Monday, February 14, 2011

Ventura/Paul Would Pose Serious Threat in 2012!

Tea Party/Independent Voter Support for "Patriot Ticket"
Would Change Everything

As you all know, there have been a series of earth-shattering, life-altering developments since President Barack Obama took office: from the BP disaster to an unprecedented number of home foreclosures. However, nothing has shaken the country to its core more than intense voter outrage and the emergence of the Tea Party.

As illustrated in the 2010 midterm elections, newly-bred Tea Party-backed candidates are no longer to be taken lightly. Having won seats in the House of Representatives and Senate, as a result of extreme discontent with the political leadership in Washington, D.C., the Tea Party is poised to upset the establishment on an even greater level heading into the 2012 elections.

Jesse Ventura knows a thing or two about upsetting the establishment. In 1998, Ventura ran as a Reform Party candidate in the Minnesota governor's race. No one took the former U.S. Navy Seal, pro-wrestler and actor seriously, including the mainstream media and elected officials. Ventura's victory shocked the nation and proved that a third party candidate was capable of defeating an incumbent. Ventura served as governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. He became a member of the Independence Party in 2003.

Over the course of his political career, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has become the bane of the Republican Party's existence. Whether he's attacking his own colleagues, big government, wasteful spending or calling for the abolishment of the Federal Reserve, Paul has remained vigilant in his quest to be heard and transform government.

The "Pit Bull of the House"- Congressman Ron Paul

With two Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll victories over big name candidates in the last two years, voters apparently have an admiration, appreciation and respect for Paul that is immeasurable. Unfortunately, many of his colleagues and the mainstream media don't take him seriously.

In my view, Paul has always been regarded as the crazy uncle at the dinner table that constantly blurts out conspiracy theories or weird statements like, “Bruce Springsteen has a crooked ass!” He makes no sense to many in his own party, and a good number of them probably wish he would just go away or shut up. For the record, I don't think the man is insane. On the contrary, he's crazy like a fox.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, the former Minnesota governor hosts a show of the same name. The show has become a ratings juggernaut for the TruTV network, but Ventura and “Conspiracy Theory” angered members of the Obama administration and elected officials -- most notably Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) -- after airing an investigative piece on FEMA (detention) camps and fusion centers that are being set up all over the country under the national security bill H.R. 645. The episode is riveting and well-produced.

Ventura and his camera crew confronted Cohen about the controversial bill, and the Congressman wasn't even aware of what was in the very bill he sponsored! It was one of the most embarrassing -- for Congressman Cohen -- and powerful moments in television history. Ventura and the show's producers must have been on to something big. A few weeks later, the federal government ordered TrueTV to remove the episode, as well as a few others, and never air it again. For now, the episode can still be viewed on YouTube. According to show producers, it's still unclear if the mega-hit show will return next season on TruTV.

Venture has always said the main reason he decided to host Conspiracy Theory was because he wanted to shed light on the nefarious secrets and practices the United States government has withheld over the years and let the public decide if action, be it political or social, was warranted. Similarly, through his words and deeds, Congressman Paul has sought to accomplish the same goal throughout his political career.

Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul are kindred spirits. Ventura has publicly stated that he loves his country, but he doesn't love his government. Hundreds of thousands of Tea Party members have made the same declaration, and I have no doubt that Congressman Paul, whom I call the “pit bull of the House”, feels the same way.

Both men pull no punches and tell it like it is. Both men continue to denounce questionable legislation and policies enacted by the two-party system, and both men have always defended civil liberty and held government accountable. Ventura served his country honorably as a Navy Seal, and Paul has won the CPAC straw poll for the second year in a row. Needless to say, these men are considered true patriots by many in the country.

Ventura and Paul also share the sentiments of many good Americans within the Tea Party. Thus, a Ventura/Paul ticket in 2012 would be extremely attractive to voters that are completely fed up and seeking a real alternative to the Democratic and Republican Party. If Tea Party and Independent voters decided to back the "patriot ticket", coupled with a surge in Democratic voter support, the political landscape and system would undoubtedly change forever....and possibly for the good.

This commentary is from the heart and.....From The G-Man.

For those interested, here is part one of the "Conspiracy Theory" episode that was pulled from the TruTV network.

Jesse Ventura photo source:
Cory Barnes

Author: Cory Barnes
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Congressman Ron Paul photo source:
Author: United States Congress
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