Friday, January 22, 2010

'From The G-Man' Internet Show Debuts

In this no-holds-barred exclusive, Brucker reveals the "dark side" of comedy, her bout with alcohol and the constant fighting that takes place between many top female comedians.

April Brucker: The Superfox of Stand-Up

This is the moment all of my G-Fans have been waiting for. The premiere of my new Internet show, "From The G-Man", is here! It is an extension of my popular news and media blog. I would appreciate it if you all could put some time aside to check it out, share your thoughts, and forward it to as many people as possible to help me get exposure for it.

The G-Man's very first special guest is the multi-talented and controversial stand-up comedian April Brucker. The interview will certainly make many people, in and outside the world of comedy and entertainment, sit up and take notice. Brucker pulls no punches when discussing her previous bout with alcohol and prescription drugs, in-fighting between female comedians, the "dark side" of comedy, the Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno/NBC debacle, “safe comedians” Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld, and the late, great shock comedy legends Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison.

This is one powerful episode you won't want to miss. Keep in mind that it was my very first show, so I was a little nervous and unsure of myself. I'm certain I'll get better with each show. This never would've been possible without the love and support of my growing fan base. I experienced a great deal of pain and angst in 2009, but I'm getting ready to write the biggest comeback story of 2010! Trust me on that. (Smiles)

Here’s the link to the show:

Enjoy, folks!!!

Photo credit: Sam Girgis

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How the 'Democraps' Killed Camelot

The late, great "Lion of the Senate", Senator Ted Kennedy

Party In-Fighting & Brown Victory Destroyed Kennedy Legacy

Hey, America? Do you hear that? Listen carefully. If The G-Man isn’t mistaken, that sound you hear is the late Senator Ted Kennedy crying in his grave! The man known and loved as “The Lion of the Senate” has very good reason to cry. The voters of Massachusetts, the very state Kennedy and his legendary family have become synonymous with, have loudly rejected the agenda and policies of President Barack Obama and his party by electing Scott Brown, a rising star in the “Republicon” fold who will likely share the ticket with Sarah Palin in the 2012 presidential election.

The “Democraps” have no one to blame but themselves for this monumental defeat, and they ought to be deeply, deeply ashamed and embarrassed! They practically handed Kennedy’s senate seat to Brown after President Barack Obama and party members reneged on numerous campaign pledges and attempted to ram the health care bill down the throats of those who vehemently opposed it. The fact that constant political in-fighting was taking place only made matters worse. The final straw came when stalwart politicians, such as Senator Chris Dodd, decided to bail on the administration one after the other. In my opinion, Dodd’s decision to haul ass was a clear indication to many Massachusetts voters that the Obama administration was in serious trouble and that Democraps were not unified in any sense of the word.

I’m finally beginning to understand why the symbol for Democraps is a jackass. They are the stupidest group of people on the face of the earth! I mean, really! How else could you explain screwing up a colossal opportunity that was handed to them by voters in 2008? The election of President Barack Obama was unprecedented on a number of levels. The election unified the country. Well, if you don’t include those fools in the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation. The country, as well as many of our allies, had renewed hope after Bush, Cheney and the hawks were exorcised from the White House. Having the First Family on the covers of Ebony, Essence and Jet magazine confirmed that black is beautiful. It even got to the point where dogs and cats put their differences aside to compete on “Dancing with the Stars”. Folks, it was a beautiful and monumental period in time.

Now, thanks to sheer stupidity, indecisiveness, numerous political missteps and inept leadership on the part of Democraps across the board, the moral conviction and legacy of one of American’s greatest liberal politicians has been completely vanquished. Many lifelong Kennedy supporters are feeling the pain now, but no one is feeling it more than the President of the United States. The G-Man is guaranteeing it. He can downplay the Brown victory all he wants by stating, “We can’t win them all”, but I’m certain President Obama said and felt something entirely different behind closed doors as the First Lady consoled him on the night of the election.

As many of you know, Senator Ted Kennedy was of Irish decent. There is a very interesting correlation between my declaration - Kennedy is crying in his grave - and the legendary banshee. In Irish folklore, a banshee is described as follows: a spirit in the form of a wailing woman who appears to or is heard by members of a family as a sign that one of them is about to die. Well, with Republicons snatching key victories in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts, the late senator may also be wailing because the upcoming mid-term elections could mark the death of the political family he has loved and symbolized for over 40 years.

The commentary is from the heart.....and.....From The G-Man.

Ted Kennedy Photo Source: Ted_Kennedy,_official_photo_portrait.jpg

Author: Ted_Kennedy,_official_photo_portrait.jpg: United States Senate

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