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Danville Police Officer Dances with Kids

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Passover Songs Mashup - Elliot Dvorin & the Key Tov Orchestra

This video was published om YouTube on April 7, 2016. 

Source: Key Tov Orchestra

Happy Passover....from 'The G-Man'

This video was published on YouTube on March 22, 2010. 

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Statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo on Passover

"Tonight begins the holiday of Passover and I wish all who are celebrating, here in New York and around the world, a meaningful and happy holiday.

"Passover celebrates liberation and reminds us never to give up hope. As friends and families gather for the Seders, let us recommit ourselves to combatting all forms of oppression and continue to fight for a more inclusive and just State. New Yorkers stand tallest when we stand together.

"Best wishes for a zissen Pesach and Chag Sameach."

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

Holiday Well-Wishes from the Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Cheryl Fishbein

Michael Fromm
First Vice Chair

David Bernstein
President and CEO

Glenn Dubin
Chief Operating Officer

Melanie Roth Gorelick
Senior Vice President   

Haya Luftig
Vice President

Elisa Dell'Amico
Assistant Director of Administration
& Senior Graphic Designer   

Betsey Epstein

Tammy Gilden
Senior Policy Associate   

Roy Waterman III
Criminal Justice Project Manager

Yasuke: Story of the African Samurai in Japan

This video was published on YouTube on February 28, 2019.

Columbine Shooting Survivor's Message of Hope: 'It Will Get Better'

Prolific Songwriter Mike Posner Sharing His New Songs as He Walks Across America

This report was published on YouTube on April 16.

Deborah Norville 'So Grateful' After Cancer Surgery

This report was published on YouTube on April 16.

#WishWednesday: Wish Alum Haley | Make-A-Wish®

This video was published on YouTube on April 17.

Goalkeepers: Amika George on How to Start a Campaign

This report was published on YouTube on March 8, 2019.

Steve Martin and Martin Short on Faux Flattery and Genuine Compliments

This report was published on YouTube on April 17.

For These Homeless Individuals, Comfort Comes with a Collar

This report was published on YouTube on April 16.

David Brooks on Emerging from Loneliness to Find 'Moral Renewal'

This report was published on YouTube on April 16.

The ‘Fairy Tale’ Redemption of Tiger Woods

This report was published on YouTube on April 15.

Why 'Green' Buildings Are Sprouting in Record Numbers

This report was published on YouTube on April 18.

Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2019

This report was published on YouTube on April 17.

Unlikely Allies Unite to Save National Forests in Arizona

This report was published on YouTube on April 17.

'Jeopardy' Contestant Breaks Single-Day Record

This report was published on YouTube on April 18.

Diver Describes Rescuing Man Who Helped Rescue Thai Cave Boys

This report was published on YouTube on April 18.

The Passion: Iraq's Top Musicians Continue Performing Despite Unpaid Wages

Notre Dame Fire: Ceremony Held to Honour Paris Firefighters

Global News: Paris City Hall held a ceremony in honour of the firefighters' who helped extinguish a massive blaze at the city's iconic Notre Dame Cathedral on April 18.

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Democratic 2020 Candidates Promised to Reject Lobbyist Donations, but Many Accepted the Cash Anyway

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Source: The Intercept_

Noam Chomsky: By Focusing on Russia, Democrats Handed Trump a 'Huge Gift' and Possibly the 2020 Election

Democracy Now!: As Attorney General William Barr releases Robert Mueller’s long-anticipated report into Russian interference in the 2016 election, we speak with world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky about what he sees as the political perils of “Russiagate.”

The Mueller Report, Annotated

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Source: The Washington Post

White House Reacts to Mueller Report Release

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, discusses the report and takes questions from media representatives.

Senator Richard Blumenthal Discusses Mueller Report Release

AG Barr Holds News Conference on Mueller Report Ahead of Release

This Passover, the Imperative of Educating Americans about Anti-Semitism

By David Bernstein, President and CEO of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Passover accentuates so much of the Jewish experience—freedom from captivity, the need to educate ourselves and our children, compassion in the face of adversity and, not least, the continued threat of hatred and anti-Semitism. 

