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Chuck Berry, Legendary Rock 'N' Roll Pioneer, Dead at 90

Claude Lewis: Journalism Pioneer and NABJ Co-Founder Dies

Claude Lewis, co-founder of the National Association of Black Journalists passed away from complications of diabetes at age 82 on Thursday according to the organization.

A New York City native, Lewis graduated with a degree in English. He started his career as a reporter and in 1967 made history, becoming the first African American columnist in Philadelphia writing for the 'Evening Bulletin.' As a pioneering journalist, he covered the civil rights movement and interviewed civil rights leaders Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as icons Langston Hughes and James Baldwin.

During a time when black faces weren't common in the newsroom, Lewis recognized the need for more opportunities for current and aspiring journalists in the field. In 1973, he co-founded the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, a founding chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists that would come two years later. Today, NABJ is one of the largest journalism organizations in the country providing career support and resources to journalists of color. Making history again in 1982, he founded the first national African American newspaper 'The National Leader.' 

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Source: NBC News 

Secret Service Stops Attempted White House Intrusion: Spicer

'The G-Man' Warned America About the Rise of White 2007!


The Turner Diaries: A New War Looms! 

Obama Candidacy and Immigration Could Spark Race War
After the attack on the World Trade Center, the Justice Department, which was led by John Ashcroft, issued a number of stringent policies to deal with terrorists and the threat of terrorism in the United States. Many of the policies set forth were submitted to the Congress, and they have come to be known as The Patriot Act. As a result, law enforcement agencies on many levels have been granted an enormous sense of power and authority in a never-ending attempt to thwart extremists and radicals from engaging in further acts of destruction on American soil.
While many in the country still fear that these newly imposed statutes will dismantle many of the rights granted to us in the Constitution, others, including myself, are fearful that the government is placing far too much focus on the "foreign" enemy and how they are classified. This is creating an extremely dangerous situation, and we are setting ourselves up to be grossly unprepared to deal with a homeland attack from organizations that harbor an intense hatred for certain racial groups and the United States government.
"Andrew MacDonald", a pseudo-name used by the punk-ass who obviously didn't have the balls to use his real name, William L. Pierce, wrote "The Turner Diaries", which is considered to be the Holy Grail of the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis and other militia groups here in the good old U.S.A. The book was published in 1978 by the National Alliance, a Nazi faction led by Pierce. Members of these groups interpret the book as a blueprint for the complete elimination of the federal government and every nigger, "wop", "gook", "Jew bastard", and “race-mixer”. It also outlines the methods of extermination, and how the members of these groups were going to infiltrate some of the highest levels of government to launch a national attack.
According to published reports, “The Turner Diaries has been around for more than 20 years. However, what made it famous was the destruction of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, on April 19, 1995. That date was apparently chosen to commemorate the death of the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas, precisely two years earlier." Although there is no sufficient evidence to support that the attack on the Federal Building was linked to Pierce's work, many within these rogue organizations later noted that McVeigh was obsessed with The Turner Diaries. Representatives of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups acknowledged the bombing in Oklahoma City as the spark that would detonate the powder keg of racial hatred and anti-government sentiment in America. Instead, a funny thing happened. These groups made no moves, and I'll tell you why.
The Turner Diaries depicts an Armageddon waged against the races and the government, but it was not expected to take place until the New Millennium. Now, get ready everybody. What I’m about to say is no joke. We are in the seventh year of the new millennium, and given the racial, political, social and economic climate in the country at this time, it is my firm belief that many of these groups are positioning themselves for a strike. The fact that these groups have been eerily silent in recent years alarms me. What is even more disturbing is the fact that recent news reports and government studies indicate a significant increase in these groups all over the country. I just spoke to a friend of mine, and he told me his father said the Ku Klux Klan just started a major chapter in his area, which is Norfolk, Virginia. His father stated, and this is an exact quote, “This is how bad it’s getting. If I don’t have a gun on me, it’s probably because I’m in the shower!”
