. The best way to do through laughter. I hope those of you who read this will be kind enough to share it so that others can take a few minutes to laugh as well. Stay cool....stay safe....and stay informed.  


It was more than 40 years ago that Charles Schulz created a lovable group of characters known as the “Peanuts”. Linus, Lucy, Schroder, Sally and Snoopy have become staples of American culture, and millions of adults worldwide have grown up watching many of their classics episodes. Moreover, several members of the gang have gone on to enjoy successful careers in various fields. Case in point, Snoopy, arguably the most talented of the group, inked a long-term contact with MetLife, one of the leading insurance companies in the country. News agencies have reported that the beloved Beagle earned a cool $40 million in the deal, but there is nothing on record to substantiate these claims. Sadly, fate has not been as kind to the unsung leader and soul of the Peanuts group, the beloved Charlie Brown.

On October 16, 2007, Brown, along with Shaggy and Fred from the “Scooby-Doo” series, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a bouncer at the trendy Las Vegas nightclub “Spit”. On September 29, 2007, Brown was arrested by police officers in Los Angeles County for suspected DWI. He was booked, released and later sentenced to 30 hours of community service by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alan Shore. In August 2007, he became the subject of tabloid cover stories after TMZ reported that he threw his iPhone at a desk clerk during a heated exchange in a Beverly Hills hotel. The clerk received 12 stitches to close the wound, as well as financial compensation from Brown. Terms of the settlement were not made available to the public.

The Peanuts icon has experienced a great deal of negative publicity in recent months. To his credit, he has finally decided to come forward and address the allegations and offer explanations regarding his questionable behavior. An avid reader of this news and information site, Brown contacted creator and managing editor Gary Glennell Toms, also known and "The G-Man", in March of 2009 and requested this no-holds-barred interview. Due to his strained relationship with the media, this was the only interview Brown granted and allowed to be published.

Warning: Some segments of the interview contain strong language.

G-Man: It is an honor, Mr. Brown.

CB: You can call me "C," man. No need to be formal.

G-Man: Okay.

CB: Before we get started, I just want to say you kick major ass in your articles. I never miss one. That interview you did with that Dr. Morse guy, about bioterrorism attacks, was some intense shit! Made me go out and get that gas mask the doc was talking about. Those damn terrorists won’t catch old "C" with his guard down. Know what I mean?

G-Man: Yes, I do.

CB: Fire away with the questions, dude! I’m ready.

G-Man: I want to start by asking you about the incident at “Spit”. The hospital spokesperson said that the bouncer sustained some very serious injuries. What happened?

At this point, an attorney representing Brown, who was seated a few feet away from the TV icon, intervened.

Attorney: I’m sorry, but because of the pending investigation my client cannot comment on the specifics of the case at this time.

CB: (Smiling) Sucks, right?

G-Man: I understand. Let’s move on. (Pause) You have a pending court date in November to answer charges involving a DWI incident in Los Angeles. Were you drunk when you got behind the wheel of your Shelby Mustang?

CB: I had one fucking beer! One!! I wasn’t "Celebrity Rehab" drunk! It’s not like I was driving over the damn paparazzi or anything. I had a nice buzz going, but I wasn’t drunk. The officers said I was drunk and didn’t even bother to give me a Breathalyzer test. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? It’s all bullshit, G-Man. The cops rode me as hard as they did because I made a stupid comment about Jews when they put me in the back seat of the patrol car. One of them happened to be Jewish. Who knew? I intend to fight the charges. That’s all I care to say about it.

G-Man: This is one of many controversies you’ve been embroiled in. You’re also accused of assault during an argument that took place at a Beverly Hills hotel. You threw your iPhone at the desk clerk simply because he didn’t refer to you by name. What did he call you?

CB: (Enraged) He called me a blockhead! Who the hell is he to call me that!? Oh, he though it was real funny…. until I popped him in his fucking head. Do you have any idea how many times that little bitch Lucy called me that over a 40-year period!? Huh!? A person can get a little sick and tired of that! He pissed me off! He doesn’t have any idea who I really am. He doesn’t know C! That pencil-necked punk is lucky I hit him with just my iPhone!