The Passover Haggadah is essentially the story of how Jews fought and defeated anti-Semitism. Pharaoh was the ultimate anti-Semite, enslaving, oppressing and murdering Jews. Unfortunately, the Exodus from Egypt was the beginning, not the end, of the story of anti-Semitism. The coincidence of Passover with the Easter holiday placed vulnerable Jewish communities in great danger for being blamed and targeted for killing Jesus Christ. Such Jew hatred often drew upon bizarre blood libel accusations that Jews made matza with the blood of Christian children.

Click here for the full article.

Source: The Jewish Council for Public Affairs

How Do Residents of Ukraine's No Man's Land Donbass View the Election?

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America Bulletins

Click here for the March 2019 edition in Ukrainian. 

Click here for the March 2019 edition in English. 

Click here for the April 2019 edition in Ukrainian. 

Click here for the March 2019 edition in English.

Source: UCCA

India: Millions Vote in Second Phase of General Election

Head of Reporters Without Borders Talks About Violence Against Journalists

North Korea Says Test-Fired New Type of Weapon

Taiwan Earthquake: Footage Shows Moment 6.1 Magnitude Quake Hits East Coast

Global News: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan's coastal city of Hualien on Thursday. Video footage captured across the east coast shows buildings shaking, lights swaying and flickering, students evacuating schools, and a halted subway service in the capital Taipei. 

There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

Governor Cuomo Directs HESC to Broaden Interpretation of MERIT Scholarship Eligibility

This video was published on YouTube on April 17.

Request for Proposals for Survey to Examine Problem Gambling in New York State

The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services today announced a request for proposals (RFP) to operate a survey that will examine problem gambling in New York State. The NYS Household Survey of Problem Gambling will assess residents’ attitudes and behaviors regarding gambling, health and wellness factors, and problem gambling prevalence. It will also assess the co-occurrence of problem gambling with substance use and mental health disorders. The RFP is available to view here.

“With this survey, we are continuing our efforts to address problem gambling across the state by examining the problem and pinpointing solutions,” said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, Co-Chair of the NYS Heroin and Opioid Abuse Task Force. “We want to make sure that all New Yorkers, particularly those struggling with substance use and mental health disorders, are aware of the behaviors of problem gambling and have the resources and services they need to combat the issue and lead healthy lifestyles.”                                                                 

“New York State has made great strides in expanding and enhancing our problem gambling resources in recent years, and we remain committed to ensuring the necessary services are in place for all New Yorkers to address this issue,” OASAS Commissioner Arlene González-Sánchez said. “This survey will help us further assess where the need is greatest, by giving New Yorkers an opportunity to have a voice in the services they want to see implemented.”

Data obtained from NYS Household Survey of Problem Gambling will assist OASAS in determining the best ways to continue to increase community awareness about the warning signs and prevention of problem gambling, as well as the placement of services based on population need.

OASAS is also in the process of finalizing the development of seven problem gambling resource centers (PGRCs), which will coordinate gambling resources in every region of the state. Four of these centers are already operation, with the remaining three set to open by August. These centers serve as central hubs for people to access prevention, treatment, and recovery resources in their respective regions. The PGRCs will build collaborative relationships with local gambling facilities to provide information and referrals to people who identify as having a gambling problem. More information about the PGRCs can be found here.

"As the sponsor of legislation (A.590), which would create a statewide taskforce to evaluate the extent of problem gambling across the state, I am pleased that OASAS has begun to develop a comprehensive approach to identifying common risk factors and tackling problem gambling head on. A multidisciplinary proposal is needed to enable the State to tailor and target prevention and treatment options in the communities that need them most," said Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal (D/WF-Manhattan), Chair of the Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

“This important survey will help us better understand the depth of problem gambling in New York State and how we can better provide assistance for those who are suffering,” said Senator Pete Harckham, 40th Senate District, Chair of the Senate Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Committee. “Problem gambling often goes hand in hand with substance abuse and I’m pleased that the survey will explore the co-occurrence of problem gambling with substance use and mental health disorders.”

New Yorkers struggling with an addiction, or whose loved ones are struggling, can find help and hope by calling the state’s toll-free, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week HOPEline at 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369) or by texting HOPENY (Short Code 467369).  For more information about problem gambling visit

Available addiction treatment including crisis/detox, inpatient, community residence, or outpatient care can be found using the NYS OASAS Treatment Availability Dashboard at or through the NYS OASAS website

Visit to learn more about the warning signs of addiction, review information on how to get help, and access resources on how to facilitate conversations with loved ones and communities about addiction. For tools to use in talking to a young person about preventing alcohol or drug use, visit the state’s Talk2Prevent website.

