Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michael Steele: "Little Black Sambo"

GOP Leader Kowtows to Party's Racial Gaffs & Limbaugh, Palin Fame

Yeah, I said it! Go ahead and call the “po-po”! For those who may not be aware, po-po is a street term for the police. Now that we’ve gotten that little explanation out of the way, it’s time to grab hold of something because The G-Man is about to raise some serious hell. I know a hell of a lot of black people, along with the lovely Republican dudes and dudettes in the Congress and Senate, will not take kindly to me calling Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, a Sambo. Well, tough! I have more than enough reason for doing so, and I could care less if Steele, or President Barack Obama, who has referred to Steele as his homeboy, is offended by my description.

Steele is deserving of the title because he repeatedly and willingly steps aside and allows the national media and the GOP to showcase others as the voice or face of the very organization he was chosen to lead. What the hell is up with that? You think I’m bullshitting? Okay, let me ask you folks a question. When was the last time you saw the media providing round-the-clock coverage of Steele? Just stop and think for a minute. The national media has practically had a microphone or interviewer up Rush Limbaugh's or Sarah Palin’s ass for the last several weeks. Even “The Governator”, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been getting more “media pussy” than Steele.

Limbaugh and Palin are being promoted as the true leaders, symbols and voices of the GOP, even though Limbaugh has publicly stated that he doesn’t consider himself as such. The king of conservative media has reportedly inked a new deal for his radio show for an estimated $400 million, and Palin’s memoir, entitled “Going Rogue”, set a record by rocketing to the top of Amazon’s book list without one book being released! In the midst of all this, Michael Steele has literally become the central character out of Ralph Ellison’s groundbreaking novel “The Invisible Man”. Moreover, Steele has allowed himself to be treated like a modern-day Sambo and cast aside as someone completely impotent and insignificant.

Michael Steele, 63rd Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Steele has not bitched or moaned about his lack of media coverage. Why? Steele did not take a firm or vocal leadership position when an asshole Republican compared First Lady Michelle Obama to a gorilla. Why? Instead of lacing up a pair of kick-ass boots and serving notice to fellow Republicans that shit was going to change on his watch, Steele quietly and simply noted there were things the Republican Party needed to address. Duh! No shit, Sherlock! You think? Steele has not even made an all-out effort to convey that he is, without question, the big dog in the GOP yard. His actions lead me to believe that some racist Republicans and influential people got in his ear and whispered, “Know your role, boy!” or “Just shut up and do the little Sambo dance for us!” Yeah, I said it…. again! Go ahead and call the damn po-po!

Hey, Steele? Until you get some hair on those balls, seize the national media spotlight from Limbaugh, Palin, Giuilani or other noted Republicans, and speak out on the real issues that the GOP is too scared to address, no one, especially in black America, will ever take you seriously. You’ll be viewed as nothing more than little black Sambo doing what a few powerful and influential white people tell you to do.

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Author: Helen Bannerman

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