No specific reason has been cited for the rise in hate group membership, but I would argue the increase is being driven by three major components: Pierce’s legacy, the fact that a black man, a woman, or possibly a Jew could become the next President of the United States, and the immigration issue. With regard to Pierce, it’s all about loyalty to their leader, his teachings and the “white man’s cause,” which is to rid society of all mongrels and non-whites.
Secondly, “Karl the Klanny” or “Nazi Nancy” simply cannot bear the thought of having the country or their lives controlled by a lesser race, especially a lowly nigger. This was made evident in recent published reports in the New York Times and the Associated Press. Both ran stories about how Senator Barack Obama dramatically increased his security detail after receiving death threats via phone and email. They’d rather kill or be killed, and this would explain the dramatic increase in the rank and file and covert training camps.
Thirdly, many members admitted, in on-camera interviews with news agencies, to joining the group after losing their jobs to what they described as “wetbacks” and “spics” smuggling across the border to work for lower wages. For them, the hatred is based on race and economics, and the more government seems to favor illegal immigration, the angrier and larger these groups are likely become. As it stands now, these groups truly believe the country is in danger of being overrun with mulatto children, controlled by the Jews, and dominated by Hispanics and Indians, whom they refer to as “dot-heads” or “towel-heads” in the labor force. A Klansman noted in a recent CNN interview, “We have to protect the rights of the white man in this country, and we’re willing to do it by any means necessary! We have to save this country for our white kids and for the future of the white race!”
Regardless, these people mean business! Even former Louisiana Congressman David Duke’s white hood will pop out of his ass every now and then while speaking on CNN or MSNBC. We can no longer afford to sit back and laugh or dismiss these people when they gather, march or appear on television. There is too much happening in the country, socially, politically, and especially economically, to do that. I'm dead serious! Did we learn anything from the assassinations of JFK, his brother Robert, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? The year 2008 will mark the 40th anniversary of the most traumatic and devastating period in American history, and in some strange and eerie way, situations may force us to revisit that point in time as the presidential election draws near.
There is documented evidence and video footage of these organizations in their training camps, allegedly preparing for "The Big Day". They even have their small children dressed in Army fatigues and toting pistols. Where have we seen those images before? Try those live satellite feeds from war-torn sections of Afghanistan, Africa and Iraq. How frightening is that? I mean, we’re talking about something that’s taking place deep in the backwoods of America, folks!
There is a real danger that we are not taking these groups seriously enough, and surely they will capitalize, as McVeigh did. A few years ago, everyone slept on the fact that “Prussian Blue”, a racist and twisted version of the Olsen twins, shook the music scene to its very core after selling more than 900,000 copies of their hate-laced follow-up album in just one week! As the segment on ABC’s “Prime Time” illustrated, these little Hitler-clones had a substantial fan base, and it has not diminished. The duo, and their parents, laud The Turner Diaries, and they staunchly support the teachings and ideologies of Pierce. Hate groups have dubbed them the future leaders of “the revolution”. Not bad for two 14-year-olds, huh?
These groups are out there, and they are real. Moreover, the terrorism laws currently being enforced by the Justice Department are primarily focusing on men of Muslim or Middle Eastern decent. This is setting a dangerous precedent. There are plenty of other Timothy McVeighs and Turner Diary loyalists waiting in the wings, and Lord knows McVeigh certainly did not fit the Justice Department profile.
Yes, we are engaged in full-scale warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are utilizing every available resource to counter the efforts of more terrorist attacks in the United States. Nonetheless, The Turner Diaries, the alarming resurgence of the Klan and other white supremacists organizations, and the late Timothy McVeigh, are irrefutable evidence that the enemy is not only in Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran. The enemy is also…..within.

Man Arrested For Tweeting Seizure-Inducing GIF To Reporter With Epilepsy


A tweet that caused a seizure has led to an FBI investigation and an arrest. It also exposed a terrifying way people with epilepsy can be attacked online.

The FBI arrested John Rayne Rivello, 29, of Salisbury, Maryland, on Friday on charges of cyberstalking, the agency said in a statement released Friday. Rivello is accused of tweeting a strobing animated image to Kurt Eichenwald of Dallas, a Newsweek political reporter who has written about his epilepsy.

