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President Obama Speaks on Veterans Job Corps

'The G-Man' Opens Up on WRHU 88.7 FM

Candid Interview Reveals Stunning Secret That Led to the Creation of "From The G-Man"

On Monday, February 6, between 7am and 9am, Hofstra University radio station WRHU (88.7 FM) will broadcast a powerful and revealing 17-minute interview with Gary Glennell Toms, also known as "The G-Man".

Toms, who serves as creator and editor-in-chief of
From The G-Man, an independent news and information source, discusses his journalism career, the current state of journalism in America and abroad, and other topics.

Toms also reveals a painful and stunning secret that led to the creation of his news site -- a secret he has kept for the last two years.
"I, as well as faculty and other students here at Hofstra, was completely shocked after listening to his story. I have no doubt that many people in New York City and the country will be also when they hear this interview," said Dylan Berg, host of one of the morning radio shows and a sophomore majoring in communications and journalism. 

"I was awed by the fact that he edited, wrote and posted nearly 2,000 news stories last year, by himself! But what he endured in the process is remarkable. I thought it was a shame that no one in mainstream media was willing to share his story, and that's why my producers and I contacted him and decided to do the interview," Berg added.

"Revealing my secret was extremely difficult, and, at first, I was reluctant to do so. I was petrified of what people's reaction would be to me and my news site after my revelation", said Toms. 

"What changed my mind was the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of young men of color in poor communities in New York City, and the country, that have lost all hope and turned to drugs, gangs, crime and extreme violence. I'm willing to risk public embarrassment and humiliation if my story will help them realize that a better life is possible, if they're willing to leave the negative behind and fight like hell."

The interview will also be streamed here: 
WRHU 88.7 FM

West Wing Week: 2/3/2012

Tuskegee Airmen Visit the White House

The President and the First Lady host Tuskegee Airmen along with cast and crew members of the movie Red Tails for a screening at the White House.

Vice President Biden to Address College Affordability

Vice President Joe Biden

Will Visit Florida State University with Undersecretary of Education

WASHINGTON, DC - On Monday, February 6, Vice President Biden and Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter will visit Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida to discuss the importance of tackling rising college costs to ensure America’s students and workers can obtain the education and training they need so that we have a workforce prepared for the jobs of the 21st century.

In his State of the Union address, President Obama laid out a 
blueprint for an economy that’s built to last – an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers, and a renewal of American values. 

As an important part of keeping the American promise alive, the President called for a comprehensive approach to tackling rising college costs.  In today’s global economy, a college education is no longer just a privilege for some, but rather a prerequisite for all.  To reach a national goal of leading the world with the highest share of college graduates by 2020, we must make college more affordable.

As part of a continuing national dialogue on the issue, the Vice President will discuss the importance of college and the steps the Administration has taken to keep college affordable in Florida and across the country. 

Biden will also echo President Obama’s call to Congress to advance new reforms that will promote shared responsibility to address the college affordability challenge. If these proposals are passed, this will be the first time in history that the federal government has tied federal campus aid to responsible campus tuition policies.

First Lady to Embark on National Three-Day Tour

First Lady Michelle Obama

Excursion Will Celebrate the Second Anniversary of "Let's Move!"

WASHINGTON – On February 9, 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama will kick off a three day, nation-wide tour celebrating the second anniversary of Let’s Move!, her initiative to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation. 

Since launching Let’s Move! on February 9, 2010, significant progress has been made to solve the problem of childhood obesity. Parents, businesses, educators, elected officials, members of the military, chefs, physicians, athletes, childcare providers, community and faith leaders and kids themselves have made substantial commitments to improve the health of our nation’s children. 

Through working together with Let’s Move!, these groups have provided children with healthier food and greater opportunities for physical activity in schools and communities, helped get families the information they need to make healthier decisions, supported a healthy start in early childhood, and have worked to ensure more people have access to healthy, affordable food.  

The Let’s Move! tour will highlight examples of people making changes across the country, from a single family to an entire state. 

The First Lady will make stops in Des Moines, Iowa; Little Rock, Arkansas; Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas; and Homestead, Longwood and Orlando, Florida.