G-Man: You eventually offered financial compensation to the clerk. How much did you give him?

CB: I can’t say. Let’s just say I won’t have a judge ordering me to give up my watch, as was the case with that dumb ass O.J. Simpson. That guy just doesn’t have a clue.

G-Man: I sense an enormous amount of anger, bitterness and resentment in your responses. Am I wrong?

CB: I’d say you were dead on. Yeah, I’m pretty angry these days.

G-Man: Why?

CB: Where do you want me to start?

G-Man: Wherever you wish.

Brown takes a box of Marlboro cigarettes from his jacket pocket. He taps the box three times, removes the plastic wrapping and begins to open the carton.

CB: G-Man. Do you watch the show “Friends”?

G-Man: I have on occasion. Why?

Brown lights his cigarette and exhales the smoke.

CB: You’re a journalist, so I’m sure you know all about the residual deal they got once the show ended. Anniston, Cox, LeBlanc and the rest of them won’t ever have to work another day in their lives, thanks to syndication. They have so much money that it isn’t funny. Now, I’ve been on TV for what…. over 40 years? No checks are coming to my fucking house!! It’s not right. The Peanuts are an American institution! Fuck Friends!! They put 10 years in on their stupid show. What’s 10 years compared to 40? It’s just not right that my cast members and I have to live paycheck to paycheck these days by making 10-minute guest appearances at K-Mart and Target. Do you have any idea how this makes me feel? If not, let me give you an example. Remember the Halloween episode where we went trick or treating? Lucy, Linus and the others got candy. All I got was a damn rock in my bag! That’s how I feel today. Yeah! You’re damn right I’m angry!

G-Man: Hold on, hold on! You’re the only one that seems to be complaining about this. Other Peanuts members are doing quite well, nowadays. Schroder has been opening in Vegas for Wayne Newton for the last 15 years. Pig-Pen is the co-creator of “Oxy-Clean”. Sally has a recurring role on “Law and Order, SVU” and Snoopy….

CB: (With tears in his eyes) Snoopy? Snoopy!? Man’s best friend my ass. He’s a damn sellout! He wouldn’t have a MetLife deal if it wasn’t for Charlie Brown! I made him! Now that stupid-ass beagle won’t even take my damn calls! Where’s the loyalty, G-Man!? C’mon, tell me!! Where’s the love, bro'!?

Brown take another drag, blows smoke and promptly puts the cigarette out in an ashtray.

G-Man: Speaking of cast members, you caused a major uproar in the gay community back in May of 2008 by outing one of your cast members while on the set of “Deal or No Deal, Charlie Brown!” You allegedly called Peppermint Pattie “a butch” and confessed to doing so a few weeks later.

CB: I did use the “b” word, G-Man, and I’m sorry I did. It was a stupid thing to say and I deeply regret it. I really don’t know where all that came from. I received counseling, and I’m currently working with gay organizations to promote tolerance and awareness regarding gay issues. I’ve learned from the experience and I’ve moved on.

G-Man: Let’s discuss something of a more personal nature. I want to talk about the little “Red-Haired Girl”. You’ve been in love with her for many years.

Brown’s eyes become fixed and tense.

CB: Yes, I did love her very much. Well, until I found out she was a two-bit, trailer park slut. Did you ever notice how high up her dress was? Watch a few of the old episodes and you’ll see what I’m talking about. She’s been with George Clooney, Adam Sandler, Dick Cheney, Jerry Springer, Mike Tyson and God knows who else. Dude! You know what we called her on the set? We called her the doorknob…. because everybody took a turn!

G-Man: I’d like to ask you about a public comment she made last week.

CB: Okay, go ahead.

G-Man: In a recent appearance on “The View”, she told Barbra Walters that the reason she spurned you’re advances, particularly during your adult years, was because you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Brown’s eyes remain fixed and tense. He reaches for his Marlboros and says nothing.

G-Man: Do you care to comment?

Brown lights another cigarette and exhales.

CB: Do I care to comment? (Laughs) Do…. I…. care…. to…comment? (Pause) Let me say this much. You know Halle Berry had a baby, right? Enough said.