Source: The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

Congestion Pricing: Who Pays and Who Doesn’t

New York will make history in 2021 when it becomes the first American city to charge drivers entering its busiest neighborhoods. Local proponents of congestion pricing say its goals are to discourage vehicles from driving below 60th Street in Manhattan and to raise funds for the city’s beleaguered subways. 

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Source: The New York Times

Tenants May Get More Protections in New York City, After Decades of Battles. Here’s Why.

Newly empowered Democrats in Albany have hopes of approving a cadre of bills aimed at tightening rent regulations.

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Source: The New York Times

Judith Clark, Getaway Driver in Deadly Brink’s Heist in 1981, Is Granted Parole

Ms. Clark, 69, had evolved during her long incarceration from a left-wing extremist to a model prisoner known for good works.  

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Source: The New York Times

Judge May Ban Public and Press from Harvey Weinstein Hearing

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Source: The New York Daily News

NYC Politicians Push Mayor de Blasio for Homeless Child Funding

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Source: The New York Daily News

Department of Investigation: Mayor De Blasio Violated Ethic Rules in Seeking Donations Despite Warnings

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Source: The City

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Philadelphia DA Drops Opposition to Mumia Abu-Jamal's Appeal for Freedom

The following statement was provided by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. 

Today the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office withdrew its recent appeal of an opinion granting a re-hearing of some previously decided issues in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. We withdrew the appeal because the opinion we appealed has been modified consistent with our primary concern — -that ruling’s effect on many other cases.

By way of background, Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of the murder of a young police officer, Daniel Faulkner, that occurred on December 9, 1981. Even after Maureen Faulkner, the wife of the victim, chose not to continue seeking the death penalty several years ago in hopes of closure, the case has evoked polarizing rhetoric and continues to assume a symbolic importance for many that is distinct from the factual and often technical legal issues involved in the case.

The technical issue at stake here is simply whether or not some decided issues need to be re-heard by a Pennsylvania appellate court due to one former judge’s having worn two hats — -the hat of an apparently impartial appellate judge deciding Abu-Jamal’s case after he earlier wore the hat of a chief prosecutor in the same case. Although the issue is technical, it is also an important cautionary tale on the systemic problems that flow from a judge’s failing to recuse where there is an appearance of bias.

Justice Castille did not recuse himself before deciding appeals in the Abu-Jamal case and several others, including the Williams case. In the Williams case, the United States Supreme Court decided that Castille should have recused himself because of the role he took as a chief prosecutor in Mr. Williams’s matter. The U.S. Supreme Court ordered that Mr. Williams’s appeal be re-heard by the Pennsylvania appeals judges, without the taint of Castille’s participation.

A similar question of Castille’s role exists in the Abu-Jamal case. In order to help resolve it, our Office exhaustively searched hundreds of file boxes in relation to the Mumia Abu-Jamal matter, including six previously undisclosed boxes (now turned over to the defense, as required by law). While we did not find any document establishing the same level of involvement by Castille in the Abu-Jamal case as in the Williams case, we did find (and turned over) a June, 1990 letter from then-District Attorney Castille to then-Governor Robert Casey, urging that the Governor issue death warrants, especially in cases involving people who have killed police, in order to “send a clear and dramatic message to all police killers that the death penalty actually means something.” Although the letter does not mention Mr. Abu-Jamal or his case by name, at the time Justice Castille wrote to Governor Casey, there were only three cases involving people who had been convicted of killing police that were pending. One was Mr. Abu-Jamal’s.

In the end, the trial-level judge considering this issue wrote an opinion that agreed with us that these indications of strong feelings on the part of Justice Castille did not rise to the level of the direct and active involvement Justice Castille took in the Williams case but went further, deciding there should be a re-hearing of Abu-Jamal’s decided issues anyway, based on more general principles of judges needing to recuse to avoid the appearance of bias.

We appealed, making it extremely clear in our court papers that our primary concern was with the overly broad language of the opinion and its potentially devastating effect on hundreds of long settled cases, decades after their cases were resolved, including its hurtful effect on victims and survivors. We highlighted our concern with the overly broad language of that opinion in five specific respects and specifically noted that we would re-consider appealing if the trial-level court issued another decision addressing the concerns we raised.