A fact sheet on a few of the many accomplishments of Let’s Move! is attached and can be found HERE.

British Prime Minister to Visit U.S.

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Statement from the Press Secretary

President Obama and the First Lady will welcome Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and his wife, Samantha Cameron, to the White House for an Official Visit with a State Dinner on March 13-14, 2012. 

The visit will highlight the fundamental importance of the U.S.-UK special relationship and the depth of the friendship between the American people and the people of the United Kingdom, as well as the strong personal bond that has developed between the two leaders and their families.  

It will also be an opportunity to recall the valor and sacrifice of the U.S. and British armed forces and their long tradition of standing shoulder-to-shoulder beside each other in defense of our liberties and shared values.  The visit will underscore the strength of our economic links, which contribute to millions of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.  

The Prime Minister’s visit will reciprocate the gracious hospitality shown to the President and Mrs. Obama by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, and the British people during the State Visit that was hosted by Queen Elizabeth II in May 2011. 

During the visit, the President and the Prime Minister are expected to discuss the upcoming NATO and G-8 summits, as well as the broad array of global issues on which the United States and the United Kingdom cooperate closely in order to advance our common values and shared interests, including: Afghanistan, the Middle East, Iran, human rights, and global economic stability and growth.  They will also review progress in the implementation of the various initiatives launched during the President’s State Visit to the UK last year.

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Krueger: 'We Need to Extend the Payroll Tax Cut...'

Statement on the Employment Situation in January

WASHINGTON, DC – Alan B. Krueger, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, issued the following statement today on the employment situation in January.   

Today’s employment report provides further evidence that the economy is continuing to heal from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. It is critical that we continue the economic policies that are helping us to dig our way out of the deep hole that was caused by the recession that began at the end of 2007. Most importantly, we need to extend the payroll tax cut and continue to provide emergency unemployment benefits through the end of this year, and take the additional steps that President Obama proposed in his State of the Union address to create an economy built to last.

The unemployment rate fell 0.2 percentage point to 8.3%, from a high of 10% in October 2009. The drop in unemployment over the month was entirely due to employment growth, as the labor force participation rate remained constant, once new population weights are taken into account. The unemployment rate has fallen by 0.8 percentage point in the last 12 months. Private sector payrolls increased by 257,000 jobs and overall payroll employment rose by 243,000 jobs in January. Despite adverse shocks that have created headwinds for economic growth, the economy has added private sector jobs for 23 straight months, for a total of 3.7 million payroll jobs over that period. In the last 12 months, 2.2 million private sector jobs were added on net. Nonetheless, we need faster growth to put more Americans back to work.

Sectors with net job increases in December included professional and business services (+70,000), manufacturing (+50,000), leisure and hospitality (+44,000), health care and social assistance (+29,700), and construction (+21,000). Government lost 14,000 jobs.

The monthly employment and unemployment numbers can be volatile, and employment estimates can be subject to substantial revision. Therefore, as the Administration always stresses, it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report; nevertheless, the trend in job market indicators over recent months is an encouraging sign.

Newsy Now: Latest Headlines

Extreme cold in Europe; former Khmer Rouge official sentenced to life; Senate passes insider trading bill; historic gold collection burglarized.

By Harumendhah Helmy
Anchor: Jim Flink
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Bernanke Warns Federal Lawmakers Against Radical Spending

Bernanke spoke out today about his plan to keep interest rates near zero for the next three years.

By Meredith Baldwin
Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
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War of Words Heats Up Between Author and Turkish P.M.

American novelist Paul Auster takes on Turkey's Prime Minister over press freedom.

By Xiaonan Wang
Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
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Honda Owner Wins Big In Small Claims

A Honda owner sued the automaker in small claims court and won.

By Brian Lewis
Anchor: Christian Bryant
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Benjamin Netanyahu Elected Leader of Right Wing Likud Party

Early leadership ballot has signaled Israel's 2012 challenges -- the American presidential elections and peace talks with Palestinians.

By Kevin Dubouis
Anchor: Lauren Gores
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

'Such Attacks Are a Violation of International Law...'

