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Lloyd Strayhorn Issues Warning to President Obama

World-Renowned Numerologist Urges Caution in 2010!

CBS News anchor Katie Couric and Strayhorn in a 2007 interview.

Born and raised in Harlem, New York over 60 years ago, the incomparable Lloyd Strayhorn is a proud resident of what he calls “a community of change”. Strayhorn attended Public Schools 133 and 68 in Harlem and later graduated from George Washington High School. Ultimately, he received a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Virginia Union University.

Shortly after graduating college, Strayhorn returned to New York and worked at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, CBS Radio and Television and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. His diverse media background and intense work ethic led him to the offices of Inner-City Broadcasting Company. It was here that he developed a loyal following as a radio personality and served as a spiritual guide for millions of listeners for more than 25 years.

From the time he launched his career, Strayhorn devoted himself to his fans and mission by freely giving his time to lecture at numerous elementary and high schools and rehab centers. Always using numerology as a backdrop, he continues to encourage everyone to become better by seizing control of his or her actions, lives and careers. At one point in his career, Strayhorn authored three popular books, including the best selling “Numbers and You”, and wrote numerous magazine and newspaper articles on numerology.

The renowned “astro-numerologist” is the father of six children and a grandfather of four. However, after facing several periods of economic hardship, this self-supporting elder and stalwart of the literary, radio and television community has watched the majority of his assets erode.... and finds it challenging to live without some form of assistance.

This article is being written as a tribute to a man that has shared his knowledge and wisdom with generations of fans for the last three decades. Strayhorn is not only revered in the urban-radio community, but in communities all over the country and the world. I sincerely hope that those of you reading this will offer your support by purchasing his books or scheduling a reading or two in the days, weeks and months to come. This man has given so much, and it's time to return some of that love. With that said, it is with great honor, ladies and gentlemen, that I now present my exclusive and riveting interview with the one and only...Lloyd Strayhorn.

At what age did your fascination with numbers and numerology begin?

Strayhorn: My fascination with numbers and numerology began around 1969. Before that I was very much into astrology, which is a study of the planets and their zodiac signs. I think what really got me hooked, however, was the simplicity of numerology. About 99% of it is basic addition. So, if a person said they were born on the 25th the month, the process would be 2+5=7. Therefore, this individual would be considered a number 7 person. It's just that simple! Yet, the study of numerology is never ending. After many years of practice, application and authoring books on the subject of this ancient and metaphysical art, I’m still learning as I go along.

G-Man: Numbers have always had cultural significance throughout the ages, particularly when looking at the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians. Can you provide a brief overview as to why?

Strayhorn: Numbers have always had important significance not only in cultures around the world, but also in life itself, period. In other words, whether it was ancient Egypt, Babylon, Chaldea, Rome, Greece or up to modern times as we know it, numbers have always played a significant role in culture and society. Of the ones just mentioned, the systems of numbers and numerology that seem to have had the most impact comes from Chaldea and Greece. Here in the West, for example, there are two schools of numerology that are considered the most popular. The first is the Chaldean system; a system of numbers that goes from 1 to 8. The second is the Pythagorean system, which goes from 1 to 9. The Chaldean system is often referred to as Mystic Numerology and the Pythagorean system is referred to as Modern Numerology.

G-Man: As I understand it, there is a number system by which people are characterized and their personalities assessed. How does this work?

Strayhorn: The system or method that characterizes and assesses one’s personality works on the premise of taking a person’s name and their date of birth. For instance, the person’s name in numerology denotes their natural talents, gifts, skills and abilities, regardless of their educational background. Basically, you take each letter in a name and transpose them into numbers. Adding the month, date and year to determine ones destiny, in terms of what they are here to learn in their present existence, however, is the method used in examining a person’s birthday. It is one’s date of birth that denotes their best days out of the week, their best dates out of the month; and their best months out of the year. And that’s just for starters! However, the subject of numerology is really extensive when you get into it.