Although the judge was not required to do so, on March 27 he issued another decision that addressed the concerns we raised. The judge made clear that his opinion should not be read to mean that several hundreds of cases were disturbed — -it should be applied only to people convicted of killing police officers whose cases were in the District Attorney’s Office while Castille was District Attorney (the category of cases Castille highlighted in his June 1990 letter to Casey). Given that the trial-level court has now addressed the concerns that led us to appeal in the first place, we have withdrawn the appeal.

Our decision to withdraw the appeal does not mean Mr. Abu-Jamal will be freed or get a new trial. It means that he will have the appeals that Justice Castille participated in deciding reconsidered by a new group of appellate court judges, untainted by former Chief Justice Castille participating in their decision. The trial-level judge has ordered the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and the defense to re-submit the legal briefs done in the past (which were written under prior administrations), effectively setting the clock back to where it was in the past.

The result will be that long-settled convictions in other cases will not be disturbed and that decisions made by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on the legal issues raised decades ago in the Abu-Jamal matter will no longer be tainted by the appearance of bias.

TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, But Their Body Scanners Might Be

The full-body scanners at airports across the country frequently give false alarms for Afros, braids, twists and other hairstyles popular among black women.

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Source: ProPublica

ICC Makes 'Dangerous Decision' to Drop Probe into U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan After U.S. Pressure

New York Health Officials Give Measles Update

New York City Lawmakers Consider Ban on Fur in the Fashion Mecca

60 Doctors, Nurses Charged with Illegally Prescribing Opioids

Morehouse College to Accept Transgender Men

Vet Who Crawled Across Boston Finish Line Gets a Surprise

'Patient Zero' Identified in Michigan Measles Outbreak: Report

Update: Ukraine's Presidential Elections and the Oleg Sentsov Case

By Matthew Dubas

The Incumbent and the Actor

Ukraine’s presidential elections have drawn criticism from international observers, but not because of lack of fairness, openness or transparency (irritating Moscow, as its cyberattacks against the Central Election Commission on March 31 were ineffective). Most recently one candidate, Voldymyr Zelensky, decided not to show up for a public debate on April 14 at a 70,000-seat arena – Olympic Stadium – in Kyiv. Zelensky claims that he preferred an April 19 date, just two days before the second round of elections on April 21. (The media in Ukraine are required to remain silent in the last days of the campaign and would not be able to analyze claims made by Zelensky. Even broadcast of the debate would be questionable, according to Ukraine’s election laws.)

Incumbent President Petro Poroshenko used Zelensky’s absence from the April 14 debate to label his opponent as a “virtual candidate.”

Poroshenko finished in second place in the first round of elections with nearly 15 percent, compared to over 30 percent for his neophyte challenger Zelensky. The first round, observers have said, showed the dissatisfaction with Poroshenko’s first term in office – citing complaints against his failure to fulfill campaign promises when he was elected in 2014 – especially his promises to end the war in the Donbas and return Crimea to Ukraine.

However, some observers have stated that Ukraine’s electorate are setting themselves up for disappointment once again by placing their hopes on a political novice like Zelensky (a comedian and star of a popular satire called “Servant of the People”), whose campaign funding has been questionable, with many experts pointing to Igor Kolomoisky, who has an ongoing personal spat with Poroshenko. (Kolomoisky comes from the same oblast or province of Ukraine as Zelensky – Dnipro. Kolomoisky was the former governor appointed by Poroshenko and fell out of favor with the president after Kolomoisky threatened to protect his assets in the region by force of his own personal guard of 30,000 troops. Kolomoisky was subsequently ousted from office by Poroshenko.)

The show, Servant of the People, has been considered by some in Ukraine as a propaganda tool funded in part by Kremlin insiders and Kolomoisky. Some have called on the show to be cancelled, as the show’s funding violates Ukrainian laws. On April 7, NGO Myrotvorets Center published the fourth part of their “Operation Regata” alleging they had discovered and confirmed the fact that, Zelensky was partially funded by Russia via a cryptocurrency trading site owned by a former pro-Russian mercenary in the Donbas. The proof came from an e-mail box on the Russian webmail service, which Myrotvorets hacked and monitored for an unknown period of time.

Most notably, Zelensky’s campaign handlers have made a concerted effort to shield the candidate from uncomfortable questions while on the campaign trail – further raising suspicions of who is funding the candidate, and questions about Zelensky’s political stance of relevant issues of immediate concern for Ukraine’s electorate, such as the war in the Donbas, Crimea, pensions, anti-corruption reforms, EU/NATO stance, etc.