Southern Kordofan area

Press Secretary on Aerial Bombardments in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States

The United States strongly condemns the bombing by the Sudanese Armed Forces of civilian populations in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States in Sudan. Aerial attacks on civilian targets are unjustified and unacceptable.  Such attacks are a violation of international law and compound the ongoing crisis in these areas. 

We continue to be deeply concerned by the ongoing fighting and lack of humanitarian access in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States in Sudan, which is causing tremendous human suffering, death, and displacement. In particular, we urge the Sudanese government to grant immediate and unconditional humanitarian access to civilian populations in need in these areas.  

More than 500,000 people are affected by this conflict, and without humanitarian access by March, the situation in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile will reach Stage 4 of a humanitarian emergency, one step short of full-scale famine. We believe that this conflict can only be resolved by dialogue, not through violence, and we encourage all parties to negotiate a peaceful settlement. 

Image courtesy of   Sudan location map.svg by NordNordWest 

White House Briefs

President Obama Speaks at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast

'Joining Forces Community Challenge' Finalists Announced

Winners Announced This Spring, Tom Brokaw and J.R. Martinez Part of Judging Panel 

WASHINGTON—First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden today announced 20 finalists as part of the Joining Forces Community Challenge, an effort to recognize and celebrate citizens, communities, and organizations who have demonstrated a deep commitment to service by improving the lives of military families and veterans. 

The First Lady and Dr. Biden are inspired by the outstanding work of all the submissions and hope that celebrating them will encourage others to follow their lead and continue to raise awareness about the military family experience.

Since the launch of the Community Challenge last July, hundreds of submissions were received in three months, all of which captured innovative ways Americans have stepped up to show their gratitude and support for our military families.

The 20 finalists are profiled at  The public is encouraged to participate in this Challenge by voting for their favorite submission to be the People’s Choice Winner, which will be announced onMarch 16, 2012. 

Five additional winners will be chosen with input from a panel of distinguished judges, including: Tom Brokaw, NBC News Special Correspondent and author of five bestsellers including The Greatest Generation; J.R. Martinez, Iraq war veteran, motivational speaker and winner of season 13 of Dancing with the Stars; Sloan D. Gibson, President and CEO, United Service Organizations (USO); Julian Castro – Mayor of San Antonio, one of the nation’s largest military communities; and Deanie Dempsey, military family advocate and wife of General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This Spring, the First Lady and Dr. Biden will honor the 20 Joining Forces Community Challenge finalists at the White House where the five winners will be announced.

“Jill and I have asked organizations large and small to direct some of their efforts toward our troops and their families, and today we’re thrilled to congratulate 20 groups who are doing just that,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. 

“These organizations are doing what they do best: providing financial assistance for scholarships and child care, working to build self-esteem in military teens, offering free photo sessions for military families, and so much more.  Creative ideas like these can be replicated in communities all across the country, and we can’t wait to see what Americans come up with next.”

“As Second Lady, I have had the tremendous honor of visiting with service members and military families and learning about the many acts of kindness taking place all across the country in their communities to support them,” added Dr. Jill Biden.

“All of the submissions for the Joining Forces Community Challenge demonstrate exactly the spirit of service and dedication we see everywhere we go.  We hope that the great work of these organizations inspire more Americans to take on similar efforts to support military families in their own communities.”

The First Lady and Dr. Biden launched Joining Forces last year as a way to encourage all Americans to support our troops and serve our nation’s military families. For more information and to find opportunities to serve, go

The 20 Joining Forces Community Challenge finalists include:

The foundation invests in military veterans and spouses nationwide by granting scholarships through the Tillman Military Scholars program. The scholarship funds cover tuition, fees as well as other related costs, including housing and child care. In 2002, Pat Tillman put his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals on hold in order to serve his country. Started by Pat Tillman’s friends and family after his death in 2004 while serving in Afghanistan, the foundation has provided more than $2.2 million in financial support.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling BDUs (a “Battle Dress Uniform” worn by members of the armed forces) was founded by two California teenagers whose fathers had deployed to Afghanistan. Realizing how important that sisterly support was, the young girls created this organization to support military girls, particularly those 13 to 18 years of age, who experience the deployment of a parent. The project aims to create a network of social bonds between military girls to build self-esteem, encourage leadership and increase community support.

