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'Byron De La Beckwith Told Me He Killed Medgar Evers'

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In Memory of Medgar Evers
(July 2, 1925 - June 12, 1963)


'Reformed Racist' Targeted for Death After Revealing
Ku Klux Klan and White Nationalists Secrets
By Gary Glennell Toms

If they were organizations or individuals with white racist views, Scott Shepherd was closely associated with them. Shepherd, who spent the early part of his life in Mississippi and Texas, attended college in Mississippi and Georgia. After graduating, he relocated to Memphis, Tennessee; where he was introduced to the white nationalist movement and went on to obtain a high-ranking leadership position within a number of white nationalist organizations.

Shepherd was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan and served as Imperial Wizard, Grand Wizard, and national leader of the Omerta Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. His other affiliations included the National Association for the Advancement of White People and The European-American Unity Rights Organization, both founded by former Louisiana Congressman and Klansman David Duke. In effort to teach what he described as "uneducated" whites about the movement, Shepherd created The National White Rights Association and The White Rights Organization.

The Mississippi native also had connections to "pro-white" organizations in South Africa and other countries. These connections included extremist and anti-government groups. Some were labeled militia or mercenary groups and were considered paramilitary, such as The Civilian Material Assistance Group (CMA), an anti-government and anti-Communist organization with operations in Central America.

Shepherd was a candidate for state representative and governor in the state of Tennessee in the late 80's and early 90's and proudly campaigned as a white nationalist.

Today, Scott Shepherd has a very different view on race in America and has chosen to speak out against the white nationalist movement and other racist organizations he loved and supported. The man who spent the majority of his life vehemently campaigning for racial separation has become an advocate for racial harmony...and the recipient of numerous death threats from individuals and organizations associated with the white nationalist movement. Despite the threats to his life, he is determined to prevent others, especially young people, from falling victim to the propaganda and recruitment tactics used by the white nationalist movement and other racist groups.

This exclusive interview was conducted on November 16, 2013.

CORRECTION: I stated in this episode that former Klansman David Duke was governor of Louisiana, but Duke actually served in the House of Representatives. I knew this, but for some strange reason I said governor while recording the opening segment.

Scott Shepherd photos courtesy of Scott Shepherd

After Barr Ordered FBI to 'Identify Criminal Organizers, Activists Were Intimidated at Home and at Work


“I’ve never had any run-ins with the cops before. I’ve never been to jail and have no criminal record, so when the FBI showed up to my workplace, it scared the piss out of me,” says Katy, a 22-year-old who works for a custodial services company in Cookeville, a small college town in middle Tennessee. “I really thought I was going to lose my job. The whole experience was terrifying.”

Moved by the video of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Katy — who requested she only be identified by her first name — and a friend had created a Facebook event for a Black Lives Matter rally in Cookeville’s public square on Saturday, June 6. She soon connected with several other Cookeville locals who wanted to help with planning the event, and enthusiasm grew as word of the rally spread.

“I’ve never organized a rally before, I was just winging it,” Katy said. “I didn’t expect a lot of people to show up, but overnight 600 people had RSVP’d on Facebook.”

Counter-protesters organized their own Facebook group, Protect Cookeville Against Looters, which quickly swelled to over 1,000 members. Some of the members of this group determined that Katy was the main organizer of the upcoming rally and began posting her personal information and making violent threats.

“The event for the rally had been up for about four days when we started getting death threats,” Katy said. “It was too much. I was overwhelmed.”

Katy eventually backed out of the rally — and a group of local high school students took over planning — but she had already gotten the attention of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, or JTTF, a federally coordinated network of local law enforcement officers who work under the direction of the FBI to gather intelligence about terrorist threats.

On June 4, agents turned up unannounced at Katy’s work, pulling her off the job and into a large truck in the gravel parking lot to question her about her connections to the upcoming rally and to antifa — the loose anti-fascist movement recently labeled as a terrorist organization by President Donald Trump. Katy had never heard of them. 