Okay, let’s put this baby to the test. My birthday is October 25, 1962. I was born at 1:10 pm in Shelby, North Carolina. What does that reveal about “The G-Man” and does it reveal anything in the way of a Pulitzer Prize in the near future? (Smiles) Don’t hold back.

Strayhorn: (Laughing) G-Man, you are a Scorpio 7 person with your rising or ascending sign in Capricorn - a 10th house career indicator - and your moon is in the Cardinal sign of Libra. Simply put, astro-numerically speaking, you are a water sign, with a water number, indicating deep feelings, intuitions, hunches and emotions. So, this may explain the passion that you put into things that are close to your heart. Your rising sign in Capricorn, which rules the house of career, explains your enterprising personality. Your moon in Libra adds balance, attraction and assistance to help you along the way!

Your important numbers are the 7, 2 and 6, while Monday and Friday are generally your best days out of seven. When I added your month, date and year of birth together, it totals to an 8 “destiny number”. The destiny number simply indicates what “grade” you are in the school of life this time around. . .and therefore what lessons you are presently here to learn and master before moving on to the next. The rule is, if you don’t learn the lessons prescribed in this present existence, you may have to come back and repeat the lessons over again. And since you’re in a business enterprise with your popular blog and other writings now anyway . . .there’s no question you’ve been learning your lessons very well. (Laughing)

G-Man: Okay, now that you've totally freaked me the hell out with your accuracy, let's move on, shall we? You’ve made some amazing predictions that came true over the years using numerology. For those who may not be familiar with your work, please mention a few of the ones you gained prominence from.

Strayhorn: Yes, I’ve made what I thought were some pretty interesting predictions that I usually put in some form of writing, via newspaper columns, or by way of radio/TV appearances. Some include the Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI on January 26, 1992 (radio/ABC-TV); the New York Giants Super Bowl XLII on February 3, 2008 (radio); the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan (news column-November 1980); the election of New York’s first black mayor, David Dinkins, (radio/news column-two parts - 1990); the election of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg (radio/news column, November 2001); the election of President Obama (TV- September 20, 2007 - 14 months before the actual election!) The Obama prediction was also made on radio, in several news columns and my blog. These are just a few of the many predictions I’ve made over the years.

G-Man: That is an extremely impressive track record. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but “The Grim Reaper” has never had a stranglehold on the world like it has in 2009. There have been a record number of plane crashes and mishaps where the death toll is in the thousands. The swine flu has sickened millions worldwide and threatens to kill thousands more before the year ends. Moreover, some of the greatest celebrities in the world died this year. I’ve often disliked the number 9 because I truly believe it is a death number. Is there any truth to that, given the disasters and shocking fatalities of 2009, thus far?

Strayhorn: Actually, 8 is considered the “death” number since its ruled by the planet Saturn, the planet associated with death or rest from labor. 9, on the other hand, is associated with endings, finality and dreams come true, just to name a few. 9 is also considered a “health” number. For instance, when Michael Jackson passed away earlier this year, he was in a 9 personal month for June. And in his case, the 9, according to his birthday, is his direct opposition number. He was even passing through a health week as the time of his death. But remember, when adding 2009, it adds to an 11; and 1+1=2. 2 is governed by the Moon, which has its sway over the masses. Perhaps that may in part be the reason for events we’ve experienced so far this year.

Have you ever done an analysis or reading where the revelations were so frightening that you kept them secret? If so, without revealing the details, what or whom did it involve?

Strayhorn: Fortunately, I’ve never had that experience as such. Yes, there were times where the aspects of the individual did not look favorable at all and I expressed that to them. But never in the sense where the person shouldn’t get out of bed that day. When people come to see me they expect insight, but more importantly, they expect honesty and I give them that. And of course, some charts read better than others.

G-Man: This is a follow up question, and it may make you uncomfortable. Please do your best to respond. You’ve done readings on hundreds of celebrities during your illustrious career. At any point, did you ever do a reading that indicated Michael Jackson would die in 2009?