The moving image, also known as a GIF, allegedly included the statement, “You deserve a seizure for your post.” When Eichenwald viewed the tweet, he suffered a seizure.

Eichenwald’s lawyer told The New York Times that Eichenwald was incapacitated for days, lost feeling in his hand and had trouble speaking for several weeks. 

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Source: The Huffington Post

Man in Tennessee Fatally Shot By Police as He Streamed Encounter Online

Police in Tennessee on Thursday fatally shot a driver who authorities said tried to hit officers with his vehicle, and who recorded the shooting on Facebook live.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Rodney James Hess, 36, parked his sport-utility vehicle on a highway off ramp at around 2:15 p.m., was acting erratically and at one point "attempted to use his vehicle to strike the officers at least twice."

"During the escalation of events" at least one Crockett County sheriff's deputy fired through the windshield, the agency said in a statement. Hess was airlifted to a hospital and later died. 

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President Trump's Weekly Address

Friday, March 17, 2017

Governor Cuomo at the 2017 St. Patrick's Day Parade

President Trump Leads a Listening Session on Veterans' Affairs

Date of event: March 17, 2017

President Trump Meets with the Republican Study Committee

Date of event: March 17, 2017

A Song for the Soul: CCR - 'Bad Moon Rising', 1969

'Flashback Friday': The Turner Diaries: A Call to Action!

This video was published on YouTube on February 16, 2017.

Could a single book inspire deadly terror? The Turner Diaries has been tied to nearly 200 murders, including those committed by Timothy McVeigh when he bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This new short film from American Experience, featuring an interview with J.M. Berger, an extremism fellow at The Hague, chronicles the adherents to the book and their crimes, while illuminating rare footage of The Turner Diaries author William Pierce.

Trailblazers in Black History: Derek Jeter

This video was published on YouTube on July 9, 2013.  

Source: BIO

Bonus feature: Derek Jeter Career Highlights HD

Unions to Cuomo: Budget Cannot Ignore Green Jobs, Climate Impacts

The following was submitted by Environmental Advocates of New York

New York – As President Donald Trump continues to roll back and renege on life-saving climate and clean air programs, New York unions representing hundreds of thousands of workers and their families are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to step up his efforts for the middle class by incorporating the principles of the groundbreaking Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) in the SFY2017-18 Budget, including: unlocking billions of dollars in renewable energy and infrastructure investment; providing resources to frontline, environmental justice, and disadvantaged communities; requiring fair labor and training standards on clean energy; and    creating locally-driven just transition processes for workers and whole communities as New York moves away from fossil fuel power plants.

The state Assembly has brought climate action to the table by including the CCPA in their one-house budget plan; it is now up to the Governor to get it across the finish line, because it will create many new green middle-class jobs.

Governor Cuomo has made several prior climate and clean energy commitments which have drawn him national attention, such as generating half of New York’s electricity by 2030. However, his budget proposal fails to include any significant climate action even as other states like California are taking the lead.

Bruce Hamilton, International Vice President of the Amalgamated Transit Union said, “We’re calling on Governor Cuomo and the NYS legislature to pass ambitious climate policy into law and spur investment in public transit infrastructure and renewable energy development to create good union jobs that contribute to the fight against climate change.”

Frederick E. Kowal, Ph.D., President of United University Professions said, “With the Trump administration kicking down environmental protections at every turn, it is up to states like New York to take the lead in encouraging the growth of clean energy initiatives such as renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Such a progressive focus will result in tens of thousands of new, good-paying jobs that will benefit working families while protecting New Yorkers’ health, and the environment.”

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of the New York State Nurses Association said, “Retrograde actions by the Trump administration--backtracking on COP 21, deregulating Fossil Fuels, rolling back environmental protections—will lead to many Superstorms like Sandy, more contaminated water like Flint and Hoosick Falls, worsening Asthma and respiratory problems, further poisoning the lungs of our Bronx babies.  It is incumbent upon New York State to step up and protect New Yorkers, with legislation such as the Climate and Community Protection Act, transitioning into 100% renewables with many new good union jobs, while boldly standing forward to save our communities and our salvage our future.”