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Source: The Intercept_

CDC Posts Long-Awaited Tips for Minimizing Everyday Risk

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Source: Associated Press

‘Overwhelming’: Georgia Poll Worker Describes Voting Chaos

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Source: Associated Press

Angela Davis Slams Trump Rally in Tulsa, Massacre Site, on Juneteenth Celebration of End of Slavery

Vice President Mike Pence Listens to Faith Leaders in Pittsburgh

New Coronavirus Hotspots Emerge as State Cases Spike Amid Reopening

The Breonna Taylor Killing: Louisville Officials Pass Law Banning 'No-Knock' Warrants

Black Women Mayors - a Conversation with Members of the Exclusive Sorority

40% of Black-Owned Businesses Not Expected to Survive Pandemic, Research Suggests

This report was published on YouTube on June 11.

Why is the US Targeting the International Criminal Court?

COVID-19 in Africa: Virus Spreading from Urban to Rural Areas

UN Expresses 'Horror' at Reported Mass Graves in Libya

UK Economy Shrinks 20%: Official Figures Reveal Full Effect of Covid-19 Lockdown

Italy's Conte Questioned: Prosecutors Grill PM Over Handling of Covid-19 Pandemic

Meeting Syrian Doctors on the Covid-19 Frontline in France

Lights, Camera, Action! French Film Industry Adapting to the New Normal

Assad Shake-Up: PM's Sacking Comes Amid Wave of Protests in Loyalist Areas

FRANCE 24 English: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on June 11 sacked his prime minister of four years, Imad Khamis, as the country grappled with a stinging economic crisis and renewed protests. FRANCE 24's Robert Parsons tells us more.

Racism Surging in Germany: Government to Launch Study Probing Racism Among Police

JCPA to Host Special Webinar with NAACP President Derrick Johnson

 June 16, 2:00 PM (EST)

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA): We are living through a momentous time in the United States as diverse Americans have come together to call for an end to systematic racism. This is the most significant conversation our country has had on racism since the 1960s. What are the priority issues for the Black community? What is the role of the Jewish community? What does a new partnership between Blacks and Jews look like? These are some of the topics that will be discussed with NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson and our moderator Melanie Roth Gorelick.

Johnson formerly served as vice chairman of the NAACP National Board of Directors as well as state president for the Mississippi State Conference NAACP. Mr. Johnson is a veteran activist who has dedicated his career to defending the rights and improving the lives of Mississippians. 

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Governor Cuomo Holds Briefing

Coverage begins at the 3:45 mark.

Mayor de Blasio Holds Media Availabilty

Nursing Homes Have Liability Shield in Pandemic

Protests Upend Mayor’s Race, and Eyes Turn to Jumaane Williams

The New York Times: New York City’s public advocate has become a champion to many of the protesters, raising hopes that he may run for mayor next year.

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How a Virus Triage Tent Became a Serene Oasis for Health Care Workers

The New York Times: A former Covid-19 triage tent outside a Manhattan hospital offers health care workers a chance to de-stress, using music and aromatherapy.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Loretta Lynch to Advise New York Attorney General in Probe of NYPD Clashes with Protesters

NBC News: New York Attorney General Letitia James will publish a report on the New York Police Department's conduct during the demonstrations in the coming weeks.

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Gen. Charles Brown: The First Black Service Chief in the U.S. Military

NAACP President on George Floyd's Death: 'We Are at a Juncture in This Country'

House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Racial Profiling and Police Brutality

Team Trump Launches Email Poll on His Performance (Fill It Out!)

This is Your Chance to Tell Him Exactly How You Feel

The following, which is quite interesting, was submitted today to the From The G-Man office.