G-Man: Are you implying…?

CB: (Blowing smoke) You’re a smart man. Figure it out.

G-Man: (Pause) As you’re well aware, a great deal of controversy was generated after “A Charlie Brown Christmas” aired on network television. There was one scene in particular, which I’m sure you’re familiar with.

Brown’s eyes begin to tear. He takes a long drag from the cigarette and wipes his eyes.

CB: I know where this train is going. Go on, G-Man.

G-Man: (Solemnly) It’s the scene where you and Linus return from your Christmas tree search with this pitiful excuse for a tree. It was terribly thin. You placed a huge bulb on it and the tree slumped over, as though it was dead. You exclaimed, “Oh no, I’ve killed it!” Last week, on “60 Minutes”, the director of that episode revealed that you did kill the tree by placing an actual bulb on it instead of a plastic prop.

CB: (Wiping tears away) Yes, I did.

G-Man: (Solemnly) Take us back to that horrific moment. What were you feeling?

Brown puts the cigarette out in the ashtray.

CB: (Blowing smoke) Oh, man! I was inconsolable. Those environmental groups were all over my ass. Damn tree-huggers. They picketed the studio for weeks. CBS wanted my head on a fucking platter, and the tension with my cast members got worse. I was so distraught I was showing up on set drunk as hell. It was a really bad situation. What saved me was the fact that one of the writers reworked the script. The new script called for Linus to wrap his blanket around the tree in order to give it more support. We did a three-day re-shoot of that scene, which ended up saving the episode and making the brass at CBS very happy.

G-Man: My next question is one that many, many people have begged me, via email, to ask you. The Peanuts characters spoke very clearly, but the adults always spoke in a “Wha-wha-wha” type language. Why?

CB: That question is thrown at me all the time during my K-Mart appearances. Here’s the answer. The dialogue was sent up that way because it illustrated the point that kids often don’t understand adults or what they say. Some suggest, because the episodes premiered in the 60’s, that it made reference to the parents being stoned and were not able to communicate with the kids. While the latter explanation is plausible, I really don’t think that was the point my man “Schultzy” was trying to get across. God rest his soul.

G-Man: What’s next for Charlie Brown?

CB: I’m trying hard to clean myself up. I don’t want to end up like so many of the current Hollywood stars. They are completely out of control, and I almost fell into the trap myself with all the partying, boozing, whoring and jealousy. I admit I still have issues to work out regarding residuals, my dog and not being able to kick that damn football whenever Lucy holds it, but I’m sure I can get back to the person I used to be. Remember, it’s not how you start the race; it’s how you finish.

Brown’s iPhone rings.

CB: Excuse me a moment, G-Man. Hello? Hey! How are you? Long time no… Uh-huh. Yeah. Great! I’ll see you in a half hour. Okay, bye.

G-Man: Wow! You sure seem happy.

CB: Snoopy and Woodstock just invited me over to have dinner and watch “American Idol”! How cool is that?

Mayor de Blasio Urges Vigilance in the Wake of the Columbus Circle and Tribeca Incidents

Source: NYC Mayor's Office

Susan Burton to Receive Leading with Conviction's 'Legends Award'

Susan Burton is the Founder and Executive Director of A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project. Her  story is an inspiration to people across the nation, particularly to women formerly incarcerated or in recovery from addiction. 

After a personal tragedy, Burton suffered within the criminal justice system for nearly two decades. Despite numerous hardships, she persevered and founded her organization in 1998.

Burton is a recognized leader in the criminal justice reform and re-entry rights movements. She is also the author of Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women

JustLeadershipUSA is honoring Burton for her decades of service and commitment to restoring the basic civil and human rights to those who have served time. 

Click here for information on the date and time of the event.  

Source: JLUSA

Senator James Sanders Jr. Condemns Mail Bombs Sent to Democrats

Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village, Far Rockaway) today expressed his condemnation of mail bombs that were recently sent to Democratic leaders and supporters by a yet unknown perpetrator. 