Strayhorn: No, G-Man. Besides, my role on planet earth is not to predict who will be here today or the next. This includes Michael Jackson. However, had I, at some point earlier in the year been asked about him, I certainly would have pointed out the fact he was passing through a health cycle for June, especially during the latter part of the month, since he was passing through a health cycle the week of the 22nd as well. I suspect, G-Man, if I got into the business of who lives or dies on a certain day, the Creator would call me home the following day because only one of us can perform that task.

G-Man: Over the last two years, I’ve done special investigative reports on and interviewed prominent leaders of the Ku Klux Klan and so-called “White-Power” groups. During my investigation, I discovered an alarming number of people are worried that white supremacists will assassinate President Barack Obama. As you know, federal agents have arrested a number of people associated with these groups for vowing to kill the president. What does numerology reveal about the seriousness of the threat and the safety of President Obama and his family?

Strayhorn: I have to reluctantly agree with you regarding the negative climate in certain pockets of the country. Imagine, openly bearing arms at town hall meetings . . .when the issue is about health, of all things and questioning the President’s birthplace. By the way, the latter tells me that a lot of folks don’t know the history of their own country. It’s as if a climate of hate is being fostered and encouraged, and that’s not good in anyone’s book! Looking ahead at the President's chart, he will be entering his opposition cycle of 6 for 2010, which technically kicks in, in the Fall of ‘09. 6 is not only the Presidents direct opposition number to his 4 (born on the 4th of August), the 6, like the 9 is also a health indicator. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean something drastic towards the President, but it does suggest there are periods during the course of next year where a degree of caution should be exercised.

Let me be very clear. If a member of his staff came to me regarding the President's forecast, I would suggest keeping a lighter schedule on Fridays and Saturdays; especially during the months of January, May and October, and the days leading into them. As for 2010, however, caution is urged during the following months: March, especially the week of the 22nd; July, especially the week of the 8th (when the President is passing through his 52 day “critical cycle” just before his 49th birthday); September, during the week of the 15th, where everything comes to a head for the year; followed by December, especially towards the close of the month. Personally, my wish is that none of the dates above will present danger or disaster for President Obama.

G-Man: It’s time to push the envelope, Mr. Strayhorn. This being the case, I’d like you to really dig deep in your analysis and reveal what the numbers say for the remainder of this year, be it good or bad. Please give me a few numerology predictions for the rest of the year.

Strayhorn: President Obama’s health care package will go through and have some kind of public option, but it could have another name attached to it. The US economy will undergo a tremendous change for the better and the signs of it will be evident as we go along. Beyonce and Jay-Z may announce a new, little addition to their musical family.

G-Man: What would you say to those who regard numerology as a bogus science?

Strayhorn: In the early stages of my numerology career, I would have reacted to that label, “bogus science”. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. After many years of study and reading perhaps thousands of people over the course of time, I would describe numerology as an “exact science”, if anything. In my experience, those who mislabel n numerology this way are usually the most misinformed. And if you were to ask them if that’s the case, why has the subject of numerology been around for such a long, long time! I doubt if any subject, which is considered hundreds of thousands of years old, could last this long being bogus. What do you think? (Smiling)

G-Man: How can my “G-Fans” make an appointment to have a reading done and what do you charge?

Strayhorn: There are several ways the “G-Fans” can do that. They can reach me through my website: or they can call me at 800-581-4401. If they wish to know what sign the moon is passing through each day, along with the numerical influence, they can go to: Fees for consultation is nominal, depending on the client needs. All they have to do is mention your name and blog and I’ll get back to them ASAP.

G-Man: As we bring this interview to a close, is there anything else you’d like to note?

Strayhorn: I think the subject of numerology should be taken more seriously than it has, and I predict it will soon. Very soon! I can’t tell you the number of times when someone said to me had they only known this or that before, it could have made a huge difference in their life. The fact that people are looking for other modalities in problem solving matters nowadays is also an indicator. Finally, G-Man, I’d like to offer a note of thanks to you, again, for such insightful and thoughtful questions.

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