Friday, January 8, 2010

Jay Leno vs. "The Legacy"

NBC Could Make Comic Scapegoat in "Tonight Show" Demise

The following is an open letter to legendary comedian Jay Leno:

Dear Mr. Leno,

I hate to say it, but I knew this experiment was doomed right from the start. The G-Man had a gut feeling that ‘The Jay Leno Show” would bomb simply because NBC programming execs can’t seem to do anything right. They figured it would be a good idea to air the show a few months after you handed the reigns of “The Tonight Show” to Conan O’Brien. It amounted to nothing more than an exercise in futility, and it’s because of decisions like this that NBC’s ratings are in the toilet with yesterday’s lunch.

My “G-Fans” know me as a straight-shooter, and given the fact that you work in an industry overrun with backstabbers, bullies and bullshitters, I’m sure you will appreciate a little hardcore honesty. Please listen up because the proceeding paragraphs are extremely important. Hopefully, they will help you form a decision about not only your legacy, but Johnny Carson’s as well.

The G-Man was rooting for you, and I really wanted the show to succeed. I’m sure the majority of your fans did, too. Unfortunately, what you, Kevin Eubanks and the writing team gave us was “The Tonight Show Lite”, and many are still reeling from the bitter aftertaste. You did have your moments, like the powerful interview segment with Kanye West, but it apparently became an uphill battle from that point on. The deal was done, and the NBC “suits” probably didn’t want you to deviate from the show’s format. Your hands were tied, but the viewers’ thumbs were squarely placed on the remote.

NBC hasn’t confirmed anything regarding your show, Conan O’Brien’s future, or the rumors that are circulating in Hollywood and on the Internet. The only thing they’ve said is that no decisions or announcements will be made until after the Winter Olympics in February. One rumor says that NBC is planning to move your show to the 11:30 time slot. If that happens the network will be placing you in a really jacked up position. Mr. Leno, if you accept the offer, you will technically alter "The Tonight Show’s" history, time slot and following. Is that something you would really welcome?

UPDATE: January 10, Pasadena, California - Yahoo News has reported that NBC Universal Television Entertainment Chairman Jeff Gaspin said Sunday that Leno's nightly prime-time show will end with the beginning of the Winter Olympics on Feb. 12.

I’m sorry, but ratings don’t lie. Conan O’Brien sucks in the current time slot, and if NBC pushes the show back an hour in favor of your show, I guarantee you that no one is going to stay up past 12:05 to watch a pale imitation of the Tonight Show! In America, you don’t mess with tradition. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s a major reason why you ride Harleys, right? I really don’t know you, but I suspect you would not want to destroy Johnny Carson's legacy and would respectfully decline such an offer from NBC. In my honest opinion, that would be the right thing to do.

I just don’t’ understand the suits over at NBC. I really don’t, Mr. Leno. Even with David Letterman’s parading penis problems, he is still managing to kick Conan O’Brien’s ass in the battle for late night supremacy. If execs were really serious about reclaiming their Tonight Show fan base and number one ranking, there’s a very simple way to do it. If I were the head of NBC, I would take a page out of the master’s playbook, Johnny Carson, and rotate the host Monday through Friday. For example, Monday: Billy Crystal, Tuesday: Robin Williams, Wednesday: Whoopi Goldberg, Thursday: Jerry Seinfeld, Friday: Eddie Murphy.... ect. Show a little courage and innovation, and get rid of the idea of having a regular host.

If NBC moves "The Tonight Show....with Conan O'Brien" to a 12:05 time slot, it could signal the end of an American institution...and Johnny Carson's legacy.

The ratings could also be kicked up a notch by rotating actors - Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson or Denzel Washington - and musicians – Queen Latifah, Lady Gaga or the Jonas Brothers. I would imagine scores of big-name celebrities would jump at the chance to host. Here's the best part. It could be set up in a way that the public and the entertainment industry would never know who the host would be from one night to the next! It would be a complete surprise, and that would be the big hook to make people tune in each night. A move like this would likely expand the show’s creative boundaries, its demographic and completely revamp the show for a new generation.