The packages were sent to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rep. Maxine Waters, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Democratic donor George Soros, actor Robert De Niro, who has been openly critical of President Trump, and to former CIA director John Brennan via CNN’s Manhattan office.
“These acts, which I believe, aimed to terrorize and intimidate leaders of the Democratic Party and its supporters, are unconscionable, inexcusable and dangerous. This type of criminality has no place in our country," said Senator Sanders. "We can have differences of opinion, especially when it comes to politics, but sending mail bombs is not the way to express those differences or make one’s voice heard. We need open discussions and the productive exchange of ideas. The perpetrator who sent these mail bombs must be brought to justice and punished to the full extent of the law.”

Source: The Office of State Senator James Sanders, Jr. 

New York's Workers' Compensation Board Launches Virtual Hearings

New York State Workers’ Compensation Board Chair Clarissa M. Rodriguez today announced the Board has launched a first-in-the-nation initiative that allows injured workers and other participants to attend workers’ compensation hearings right from their homes or offices. The Board’s virtual hearings provide injured workers a way to move the claim process forward without the need to travel many miles for a hearing that may last only minutes, which is especially beneficial depending on the extent of their injuries.
The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board developed virtual hearings in partnership with the Office of Information Technology Services to give all parties involved the option of using a smart phone, tablet or computer to attend hearings. This is the first high definition, all access system for legal hearings in the nation, where multiple users in different locations log in once and then move from one hearing to another.
“This state-of-the-art, secure technology removes obstacles and stress for hard-working New Yorkers who were injured on the job, as well as for business owners and the professionals who participate in the system,” Board Chair Rodriquez said. “Virtual hearings allow injured workers to remain in their homes and other participants to attend from their workplaces. Our successful pilot and now statewide launch demonstrate New York’s commitment to helping people hurt on the job.”
To participate in a virtual hearing, the party of interest needs only a smart phone, tablet or computer with a microphone and video camera, as well as a high-speed internet connection. All participants can see and hear each other on their respective screens. Additionally, workers’ compensation law judges can share claim documents with all involved parties. The system includes security.
The Board is also developing a mobile app, for future release, that parties may download and use to attend hearings.
“Virtual hearings save injured workers the burden of travel, which is particularly helpful for someone with impaired mobility, especially during the harsh winter months,” Chair Rodriguez said. “They make it easier for injured workers to receive benefits and for other parties, such as employers and attorneys, to participate in the workers’ compensation system.”
“The Office of Information Technology Services is pleased to partner with the Workers’ Compensation Board to deploy technology that makes it easier to serve injured workers across New York State,” said New York State Chief Information Officer Robert H. Samson. “Here in New York, we are harnessing the power of technology to deliver innovation that matters … for all New Yorkers, and virtual hearings are the latest example of this.”
Many workers’ compensation hearings last less than 10 minutes, but injured workers can still lose time from work and suffer inconvenience traveling to Board offices. Weather-related complications can also make these trips difficult. Virtual hearings are entirely optional though, and parties may now choose them over attending a hearing at a Board office. They can always choose to attend in-person if they prefer.
Virtual hearings were first tested in the Capital District Office in Menands in November 2017, then rolled out across the state. Since the beginning of the pilot, more than 33,000 hearings have included at least one party who appeared remotely, successfully connecting injured workers, law judges and representatives from all over New York and nationally. The Board has trained more than 780 participants on the system, including law judges and other staff, attorneys and legal representatives. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Todd L., an injured worker, said, “Once we got connected, we had great audio and visual and everything ran smoothly right up to the resolution. It was actually very convenient – given that the hearing was in New York and I was in Georgia – versus having to travel back to a central location in Albany.” (Privacy laws protect the identities of injured workers.)
Attorney Matt Mead said, “Virtual hearings save me travel time and as a result have saved my clients some fees because I don’t have to bill them to get back and forth to the locations. I think it could be really useful to out-of-town witnesses. I deal with some employers who are out of the immediate area and would have to take time away from their businesses to travel. If they could appear virtually, that would be helpful to them.”
Virtual hearings are another successful element of the Board’s Business Process Re-engineering, which has been improving the overall health of workers’ compensation in New York since 2013. 
Click here for more information on virtual hearings, including instructional videos and other training materials. 
Source: New York State Workers’ Compensation Board

First Flu-Related Pediatric Death of the Season in NYC Reported, Heath Department Confirms

NEW YORK — A child has died from the flu, the NYC Health Department announced Thursday, making it the first flu-related pediatric death of the season in the city.