Rebuild Hope, Menlo Park, CA
Rebuild Hope provides services to veterans and caregivers to help with their transition back to civilian life. The organization provides financial assistance, counseling and referrals to organizations that offer pro bono care to veterans and caregivers in a variety of areas, including legal, mental health, and debt management.

New Directions, Los Angeles, CA
New Directions provides comprehensive services to homeless and disabled veterans, including substance abuse treatment, counseling and job training in Los Angeles County, home to the nation’s largest homeless military veterans population. The organization serves more than 600 veterans each year.

The Soldiers Project-Sacramento provides free psychological services for active duty military, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as their family members. The Soldiers Project-Sacramento is an all-volunteer group of about 40 licensed clinicians who have provided more than 500 hours of free, individual treatment since the beginning of 2011.
Project Sanctuary, Parker, CO
In an effort to decrease military veteran suicide rates and the effects of deployment on children, Project Sanctuary was created to provide recreational activities in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to help military families reconnect following deployments. Follow-up support beyond the retreat is also provided and includes support to families with housing, job placement and veterans’ assistance.
Birdies for the BravePonte Vedra Beach, FL  
Birdies for the Brave is a military outreach initiative supported by the PGA TOUR and corporate partners to raise funds for military homefront groups that provide programs and services for wounded warriors and military families. Birdies for the Brave was originally created by TOUR player Phil Mickelson and his wife, Amy, to support troops injured during combat.
The Landings Military Family Relief Fund was created by a group of Red Cross Volunteers living in The Landings to provide financial support to military families during every day emergencies when a family member is deployed. The financial assistance is administered through the Red Cross.
Operation Homelink, Chicago, IL
To connect deployed service members to their families, Operation Homelink provides refurbished computers to spouses or parents of deployed troops. The organization has provided more than 2,500 computers nationwide and is expanding to include laptop donations to wounded warriors.
Give an Hour, Bethesda, MD
Give an Hour, founded by a Washington D.C.-based psychologist, aims to develop a national network of volunteer providers to respond to acute and chronic societal conditions. Their current focus is on mental health services for military service members, their families and people in communities affected by Iraq and Afghanistan.

Luke's Wings, Rockville, MD
Luke’s Wings supports the families of wounded warriors through airplane tickets and travel arrangements to the families of the service members. The nationwide organization may also partner with local hotels or other activities nearby for the family to access for the duration of the wounded warriors’ recovery. Co-founder Sarah Wingfield, a then-Washington Redskins football team ambassador, helped start the organization after meeting “Luke,” a wounded warrior who was recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Brides Across America, Georgetown, MA
Brides Across America is a national charitable organization that provides wedding gowns to qualified military brides. Founder Heidi Janson wanted to ensure those serving our nation could have the wedding they deserve. Since its founding in 2007, more than 5,000 wedding gowns have been donated to support troops and their families.
Defending the Blue Line works to ensure that children of military members have access to participate in hockey, through free equipment, hockey camps, special events and financial assistance toward association and other hockey-related costs. Founded by two Minnesota National Guard members in 2009, more than $500,000 has benefited military families across the United States.

GreenCare for Troops, New Prague, MN
GreenCare for Troops was established by a wounded warrior who, after surviving an almost deadly attack, pledged to dedicate his life to improving the lives of veterans.  This project was created to provide free lawn and landscape services for military families nationwide. The nationwide program is coordinated by Project EverGreen that connects local green industry professionals with military families.