The second round has everyone biting their nails, but it is believed that the second round will be taken more seriously, as there are only two candidates in this run-off, and more voters are expected at the polls, both in Ukraine and at its diplomatic posts around the world, where citizens of Ukraine are eligible to vote. It is expected that voter turnout may be higher in the second round than in the first round, but no one is counting their chickens yet.

Zelensky’s choice to shun the debate was also a calculated move to draw comparison with Poroshenko, who refused to attend a debate in the 2014 presidential elections. Many in Ukraine have asked, “If Zelensky fears people, questions and issues, how does he expect to become a servant of the people?”

Zelensky’s team called the April 14 debate a “campaign rally” for Poroshenko, adding, “We do not attend campaign rallies” of our opponent.

On April 10, Oleh Medvedev, a campaign organizer for Poroshenko, said the incumbent president would definitely arrive for the debate on April 19 at the Public Broadcaster’s TV studio and at Olympic Stadium for a debate with Zelensky, provided there is no schedule overlap.

We’ll have to “wait and see” how that one plays out. In the meantime, voter apathy is how many Ukrainian voters express their stance “against all” candidates by not going to the polls. This is a trend not only in Ukraine, but also in the diaspora.

Initial polls have shown Zelensky ahead by a significant lead, but as we’ve seen in the past, even in the United States, pollsters and experts can get things wrong in their prognostications.

It is hoped by many that Poroshenko wins the election, as he is qualified, experienced and has established relationships with world leaders and international organizations, like the EU and NATO. Another boost for the incumbent is his ability to converse intelligibly in English – something nearly all of the other candidates, including Zelensky (who has mostly conversed in Russian, not Ukrainian, similar to ousted former president Viktor Yanukovych), have not demonstrated in public. These combined skills make Poroshenko the clear winner from the diaspora perspective. We can expect to see an uptick of anti-Poroshenko propaganda coming out of Moscow, as Putin has already stated his preference for Zelensky, which should be telling.

Russian meddling could also be seen in anti-Poroshenko text messages sent from Russia to Ukrainian soldiers on the frontlines of the war in the Donbas. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) has reported that its observers spotted a Russian Leer 3 Electronic Warfare station over Ukrainian territory.

Suspiciously, an investigative journalist report was made public a month before the first round of elections related to corruption from Ukrobronprom (a state-owner military and defense company). Mr. Poroshenko has revived the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukraine’s defense industry in the face of active measures of Russian aggression against Ukraine. It is believed that this report and its timing significantly impacted results for Poroshenko in the first round.

Observers have been critical of Zelensky’s media shyness to the point that certain points need to be raised in the dialogue: Is Zelensky a script reader or a writer? He is clearly not an independent thinker, as his handlers keep him on a tight leash. The April 19 scheduled debate can also turn into political theater, straight out of the Kremlin playbook of making Poroshenko look out of touch with the electorate or worse, being escorted out of the stadium for security reasons if the debate turns into a riot, fanned by Zelensky and his campaign. The late scheduling also plays into the fact that average viewers would not have enough time to process what they were seeing and hearing, with the aim of making a lot of noise that cannot be filtered in such a short lead time to the vote that opinions will not have time to shift much.

Zelensky’s campaign promises to dismiss all of the previous ministers in their posts under the Poroshenko administration. However, it does not take into account the fact that the current prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman, is from the Petro Poroshenko bloc. This could set up a crisis of political stagnation and infighting until the next parliamentary elections (scheduled for October 27 of this year) change the makeup of the Parliament. This buys the Kremlin more time to meddle in Ukraine if Zelensky wins.

Taking all of these factors into account, Zelensky would be bad for Ukraine, as Moscow would like to see Ukraine become the joke it is telling the world Ukraine is, run by a comedian who plays the president on TV. Notably, in the series that Zelensky stars, there is no mention of Russia, the war in the Donbas, the war dead, the victims of MH17, Russia’s annexation of Crimea or other truths and realities, parroting the lies that Moscow would like the world to believe.

