Friday, October 9, 2009

President Barack Obama: "Nigger Nobel"

Award Presents Clear and Present Danger to Presidency

President Barack Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize, and I’ve noticed that many people are not happy about it. While walking along the streets of lower Manhattan, I heard scores of people on cell phones, who were predominately white, blasting the Nobel Prize committee and the president. “He hasn’t done a damn thing to broker peace anywhere! All he’s done is make a bunch of eloquent speeches,” stated one woman. “I don’t fucking get it! Everybody’s pandering to this fucking liberal, including this committee, and the man has no clue about how to run this country,” said a man sporting a Syracuse jersey. Another woman summed up her feelings by loudly proclaiming, “This is bullshit!” I’m sure there were white people that supported the selection, but I didn’t see or hear them during my travels.

With all of the vitriol expressed by so many whites over the last several months, on issues ranging from health care to deficit reduction, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the hardcore Obama-haters, particularly the racists of America, started referring to him as “Nigger Nobel” in the wake of the committee’s decision. In stark contrast, a good number of black people, like national radio talk-show hosts Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden, have applauded President Obama’s recent and historic accomplishment. As much as it pains The G-Man to say it, I’m in the minority. I absolutely loathe the fact that he has been awarded the prize, and I fear that the President of the United States is being set up for failure and will eventually be made to look like a complete asshole.

Stay with me on this, folks. In recent months, President Obama’s approval rating has taken a serious beating. Poll numbers indicate that more and more people are unhappy with the policies and regulations he’s attempting to put in place, in addition to the unprecedented level of debt that has been heaped on the country. The haters have “Jokerized” him and compared him to Adolf Hitler. By the way, don’t let those gun-toting imbeciles at the president’s town hall meetings fool you. They know exactly what the hell they’re doing, but that’s another article entirely. Moreover, members of the Republican Party added fuel to the fire by distributing copies of “Barack, the Magic Negro” to fellow “Pubs”, calling the president a liar before the nation, and making gorilla jokes about the president and the First Lady. The level of disdain for President Obama, be it political or racial, continues to grow. However, there’s only one thing that threatens to eradicate every political/social victory and make him the most beleaguered, hated and ridiculed president in U.S. history: a deadly, large-scale terrorist attack.

Americans, especially blacks, can celebrate the Nobel Prize committee’s choice all they want. Don’t look for The G-Man to be part of the stupid celebration. I know what’s at stake, and all it will take is one cataclysmic attack on American soil for the level of animosity and distrust for President Obama to dramatically increase, and there will be hell to pay as a result. A Nobel Peace Prize won’t be able to do a damn thing to change that! Now that he has been presented with this esteemed honor, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and networks, including domestic terrorists, will place even greater emphasis on carrying out their mission in effort to annihilate and denounce everything the U.S., the Nobel Peace Prize, and its 2009 recipient stand for.

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Author: Pete Souza, The Obama-Biden Transition Project

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

McDonald's & Starbucks: Cyber Whores, Inc.

McDonald's in New York City's Times Square. The slogan states that billions have been served, but it should probably be changed to billions jerked!

Multi-Billion Dollar Franchises Jerk Customers on Internet Use

Has anyone looked at the ridiculous revenue numbers that McDonald’s and Starbucks generated over the last several years? The figures have been off the chart! According to published reports on Wikipedia, in 2008, “Mickey Dees” pulled in $22.6 billion and Starbucks bagged a measly $9.4 billion in 2007. Even in a jacked up economy, people are still willing to shell out their hard-earned money for Big Macs, fries and the brewmeister's wildly popular lattes, which I’ve dubbed liquid crack. People all over the world have literally become hooked on what these franchises are peddling, and I’m completely astounded.

The argument could be made that both companies produce exceptional products and are entitled to every penny they’ve earned since launching their operations. I agree. As a matter of fact, I would be the first to congratulate anyone that was able to develop a concept and turn it into an enormously success venture. However, what burns my ass is the fact that McDonald’s and Starbucks continue to rake in billions of dollars every year while ripping off the general public by charging them to use the Internet, even if they have a wireless or Wi-Fi laptop.

The G-Man has a few questions for “the suits” over at McDonald’s and Starbucks. Now, when I refer to the suits, I’m not talking about the lower-level lackeys with butt-ugly spouses or the “Mad Men” who have nothing to do with decision-making or policy implementation. Having said that, here’s my first question. Were you people sipping “Madoff Juice” when you decided it would be a good idea to charge the public for this service? Let me break it down for you, folks. McDonald’s and Starbucks are banking on the fact that you’ve become so hooked on the product and atmosphere they’ve created that you wouldn’t mind paying for Internet service. Sorry, but I have a problem with that.

In my honest opinion, McDonald's and Starbucks executives don't give a rat's ass about people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. You want proof? Well, consider the fact that people are being charged up to $8.00 for a Big Mac meal and damn near $4.50 or more for a latte. I think it's safe to say that these companies aren't looking to cater to people who have to use EBT cards to eat or those barely making $18,000 a year. They’re aiming for the folks with very deep pockets or disposable income.

The Starbucks franchise has gone global. This one is located in Korea. The sign probably translates to...."We make you pay for Internet service here, too!"

Without question, there are people out there that can easily afford to frequent these establishments, in some cases with co-workers, family and friends, and pay the Internet service charge three or four days out of the week. This leads to my next series of questions. Where does that leave the people who love McDonald’s but are working two minimum wage jobs just to survive? Where does that leave the single mother of three who loves Starbucks and wants to use the Internet to look for greater career or employment opportunities? I’ll tell you where it leaves them. It leaves them ass out!

More often than not, this is what happens when you corporate officials allow greed to take hold. You lose sight of what’s important, forsake people’s basic needs and focus solely on ways to increase profit. The greedy bastards responsible for “cyber-raping” the public should be kicked in the ass with Ronald McDonald's shoe or smacked in the face with one of those awful Starbucks scones! What the hell? How much of an increase in revenue do you need? It’s not enough that your companies continue to reap astronomical profit? Must you follow the Madoff playbook and bilk the public for all it's worth?

You wealthy, corporate bigwigs may not think the Internet service charge amounts to much, but tell that to someone living from paycheck to paycheck and struggling just to get their child a “Happy Meal” or a Starbucks cookie. Do you see, folks? Do you see how corporate greed reared its ugly head, yet again, and how you are being taken advantage of as “loyal customers”? That’s some serious bullshit, and I'm challenging the Chairman, CEO and CFO of both companies to do something about it...right now!

If you corporate weasels truly and sincerely appreciated the fact that the public is largely responsible for your success, you would contract with AT&T, or some other major Internet service provider (ISP), have McDonald’s and Starbucks pick up the annual tab, and allow your customers to have free Internet access. Oh! Here’s an even better idea. Take a percentage of the billions you earn each year, start constructing Internet caf├ęs at many of your locations and contract with an ISP to provide free Internet service. Stop shoving your grubby hand in people's pockets and let them cyber-up for free.

McDonald's Photo Source: Wikipedia
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Starbucks Photo Source: Wikipedia
Author: Kenneth Han
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