Now, if you reach out to certain celebrities and they bitch about “pitching in” to help maintain the legacy, especially the ones that Carson introduced to America, then NBC could step in and remind them that they wouldn’t have a damn career were it not for the Tonight Show. Period! Doing the show this way would also ensure that there is a little something for everyone, instead of shoving Conan O'Brien’s brand of comedy and entertainment down America's throat. For the record, I think O'Brien is an extremely gifted writer and comedian, but the ratings have proven that his brand of schtick just doesn't work with the general public. If he truly cares about the Tonight Show and Carson’s legacy, he’d put pride and ego aside and do what’s right for the show and NBC if ratings continue to tank. You don’t force a dog to walk if its hind legs are severely broken.

Mr. Leno, I’m just a journalist/writer with a little blog that’s trying to obtain a larger fan base and creative writing opportunities. I don’t expect the suits at NBC or anyone in the entertainment industry to listen to me or take this article seriously, but they will listen to you. Therefore, I urge you to consider all that I have stated in this letter. Don’t allow yourself to be guinea pig in another failed experiment. Instead, cut a nice “walk-away” deal with the network to end your show and help save an American institution by becoming an adviser or creative consultant for NBC. If anyone is capable of giving the Tonight Show one hell of a surge in the ratings, it’s you. That’s why Carson picked you in the first place.

This letter is from the heart…and…From The G-Man.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

EA Sports Prez Makes Right Call

Peter Moore, President of Electronic Arts (EA) Sports

Company Stands By Tiger Woods & New Game

It seems that at least one Tiger Woods sponsor agrees with The G-Man. In recent weeks, a number of corporate sponsors ran or distanced themselves from the golfing legend because of his admitted infidelity. I blasted them in a previous article, Tiger Woods: Protecting an Endangered Species, and explained why they were wrong to dump Woods in such an abrupt and callous fashion. Well, Peter Moore, President of Electronic Arts (EA Sports), has publicly announced that the company has decided to support Tiger Woods by moving forward with plans to release its new PGA Tour Online game, which prominently displays Woods’ name and image.

Moore issued the following comment on the company’s blog on January 4. “Our relationship with Tiger has always been rooted in golf. We didn't form a relationship with him so that he could act as an arm's length endorser. Far from it. We chose to partner with Tiger in 1997 because we saw him as the world's best, most talented and exciting golfer." Without question, Moore is a brilliant businessman whose balls are as big as his bank account.

Moore and the members of his Board of Directors took one hell of a risk in deciding to stick by Woods, and they all get major kudos from The G-Man for doing so. They placed the focus squarely on his athletic abilities and phenomenal contribution to the sport of golf. Brilliant decision! The sniveling cowards over at Accenture, AT&T and Proctor and Gamble sucked down that Jim Jones-media Kool-Aid, succumbed to the fear and ignorance that was generated within the New York Stock Exchange, and turned their back on man that also has an outstanding charitable record. Asshole decision! These guys couldn’t find their balls if they were carrying them in their briefcases.

Quite frankly, I hope the dorks choke on the Kool-Aid and their decision. They all will be very, very sorry. Remember this, folks. They pissed on Vanessa Williams’ Miss America crown when racy Penthouse photos of her surfaced back in 1984. She lost the crown and a number of potentially lucrative endorsements, but she rebounded from all the controversy and went on to earn Grammy, Emmy and Tony nominations. Mark my words. Tiger Woods will give an interview at some point, tee-off on all those who left him for dead, and eventually reclaim his status as a beloved humanitarian and the greatest golfer on the globe!

In closing, I just want to say something to many, not all, of the dickhead news directors at the major cable and network stations. Tiger Woods gets caught dipping his sand wedge in the grassy knoll and you provide 24-hour coverage; including interviews with the no-good, gold-digging she-devils that decided to come forward after all this time. Famed actor Charlie Sheen pulls a gun on his wife, threatens to “shoot the bitch” and it gets as much coverage as Regis Philbin in Atlantic City on New Year’s Eve!

What the hell is wrong with you ass-clowns? Oh, my bad! I just figured it out. Getting ass on the side takes precedence over extreme violence against women. Nice! They actually give you people journalism awards for this shit, too? I guess Sheen would’ve had to actually kill his wife in order to get as much coverage, if not more, as Tiger Woods got. Am I right? Don’t bother answering. I wouldn’t want to disturb you from mixing up some more of that nasty ass Kool-Aid that you’ve become so fond of.

This commentary was from the heart.....and…. From The G-Man.

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