What Zelensky appeals to, based on voting results from the first round, is Russian-speakers in Ukraine who would rather take a chance on a political outsider rather than an incumbent like Poroshenko who represents the political establishment and the “old guard” associated with corruption. Some of the “failed promises” and adverse economic trends are wrongly blamed on Poroshenko, when in fact the blame lies with Russia and its attacks against Ukraine. In the end, it is only Russia that can stop the war in the Donbas and it is Russia that needs to return Crimea to Ukraine. Which candidate can motivate Putin to that end (without selling parts of Ukraine in the process), while keeping Ukraine on a positive economic path? The Ukrainian people will decide.

Protests in Europe Call Attention to Sentsov

Things have been largely silent from Ukraine and Russia regarding imprisoned Crimean filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who is being held in a prison in Russia’s Siberian Yamal region on politically motivated charges related to terrorism for Sentsov’s refusal to accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea as legal.

Recent protests have been documented in France and Slovakia. Ukrainian students in Paris staged a street performance at the Place de la Republique called “Missing Director” to show support for Sentsov. As part of the international campaign “Save Oleg Sentsov.” The event on April 11 was organized by the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. May 10 marks the fifth anniversary of Sentsov’s imprisonment by Russia. In the center of Paris, students set up a film location – they prepared a camera, sound systems, lighting, the production team and actors to shoot a film. To start filming, the assistant director went up to the camera, opened the clapper board but everybody stopped moving. The filming stopped because the main figure on the site – the director – was absent.

"All the participants in the event were standing still for two minutes to show that the artist cannot be a terrorist. Without the artist the process stops. We thus call on the French authorities to help Oleh Sentsov and other political prisoners return home," said Nikita Mekenzin, the main organizer of the event.

Similar events were held on April 11-12 in Berlin, The Hague, Bratislava, Slovakia, Brussels and Prague.

In Bratislava, students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy staged a walk-out on the city’s Main Square on April 11 to demand the release of Sentsov. Instead of a protest, the street performance “Missing Director” was staged.

In Slovakia, Mr. Mekezin said: “Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov and more than 97 Ukrainian citizens are now illegally detained in prison in Russia and occupied Crimea. With this action, we will emphasize to the Slovak people that prisoners are still being captured and the pressure on the Russian Federation needs to remain strong until all prisoners are freed.”

The performance is part of the #SaveOlegSentsov action that has been taking place across Europe.


Matthew Dubas is editor of the The Ukrainian Weekly. The newspaper is distributed throughout the United States and Canada and serves as a major source of news and information for the Ukrainian-American community. He has reported on many of the country’s political and social conflicts and worked with ambassadors, politicians, policy advisers, activists and scholars on a range of issues concerning Ukraine. The views expressed by Mr. Dubas do not necessarily reflect those of the publication's management or editorial staff.  

Church Bells Ring Across France to Mark Two Days Since the Notre Dame Fire

Pakistan PM Commits Investment in Karachi Port to Boost Trade

Future Unclear for Nicaragua's Political Prisoners

Tunisia Detains Armed European Diplomats En Route from Libya

Prisoners' Day: Palestinians Honour Those in Israeli Jails

India Elections: What’s at Stake?

Canadian Navy Makes 2.5 Ton Drug Bust in Indian Ocean

Global News: Video released by the Department of National Defence showed HMCS Regina crew locating and seizing 2,569 kilograms of hashish while deployed in the Indian Ocean as part of Operation ARTEMIS, the Canadian Armed Forces ongoing contribution to counter-terrorism and maritime security operations in Middle Eastern and East African waters.

Click here for additional information. 

Climate Change Activists Superglue Themselves to London Train

Global News: Two climate change activists climbed onto the roof of a train and another glued himself to the window at Canary Wharf's Docklands Light Railway station in London as part of a third day of action by "Extinction Rebellion" to pressure politicians to take more radical measures to protect the environment. 

A total of 290 people were arrested on Monday and Tuesday after the activists blocked some of the capital's most iconic locations, many camping in tents on London's streets.

Congestion Pricing Is Coming to New York. New Jersey Wants Revenge.

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Source: The New York Times

A Ferry Subsidy of $24.75 a Ride? New York City’s Costs Are Ballooning

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Source: The New York Times

Uber and Lyft Continue Rapid Growth in NYC Despite Regulations

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Source: The New York Daily News

Mayor de Blasio Hosts Immigrant Heritage Week Reception

This video was published on YouTube on April 16.