Officials did not release the child’s age, gender and borough.

The Health Department suggests for all New Yorkers to get a flu shot, which is the best way to prevent the flu. All people six months of age and older are encouraged to get a seasonal flu vaccine.

Click here for the full article. 

Source: PIX 11 News 

50 New York Colleges with the Most Sexual Assault Reports, Ranked

By Ben Axelson

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

State Law Enforcement to Be Doubled at New York Bridges, Tunnels, Airports and Mass Transit Systems

Statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo

"Over the last two days, explosive devices have been found at three New York locations that we are aware of, and State Police are assisting Secret Service and other relevant federal and local authorities in this ongoing investigation. 

"Public safety is our number one priority, and we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of New Yorkers. Out of an abundance of caution, I am deploying 100 additional National Guard soldiers and directing State law enforcement to double security at vital assets across New York, including LaGuardia and JFK, mass transit systems, and bridges and tunnels. The bridges and tunnels include the Staten Island crossings, the George Washington, RFK, Verrazzano-Narrows, Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, Henry Hudson, Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial, Cross Bay Veterans Memorial and Mario M. Cuomo Bridges and the Lincoln, Holland, Hugh L. Carey and Queens Midtown Tunnels. 

"As New Yorkers, we understand the dangers of our times and — just as we have done since the first bombing of the World Trade Center 25 years ago — we will stand up and stand together against them. 

"New Yorkers have never succumbed to fear or intimidation, and today will be no different. We are tough, we are resilient and we will not allow terrorist thugs to change the way we lead our lives. We will not let terrorism win — not today, not ever." 

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

EANY Responds to Trump Signing Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 Into Law

Albany - On October 23, President Trump signed into law the America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, which requires communities with more than 3,300 residents to test for emerging contaminants starting in 2021. 

Rob Hayes, clean water associate for Environmental Advocates of New York (EANY), issued the following response. 

“Testing drinking water in every community—regardless of its size—for dangerous chemicals is a common sense move that New York must act upon immediately… not three years from now, as the new federal law directs. Every day New Yorkers wait for this testing is another day they may be exposed to dangerous chemicals. New York has the authority to move forward with testing thanks to a state law passed nearly two years ago, yet this law still hasn’t been implemented. It is unconscionable that three years after the water crisis in Hoosick Falls came to light, there are New Yorkers that still don’t know what’s in their water.” 

Source: EANY 

Click here for information on S.2800 - America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018.

President Trump Addresses Explosive Devices Sent to Clinton, Obama, CNN and Opioid Crisis

Greg Palast Sues Georgia’s Brian Kemp for Purging 340,000 from Voter Rolls Ahead of Election

Hillary Clinton: 'We Have to Do Everything We Can to Bring Our Country Together'

At a fundraiser Wednesday afternoon for Democratic congressional candidate Donna Shalala in Florida, Hillary Clinton thanked Secret Service agents for intercepting an explosive device before it made its way to her family's home. 

"Every day, we are grateful for their service and commitment and obviously never more than today," Clinton said. "But it is a troubling time, isn't it? It's a time of deep divisions, and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together."

Police: Hostage Situation Happening at Boulder Hair Salon

Click here for details. 

Source: KOAA News 5

Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo, and Police Commissioner O’Neill Provide Update on Suspicious Packages

Source: NYC Mayor's Office

Apple CEO's Announcement Could Dramatically Impact NYPD Mandate

In June of this year, a "From The G-Man" investigation revealed that the NYPD is conducting warrant searches during medical distress calls whether a crime has been committed or not and without the person's knowledge. 

The report also noted that Apple executives were contacted and asked hard questions about the software used by the NYPD. Apple was also asked to comment on the policy and investigative report, since its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are being used by NYPD officers throughout the five boroughs.

From The G-Man has no idea if its report played a role in this bombshell development, but the site applauds CEO Tim Cook's announcement. Without question, this could have a significant impact on the NYPD iPhone warrant search policy.