Let’s make something known: your President will never stop FIGHTING to put America First with every decision that he makes.
While the Left is wasting your time and taxpayer dollars by trying to implement their BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST agenda, President Trump has never stopped delivering on his promises to the American People:
  • Two of the world’s top terrorist leaders have been eliminated
  • The Wall is being FINISHED
  • A record number of conservative judges have been appointed to federal courts
  • America is respected on the World Stage again
The President knows the Do Nothing Democrats and the Fake News media won’t ever tell the facts about him and his Administration, and that’s why he wants to know what a few respected grassroots leaders, like YOU, think.
He asked us to personally reach out to a small group of his most loyal supporters, like you, to take our Official Trump Approval Poll.

YOUR answers will represent the views of EVERY voter who lives in your area.

Leaked Call: Trump’s Task Force Warns Governors of COVID Spike Tied to Protests

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South African Crisis: Gender Based Violence and the Brutal Murder of Tshegofatso Pule

Fault Lines: Anti-Semitism in America (A Special Report)

WHO Warns Covid-19 Crisis is 'Far from Over'

Families of Italy Virus Victims Seek 'Truth and Justice'

High Covid-19 Toll in Canada's Care Homes Highlights Wider Problem

'Systemic Racism is Real, and it is Here': Black Toronto Police Officer Reflects on Protests, Reform

'Coping Circles' to Provide Free Tele-Health Support and Resilience Groups

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) today announced the implementation of “Coping Circles” a first-in-the-nation program facilitated by the NYS Office of Mental Health to provide free six-week support and resilience group therapy sessions, held by video or phone and facilitated by licensed mental health professionals.

OMH Commissioner Dr. Ann Sullivan said, “There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has made life more difficult. Coping Circles will help us ensure that New Yorkers who are struggling at this difficult time can receive the support and assistance they need.  I am deeply grateful to all the Mental Health professionals who have answered Governor Cuomo’s call to help provide free services to New Yorkers seeking help.”

New Yorkers interested in joining Coping Circles, and mental health practitioners interested in becoming facilitators, can register at NY.Gov/CopingCircles.  Coping Circles is available to all New Yorkers, ages 18 and older, in a range of languages and at various times during the day. Specialized Circles will be available for healthcare workers and first responders, survivors of COVID-19 infection, those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19, and those who have experienced job loss due to COVID-19.   Coping Circles will be available between June 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020.

In-person group therapy sessions are simply not possible in the midst of a pandemic.  Coping Circles will provide home-based support and resilience tele-group sessions to help people who are feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic and want to discuss and share their feelings.

During the early days of the pandemic, Governor Cuomo asked medical and mental health professionals to volunteer to serve New Yorkers in need. More than 14,000 mental health professional volunteers responded. This group was surveyed to find volunteers who are properly licensed to provide independent professional mental health services in NYS, familiar with tele-services, and willing to provide services free-of-charge.

To date, more than 750 professionals have met the standards and have indicated interest in taking full responsibility for one or more Circles (6 weeks of 60-minute groups) free of charge, resulting in 1,200 possible Circles.

New Yorkers interested in participating in Coping Circles can access a website hosted by OMH on the secure and HIPAA-compliant Redcap server. Prospective participants will be asked to identify:
  • Their preference for a video or phone group,
  • Their preferred language;
  • Their availability, and
  • Whether they qualify for one of the specialized Coping Circles, which will be opened if enough participants indicate interest: Healthcare Worker or First Responder, Job Loss due to COVID-19, Survivor of COVID-19 Infection, Loss of a Loved One to COVID-19
Once six individuals have signed up for a particular Coping Circle, OMH will forward their contact information to a facilitator.  Facilitators will participate in a short Coping Circles Orientation webinar designed by experts from the Office of Mental Health and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. The webinar will include an overview of the psychological fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, goals of Coping Circles, principles of support and resilience, psychoeducation, safety, and cultural sensitivity.

The New York State Office of Mental Health

Governor Cuomo Makes an Announcement

Mayor de Blasio Holds Media Availability