FPWA Report Exposes the Danger Posed by the Poverty to Prison Pipeline

New York, NY — If you are poor in New York City – especially if you are a low-income person of color – there’s an increased likelihood that you will be drawn into the criminal justice system. And once justice-involved, climbing out of poverty becomes harder. A mechanism is already in place, however, that can help interrupt this pipeline –human service organizations.

This is the finding of a new report released today by FPWA’s Ending the Poverty to Prison Pipeline Task Force. The report outlines steps New York City must take to address the cycle of poverty and criminalization of low-income New Yorkers and the critical role that those organizations already providing services to these individuals, families and communities could play.

The report, a culmination of months of research and engagement with nearly 100 leaders from community-based organizations, academia, faith communities, government, as well as criminal justice system-impacted individuals, analyzes the intersections of race, poverty, and the criminal justice system. FPWA’s original analysis found that seven of the ten poorest community districts are also among the ten districts with the highest jail incarceration rates. The report goes on to advance a set of programmatic and policy recommendations to better support justice-involved individuals and families in New York City.

According to FPWA, New York City should be doing more to support New Yorkers who are justice-involved, including those who are formerly incarcerated and those with parole, probation, and community supervision, These individuals and their families struggle with access to housing, employment, educational opportunities, and meeting health and mental health needs and experience a patchwork of services that are under-resourced and not targeted to meet the complex challenges that come before, during, and after justice involvement. The result is a continuing cycle of poverty and incarceration that has a devastating impact on families for generations.

“If we are serious about ending mass incarceration, if we want to disrupt systems that criminalize the poor, we must better utilize and resource the organizations that are already providing critical services to New Yorkers in these communities,” said Jennifer Jones Austin, FPWA CEO and Executive Director. “Systemic racism drives both poverty and the mass incarceration of low-income people, especially people of color. This cycle of poverty and criminal justice involvement feeds on itself and creates herculean barriers to achieving economic and social advancement, for those who have been justice involved and for their loved ones. There are proven ways to support communities experiencing high levels of poverty, income insecurity and incarceration. Human services organizations are a key part of those solutions.” 

“I thank the Ending Poverty to Prison Pipeline Task Force for their thoughtful examination of the role that justice involvement plays in the persistent challenges our City faces, said First Deputy Mayor Dean Fuleihan on the report’s release. “We are committed to working with the coalition and with providers to drive towards improvements that better coordinate our work, continue to strengthen health and mental health services, and strengthen educational opportunities in a manner that acknowledges the context of justice involvement and related trauma, and the reality of the shadows these challenges cast on our communities.” 

Source: Mercury

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Holden Matthews, Suspect In Louisiana Church Fires, Charged With Hate Crimes

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Source: The Huffington Post

Julian Assange Suffered Severe Psychological and Physical Harm in Ecuadorian Embassy, Doctors Say

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Source: The Intercept_

Trump to Allow U.S. Lawsuits Against Foreign Firms Doing Business in Cuba: Official

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Source: Reuters

Denied Entry to U.S., BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti Condemns McCarthyite Repression in U.S. and Israel

Jesse Ventura Defends Assange, Attacks Bush and Cheney

This report was published on YouTube on April 11.

White House Hopes to Blunt the Impact of Mueller Report

Marine Veteran Crawls Across Boston Marathon Finish Line

United Joins 2 Airlines in Canceling Boeing 737 Flights

Niger Refugees: Hundreds Hope for a New Life in Europe

US Hands Argentina Declassified Documents on 'Dirty War'

UK: Nigel Farage Launches Brexit Party

British Police Drag, Arrest Climate Change Activists Blocking London's Waterloo Bridge

Notre Dame Fire: French Interior Minister Inspects Damage to Cathedral

NYCHA's Lead Prevention Efforts: Mayor de Blasio Makes Announcement

This video was published on YouTube on April 15.

Measles Outbreak: Yeshiva’s Preschool Program Is Closed by New York City Health Officials

The program is the first one to be closed as part of the city’s escalating effort to stem the country’s largest measles outbreak in decades.

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Source: The New York Times 

Facing Segregated Schools, Parents Took Integration Into Their Own Hands. It’s Working.

Changes to middle school enrollment in parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan could force City Hall to take action on school segregation.

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Source: The New York Times 

De Blasio Hands Over Appraisals After Weeks of Evasion

Mayor Bill de Blasio is pictured with Steve Banks.

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Source: The New York Daily News