John Samuelsen, President, Transit Workers United Local 100 said, “In order for New York to continue to lead the nation in developing a greener, sustainable economy, we need to increase the investments made to our state's infrastructure-particularly our public transportation system.”

Dan Sherrell, Campaign Coordinator, NY Renews said, “Governor Cuomo has a huge opportunity here to lead the country in job creation and climate action by putting the Climate and Community Protection Act in the final budget. If he doesn’t, he’s leaving a lot of family-supporting jobs on the table.” 

The Global Stakes Are Higher Than Ever as Trump Faces Credibility Woes

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Source: NBC News 

Ireland’s PM Reminds U.S. St. Patrick 'Was An Immigrant'

Alongside President Trump, during the annual “Friends of Ireland” lunch in D.C., Prime Minister Enda Kennedy offers up a poignant reminder that St. Patrick was an immigrant and that early immigrants to America were the “wretched refuse on the teeming shore.”

Protesters Plan April 15 March to Pressure Trump on Tax Returns

President Donald Trump has said no one cares about his tax returns, but tens of thousands of people want to prove him wrong next month with massive protests in Washington, D.C. and around the country that organizers hope will be the biggest anti-Trump demonstrations since January's Women's March.

Scheduled for April 15, the day federal income taxes are due, The Tax March aims to pressure Trump to release his tax returns, something every president since Richard Nixon has done. 

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Trump Budget Proposes Cuts to State and EPA, Boosts for Defense and Wall

Rex Tillerson: Military Action Against North Korea Is ‘On the Table’

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Friday that military action against North Korea was "on the table" if the country continued to develop its weapons program.

"If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action then that option is on the table," he told a press conference in South Korea.

"Certainly we do not want for things to get to a military conflict," he added. "But obviously if North Korea takes actions that threaten the South Korean forces or our own forces then that would be met with an appropriate response." 

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief: The American People Should Trust Us

WISDOM: Two Weeks Until Madison Action Day!

The following was submitted by the Wisconsin-based organization WISDOM, a social justice group that addresses mass incarceration and other issues related to the U.S. prison system. 

The excitement for Madison Action Day on March 30 continues to build! As of March 15, nearly 450 people have signed up for the event. WISDOM officials expect that number to more than double by the time the event takes place. 

The location will be the Bethel Lutheran Church, 312 Wisconsin Ave, Madison, WI.

Registration will remain open until March 30. However, we request that those interested in attending sign up by Friday, March 24, in order to have a final tally for bus seating and lunch accommodations

You can get additional information and register online here, through any local organization in the WISDOM network, or you can download a registration form here

WISDOMS intends to address issues concerning criminal justice, public transportation, health care, education and jobs and stand in solidarity with the Menominee Nation as they fight against an open-pit sulfide mine on their ancestral land.

SPLC Seeks Records of Extremist Influence in White House Policies

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has asked the federal government to release records that could show whether anti-LGBT extremists are influencing the Trump administration's policy decisions, including a yet-to-be signed executive order that threatens widespread discrimination against LGBT people under the guise of religious freedom. 

The SPLC submitted Freedom of Information Act records requests regarding the draft executive order and the administration’s decision to withdraw guidance advising schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity. The requests ask for “any and all records received from or sent to persons outside [various] Departments” regarding the actions. 

“The lives of real people are affected every day by decisions made by the president and his inner circle,” said David Dinielli, SPLC deputy legal director. “The American people have a right to know who is helping to craft policy coming out of the White House – especially if people or organizations with extreme views have a place at the table.”

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Source: The Southern Poverty Law Center

Senator James Sanders, Jr. to Host Immigration Clinic

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village, Far Rockaway) will be offering free immigration services while simultaneously hosting his mobile office in Far Rockaway on March 23.

The Immigrant Resource Informational Clinic will work to address the needs and concerns of Rockaway’s undocumented population. The areas of focus for the clinic will include free legal assistance, housing related inquires, and more.