Suspicious Package Found Near Clintons' and Obamas' Homes

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Border Patrol Union Endorses Extremist Video Featuring White Nationalists


This report was produced in partnership with  

The National Border Patrol Council, the union representing Border Patrol agents across the country, is featured in a new video that includes far-right anti-Islamists and other extremists. The video, titled “Killing Free Speech,” was endorsed by the union and recently shown by agents at a private screening in San Diego. The video is also expected to be shown in Texas, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., according to union representative Terence Shigg, president of the San Diego chapter of the NBPC.

The nearly hour-and-half-long video refers to Democrats as “dark and evil” and features a bevy of American and European far-right, anti-Muslim white nationalists who make a correlation between gang rapes, Islam, and immigration. The documentary also features members of the Proud Boys, a hate group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center, that often aligns with white nationalists and are known for being misogynists and anti-Muslim. The Proud Boys participated in the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in mid-October several members of the Proud Boys were arrested in New York City after a violent street confrontation with anti-fascists.

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Source: The Intercept_ 

The U.S. Helped Destabilize Honduras. Now Honduran Migrants Are Fleeing Political & Economic Crisis

Mumia Abu-Jamal: 'Prison Radio' Issues Request, Update on the Case

There is a new international letter in support of Mumia going out to District Attorney Larry Krasner. The letter was signed by Cornel West, Noam Chomsky, Kathleen Kleever, the National Lawyers Guild, Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, among others.

Hurricane Willa on Track to Hit Mexico, Become Nor'easter

Gen. Stanley McChrystal on New Book, 'Leaders: Myth and Reality'

What the Midterms Look Like 2 Weeks Out

China Espionage Campaign: How China is Using LinkedIn for Digital Spying

EU Rejects Italy’s Draft Budget in Unprecedented Rebuke

Australia Under Pressure to Release Detained Child Refugees

Silicon Valley Financiers Are Recoiling from Saudi Money

Erdogan Speaks on Khashoggi Murder (Full Address)

NYPD Update: Police Commissioner O’Neill Hosts Press Conference

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8 Steps to Fix New York Transit and Get New Yorkers Moving Again

With the transit system in New York City in constant crisis over a sustained period of time, from delayed trains underground to ever-dropping bus speeds on the streets, the question of how exactly to fix mass transit has been on the minds of elected and appointed officials, advocates and analysts, and, of course, frustrated commuters. In the aftermath of the short-term Subway Action Plan, the effectiveness of which was somewhat difficult to quantify and apparently underwhelming, officials are trying to focus on how to provide more long-term physical and fiscal stability for the beleaguered Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

While the ambitious plan to upgrade train signals, bus routes, and MTA spending practices that MTA New York City Transit president Andy Byford has called Fast Forward seems to be a universally agreed-on blueprint to improve city transit, how the plan gets funded and implemented is somewhat more muddled thanks to political disagreements between state and city leaders.

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Why They Stay. Why They Can’t: New York Catholics Wrestle With Their Faith Over Abuse Allegations

By Luis Ferré-Sadurní, Mariana Alfaro and Adam Ferguson, New York Times

New York City is a Roman Catholic stronghold.

One out of every three residents identifies as a Catholic. And there are more than 4 million Catholics in the city and seven surrounding counties.

So when a series of scandals involving the Roman Catholic Church unfolded in rapid-fire succession this summer, New York gasped.

First came accusations of sexual abuse by a premier American cardinal, Theodore E. McCarrick, who quickly resigned but left in his wake lingering questions about the role Pope Francis played in covering up the predatory behavior.

In August, an 884-page grand jury report out of Pennsylvania landed with a thud, offering a grim catalog of seven decades of child abuse by more than 300 priests.

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At George Soros’s Home in N.Y. Suburb, Explosive Device Is Found in Mailbox

The explosive device found in a mailbox at the home of George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist, on Monday afternoon was relatively small, a senior law enforcement official said on Tuesday.

The device was “proactively denotated” by bomb squad technicians from the Westchester County Police Department.

The bomber’s motive remained unclear. Mr. Soros is a favorite target of right-wing groups. He was not home at the time.

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