The Armed Forces Service Center is a 24-7 “all free” lounge staffed by volunteers at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, for active-duty military personnel, their dependents, activated reservists and national guardsmen, and other members of the uniformed services. The Center was founded in 1970 by Maggie Purdum after her son was killed in action in Vietnam as appreciation for all who have served.
Trees for Troops, Chesterfield, MO
Trees for Troops provides thousands of military families in the United States and overseas with Christmas trees. The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, working with its partner FedEx, has delivered more than 100,000 trees through the Trees for Troops program since beginning in 2005.
Canines for Veterans, Wilmington, NC
Through its program – Canines for Veterans – Canines for Service has provided highly-skilled service dogs for wounded warriors. Launched in 2008, the national program works with military prisoners at the Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston who train rescue dogs as service dogs for wounded and injured veterans.
Hearts Apart, Wilmington, NC
Hearts Apart provides soon-to-be deployed service members with a professional photo session with their spouses and children to keep families connected while military families are separated. Photographs are waterproof and printed on durable cards that fit in a uniform pocket.
City of Richfield, Utah
The city of Richfield, Utah, has supported its local Army National Guard Unit through four deployments since Sept. 11, 2001. A resource guide provided to military families as family member’s deployed, a city utility abatement program for the duration of a deployment and a community covenant that details the commitment the city will make toward its service members and their families are some of the programs and services provided.
Our Family for Families First Foundation supports military families pursuing higher education by supporting children of military service members through scholarships and military spouses through grants and assistance identifying educational opportunities. 

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STOCK Act Passed by the Senate

Statement by the President

In my State of the Union Address, I laid out a blueprint for an economy built to last, where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules – especially those of us who have been sent here to serve the American people.

Last week, I called on Congress to pass a bill that makes clear that Members of Congress may not engage in insider trading.  No one should be able to trade stocks based on nonpublic information gleaned on Capitol Hill. So I’m pleased the Senate took bipartisan action to pass the STOCK Act. I urge the House of Representatives to pass this bill, and I will sign it right away. 

And while this is an important step to rebuild the trust between Washington and the American people, there is much more work to be done, like prohibiting elected officials from owning stocks in industries they impact, and prohibiting people who bundle campaign contributions for Congress from lobbying Congress, an idea that has bipartisan support outside of Washington.  These are straightforward proposals that will help eliminate the corrosive influence of money in politics.

Rose and Shea Nominated for US District Court

Obama: "I Am Grateful for Their Willingness to Serve..."

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Obama nominated Stephanie Marie Rose and Michael P. Shea to serve on the United States District Court.

"These individuals have demonstrated the talent, expertise, and fair-mindedness Americans expect and deserve from their judicial system," said President Obama. 

"I am grateful for their willingness to serve and confident that they will apply the law with the utmost impartiality and integrity."

Stephanie Marie Rose, nominee for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, currently serves as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, a position she has held since 2009. 

Prior to her confirmation by the Senate, Rose spent over twelve years working in the same office as an Assistant United States Attorney, serving as Deputy Criminal Chief from 2008 to 2009. 

During her tenure in the United States Attorney’s Office, she has investigated and prosecuted more than 800 federal criminal cases.

She has also done pro bono work as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children and as a volunteer lawyer representing domestic violence victims. 

Rose received her B.A. in 1994 and her J.D. in 1996, both from the University of Iowa.

Michael P. Shea, nominee for the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, has been a partner at the law firm of Day Pitney LLP in Hartford, Connecticut since 2003, where he has represented individuals, non-profits, and corporations in a broad range of civil and criminal cases.

Shea currently serves as Chair of the firm’s Appellate Practice Group and has argued nineteen civil and criminal appeals in both state and federal courts. 

Prior to joining Day Pitney as an associate in 1998, Shea worked as an associate at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP in both its Washington, D.C. and Brussels offices. 

Shea began his legal career as a law clerk to the Honorable James Buckley of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1993 to 1994. 

He received his J.D. in 1993 from Yale Law School and his B.A. summa cum laude in 1989 from Amherst College.

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President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness to Hold Session

Event Will Highlight the Importance of Science Education

WASHINGTON, DC – On Friday, February 3rd, the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness will hold a Listening and Action Session in Seattle, WA. The Jobs Council, in partnership with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, will discuss ways businesses and organizations like NASA can enhance educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics beyond the classroom to develop a competitive and innovative workforce.

President Obama formed the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in January of 2011 for the purpose of bolstering the United States economy by fostering job creation, innovation, growth, and competitiveness as the country enters a new phase of economic recovery.  

This session is the next in a series of regional Council Listening and Action Sessions that are taking place around the country as a result of the President’s challenge that the Council bring new voices to the table and ensure that everyone can participate and inform the Council’s work and recommendations. 