It is being conducted in Partnership with Queens Law Associates and Reverend David Cockfield of the Battalion Pentecostal Assembly Church of Far Rockaway.

Executive Orders signed by the administration have generated confusion and fear among many individuals and families within the 10th Senatorial District. Senator Sanders’ offices have been inundated with calls from families requesting information on how these orders would affect them and their loved ones. Senator Sanders has created this sub-office to meet the needs of these constituents regardless of their legal status and language barriers.

The address for the clinic is 430 Beach 67th Street in Arverne, NY. This is not the same address as the main church campus. The clinic will be held out of the Battalion Youth Ministries House located directly next door to the church.

In addition to the Immigration Clinic, Senator Sanders will simultaneously be hosting his mobile office at the same location, where residents can meet one-on-one with him and share their ideas, thoughts, suggestions and concerns

For more information feel free to contact Lisa George at (718) 327-7017.

Meet the Winners of New York State's "Kids Safe Online" Poster Contest

Albany, NY – The New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) today announced the 12 winners of the New York State “Kids Safe Online” Poster Contest. The 12 winners were selected from more than 2,000 entries, submitted by 233 schools from across New York State.

The goal of the contest, held annually since 2005, is to educate students about cyber security by encouraging them to creatively depict what cyber security means to them and to reinforce safe online practices through their artwork. The contest also serves as a tool to encourage teachers across New York State to address cyber security and online safety issues like cyber bullying, the appropriate use of text messages, and social networking in the classroom.

The contest hosted in partnership with the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s (MS-ISAC) national poster contest, was open to New York State students in kindergarten through 12th grade. With technology at the fingertips of today’s youth and cyber awareness becoming more prevalent, the number of submissions more than quadrupled from a year ago. Last year, 442 entries were received from school-aged children across the State.

“We are pleased to partner with the MS-ISAC on this important initiative to raise awareness among our youth of the risks associated with using the Internet. The Kids Safe Online Poster Contest is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to address cyber security and online safety issues in the classroom and raise awareness of these issues in homes. We are continually amazed by the creativity, originality and compelling messages submitted by the students on the importance of cyber security. Kudos to all of the winners!” said Margaret Miller, New York State Chief Information Officer.

“Everyone is a winner in the Kids Safe Online poster contest. Each participant, and those who view the winning entries and the calendars, have a better understanding of how to stay safe online,” said Thomas Duffy, CIS Chair of the MS-ISAC and Senior Vice President of Operations and Services.

The winners’ art work will be featured in the 2018 New York State “Kids Safe Online” Calendar. Winners will also receive a New York State certificate. In addition, the winning entries have been submitted to the National K-12 Poster Contest, conducted by the CIS’s MS-ISAC.

Congratulations to the 2016-17 New York State Poster Contest Winners:

Grade K – 2
Khloe Jenkins – Belfast Central School District
Maleeah Joseph – New York City District #22
Sofia Banifatemi – Clarence Central School District

Grade 3 – 5
Braydi O’Donnell – New York City District #31
Yu Wei Chi – New York City District #24
Jameson Wu – Connetquot Central School District

Grade 6 – 8
Kierra Schager – Schalmont Central School District
Lucy Kohl – Bemus Point Central School District
Ivy Newman – Miller Place Union Free School District

Grade 9 - 12
Nelson Carpio – Yonkers Public Schools
Amber Getty – Fort Ann Central School District and Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex (WSWHE) BOCES
Chrystelle Gooding – Sacred Heart Academy of Hempstead

The annual state contest, which helps to garner awareness about safe online practices in schools, is administered by ITS. The Enterprise Information Security Office within ITS is responsible for protecting the state government's cyber security infrastructure and providing statewide coordination of policies, standards, and programs relating to cyber security.

For more information on the New York State Kids Safe Online Poster Contest or for additional information on how to stay safe from cyber threats, please visit

Source: The New York State Office of Information Technology Services

Since State of the State, Cuomo Silent on Ethics Reform

For the second year in a row, in his January State of the State, Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out an ambitious ethics reform agenda that touched on a variety of issues and aimed at restoring public trust in New York State’s scandal-plagued government. But, also for a second year in a row, Cuomo has not followed up with any discernable public push to rally support for that agenda or put pressure on members of the state Legislature to pass it.