The meeting will take place as part of the Business Higher Education Forum (BHEF). BHEF is composed of Fortune 500 CEOs, prominent college and university presidents and is dedicated to advancing innovative solutions to U.S. education and workforce challenges.

Forum participants include the following: Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator; Darlene Miller, President and CEO of Permac Industries, and Member, President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness; Don Graves, Executive Director, President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness; Brad Smith, General Counsel, Microsoft; John Vechey, Co-Founder, PopCap Games and Vice President & Studio Franchise Director, EA; and Nicolas J. Hanauer, Partner, Second Avenue Partners.

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$82 Million in Construction Contracts Available for Minority/Women-Owned Businesses

Contracts Part of $373 Million CUNY Project in Harlem

Construction contracts, estimated at $82 million, will be available for New York Minority—and Women—Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) as part of the $373 million CUNY Advanced Science Research Center project. The Governor's MWBE Team, which is tasked with removing barriers that have historically limited MWBE participation in state contracting, worked to ensure equal opportunities for MWBE firms on this project. 

The CUNY center is located at 133rd street and Convent Avenue in Harlem. 

"I have repeatedly stressed my commitment to expanding opportunities for minority businesses," Governor Cuomo said.
"These contracts will bolster minority businesses and allow them to prosper, create more jobs and better compete in New York's economy. I commend the members of the MWBE Team for their hard work."

These contracts are part of the final phase of the CUNY project, which is worth approximately $373 million, which includes approximately $82 million in contracts for New York State certified MWBE firms. 

The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY), which has set a goal of 22 percent MWBE utilization for the project, provided tax-exempt financing for the CUNY project.

The following comments were provided regarding the contracts and the significant impact they would have on the city. 

"Governor Cuomo knows a more competitive economy means more economic opportunity for New Yorkers. By awarding $82 million in contracts Governor Cuomo is once again demonstrating his extraordinary commitment to expanding opportunities for minority and women businesses." - William Thompson, MWBE Team Chair

"There's nothing more powerful than the opportunity to meet face to face with decision makers when a business owner is looking for opportunities to grow. Events like this one today help continue the important strides achieved at the annual New York State MWBE Forum. Initiatives like this will continue to highlight the robust market of available MWBE firms capable of competing for state projects. Their engagement in competitive bidding processes helps to ensure the economic vitality of our state. I believe it's one of the key elements in DASNY's successful record of MWBE utilization." - DASNY President Paul T. Williams, Jr.

"Under Governor Cuomo's leadership, New York is providing minority and women-owned businesses with the tools they need to grow. The $82 million in contracts will help break down barriers so minority and women entrepreneurs have access to the resources they need to invest, expand and create new jobs." - Empire State Development President, CEO, & Commissioner Kenneth Adams

"The CUNY Advanced Science Research complex being built on The City College of New York campus is destined to play an important role in Harlem's economic future. By consistently working to connect minority—and women owned businesses to this project, Governor Cuomo and Skanska remind us how important diversity and community involvement are to the project's success." - Lisa S. Coico, President, The City College of New York

"Skanska has a long history of working with the local contracting community to ensure that businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to work on our projects. At the CUNY Advanced Science Research project, approximately one quarter of the contract value will be performed by minority- and women- owned businesses. And with the help of events like this, we expect not only to meet state MWBE requirements, but we also expect to exceed them, as we have on many of our projects in New York." - William Flemming, President of Skanska USA Building, construction manager for CUNY's Advanced Science Research Center
Like the annual New York State MWBE Forum, the Governor's office and the MBWE Team held a business showcase today to provide an invaluable networking opportunity for business owners to showcase their skills and allow prime contractors and state decision makers to visit a wide variety of MWBE exhibits.

Over 100 prime contractors and decision makers registered to connect with local MWBE firms during the showcase event to gain a better understanding of the MWBEs areas of expertise and learn how they can work with these businesses on this and other projects.

Empire State Development (ESD), the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY), the City University of New York (CUNY), City College of New York (CCNY), New York City Department of Small Business Services and Skanska USA were among the co-sponsors of the business showcase.