Acknowledging that corruption and greed had tainted all branches of government, including his executive branch, Cuomo said on January 11 in Albany, “Imagine what we could do if we had the complete confidence of the people. If we had that confidence, there is nothing we couldn’t do – and I am not going to stop until I get there.”

Cuomo outlined his ten-point ethics and good government agenda in his Albany State of the State speech, his 2017 policy book, and his executive budget proposal -- which is significant in that the governor is again proposing to push through government ethics policy in the state’s spending plan. The budget process is where Cuomo has the most leverage over the Legislature, but that has not paved the way for pushing through reform measures.

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Source: Gotham Gazette (via The Empire Report) 

Lack of Indictments Leaves Little-Known Democrats to Battle De Blasio


Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to coast to the Democratic nomination in September, now that he and his top aides have been effectively cleared of criminal wrongdoing following a months-long probe into his fundraising.

That was the early consensus among the city's political establishment after state and federal prosecutors announced on Thursday that they would not bring criminal charges against the mayor or his aides.

"Although the city deserves far better than this, the people best positioned to succeed in a Democratic primary are now unlikely to run, and we should therefore expect four more years of Bill de Blasio,” said Bradley Tusk, a former aide to Michael Bloomberg who has publicly labored to recruit a high-profile challenger to the mayor.

The specter of indictments — and the possibility of a protracted trial detailing the inner workings of the administration — had stoked hope among de Blasio’s opponents that a credible Democrat might be persuaded to take on the uphill challenge of unseating the incumbent mayor. 

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Source: Politico (via The Empire Report) 

Cuomo on Proposed Federal Budget: 'It Should Be Rejected by Congress Out of Hand'

Statement by Governor Andrew Cuomo

"The Administration’s proposed budget is dangerous, reckless, and contemptuous of American values. It should be rejected by Congress out of hand. The proposal undermines policies and positions that have been cherished and defended by men and women of both parties, some for more than a century. It leaves behind the most vulnerable among us, and puts our environment, our infrastructure, and our future at risk.

"The proposal takes a wrecking ball to the federal agencies that provide crucial support and relief to New Yorkers. Among other senseless cuts, major reductions at the Department of Transportation would remove critical funding for the Gateway Tunnel project between New York and New Jersey and other transportation upgrades throughout New York. This budget cuts National Institute of Health funding for life-saving research happening in New York and across the country. And by calling for the dissolution of the National Endowment for the Arts, it takes aim at one of the engines of America’s cultural heritage.

"It also entirely defunds the Clean Power Plan and guts funding for the EPA, withdrawing support that is essential to protecting New York’s clean water and environmental resources. At the same time, the proposal cuts vital funds to our farmers and rural communities and hampers our ability to respond to extreme weather events that have wreaked destruction across New York. 

"Finally, the Administration’s budget slashes $6 billion from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, eliminating Community Development Block Grants that have transformed affordable housing for New Yorkers in need. As a former Secretary of the HUD, I have firsthand knowledge of the crucial services the Department provides and the real, tangible harm these cuts will impose on vulnerable, hard-working Americans in New York and across the nation.

"Despite the reckless cuts to critical programs, the Administration is also contemplating providing more tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. In short, Washington’s message to those who can’t afford heat at the dead of winter, those struggling to provide an education for their child; and to commuters forced to sit through hours of traffic on a daily commute to work is that they don’t matter.  Essentially, this proposal lacks the most basic American values of compassion and care.

"Enacting this bill would mark a fundamental transformation in what America stands for, and what role our country plays in the world. We have always maintained a strong military, but we have always offered the world more than arms. The Lady in the Harbor does not brandish her fist at the world; she raises a light.

"New York will always stand up for the principles that have made America a beacon around the world for centuries.  I will continue to work with New York’s congressional delegation to fight to ensure that every New Yorker has the opportunity to succeed and that we are investing in the programs that will ensure a bright future for generations to come. We still believe in e pluribus unum."

Source: Press Office, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo