Friday, July 19, 2019

Funeral-Home Intern Helps Give Veteran Fitting Final Farewell

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This report was published on YouTube on July 18. 

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Tom Cruise Surprises Fans with 'Top Gun: Maverick' Trailer

Sisters Share Their Joy of Reading, Live on Social Media

This report was published on YouTube on July 17.

Inside 'The Lion King,' the Making of the Groundbreaking New Movie

This report was published on YouTube on July 17. 

ABC News: Filmmakers and stars from the 1994 film, musical and new movie, from Beyonce, to Donald Glover to Jon Favreau, discuss how the story came to be the global phenomenon it is today.

Creed Front Man Scott Stapp Talks Overcoming Addiction, Mental Health Issues

This report was published on YouTube on July 16.

Group of Friends Give Homeless Man Their Extra Ticket to Red Sox Game

Pizzeria Puts Missing Pet Flyers on Pizza Boxes

This report was published on YouTube on July 18.

CBS News: A pizza shop owner in Matawan, New Jersey, was inspired to help pet owners reunite with their lost animals, so he's putting missing pet flyers on all of his pizza boxes. If it worked on milk cartons, why not pizza boxes?

Priest Pays Coal Miners' Bills After Company Files for Bankruptcy

This report was published on YouTube on July 17.

NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray Surprises USWNT's Allie Long

This report was published on YouTube on July 16. 

CBS News: USWNT midfielder Allie Long's key to New York City was stolen from a hotel room in Los Angeles last week. During an exclusive interview on CBS Sports' “We Need To Talk," NYC first lady Chirlane McCray had a surprise for Long.

Man Once in Foster Care Becomes Foster Parent at 20 and Adopts Three Sons

This report was published on YouTube on July 16.

Ursula von der Leyen: First Woman to Hold EU's Top Job

This report was published on YouTube on July 17.

Wrestling for Change: Fighting a Way of Life in Dagestan

This report was published on YouTube on July 16.

Remembering Johnny Clegg, the 'White Zulu'

This report was published on YouTube on July 18.

Colourful River Festival Marks the Beginning of Buddhist Lent in Thailand

This report was published on YouTube on July 16.

Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Remembers Historic Mission

This report was published on YouTube on July 16.

Global News: Former Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, Charlie Duke of mission control, astronaut and engineer Rusty Schweickart and flight director Gerry Griffin are expected to speak about the historic mission in Florida. 

The Top Cop in 1802 Has a Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson in the N.Y.P.D.

Jacob Hays was high constable. His descendant, Benjamin Singleton, crunches crime statistics at Police Headquarters.

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Source: The New York Times 

Why Beyoncé Is a Fan of These Teenage Singers From Brooklyn

The acclaimed Brooklyn Youth Chorus collaborates with cutting-edge composers and has become a resource for popular musicians.

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Source: The New York Times 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

U.S. Braces for Record-Breaking Heat Wave

House Passes Bill to Raise Federal Minimum Wage

Statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo

"Like New York State did in 2016, today the House of Representatives voted to stand with hardworking families and advance economic justice by passing the $15 minimum wage for all Americans. New York lead the nation by enacting a $15 minimum wage and last year we enacted a $19 minimum wage for airport workers because we believe in a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. This fight has always been about stepping up to make a real different in the lives of hardworking families, and I applaud Speaker Pelosi for her leadership and all the members of the New York Congressional delegation who voted for this critically important measure. Now it's time for the Senate to demonstrate they care about the dignity and respect of hardworking people too. Pass the bill now." 

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

The Epstein-Barr Virus and Donald J. Trump


The Epstein-Barr virus, first of all, is the cause of an infectious disease, mononucleosis, which is (interestingly enough in light of what this column is principally about) called the "kissing disease." Its primary symptoms are: fatigue, fever, lack of appetite, rash, sore throat , swollen glands in the neck, and weakness and sore muscles. While in this column we are dealing with a different kind of Epstein-Barr virus, one of the political sort (credit here must go to one of my Twitter mates, JoeInWVa, for identifying it as such [although unfortunately I cannot find the link to that particular cartoon]) some of the symptoms are the same. That is if you broaden the diagnosis to include Sick-of-Trump-and-Barr Syndrome.  

But let's look at some of the particularly noticeable socio-political outcomes so far of the Jeff Epstein/Bill Barr virus that has suddenly burst on the scene, not necessarily in order of importance. 

The law firm of Kirkland-Ellis in Chicago is central. It is the world's highest-grossing law firm. It was Bill Barr's firm for a while, although not during the period when it obtained the sweetheart deal for Steve Epstein in Florida. That's why Barr at first recused himself (announcing it to the press) on one day, then quickly un-recused himself the next day (announcing through a DOJ spokesperson). One can just imagine the call from Trump that led to the second event (if that is indeed what happened). This is a clean webmagazine, so I won't conjure up the language Trump likely used. Of course, much more important than Trump's language in that hypothetical call, is why Barr un-recused himself, whether there was such a call or not. Couldn't have anything to do with being the President's lawyer rather than the U.S. Attorney General and what interest Trump might have in limiting the scope of the current case, could it?

The Epstein deal in Florida, arranged by the current Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta was illegal. If a plea deal is underway, the prosecutors by law are supposed to inform the complainants. They didn't and didn't respond to repeated "what's going on?" inquiries from some of them. Acosta's excuse was that "the times were different." Pardon me? How many African-Americans went to prison for rape back then, and much further back for the same sort, or even a lesser sort, of evidence? No, it was the person charged who was different.

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Lawmakers Call For A$AP Rocky’s Release....

Four lawmakers have called on the U.S. government to become involved in the case, citing “human rights violations” committed against the rapper.

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Source: The Huffington Post

The Power of the Pen: Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Signed Into Law in New York

Albany – Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) into law. This law establishes a mandate that moves all sectors of New York’s economy off of fossil fuels, thereby reducing climate pollution that impacts our health, environment, and economy.

Peter M. Iwanowicz, executive director of Environmental Advocates of New York, issued the following statement. 

“Today, New York begins its official breakup with fossil fuels. Under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, New York will both slash climate pollution and provide a playbook for the rest of the nation to follow.

"New York’s action is more than ambitious, it is essential, especially if we are going to have a chance to be free from the global climate crisis. And how fitting that the Empire State is once again leading the way.

"Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, and the CLCPA sponsors Assemblymember Steve Englebright and Senator Todd Kaminsky, deserve our thanks for their leadership and vision in moving New York ahead to a healthier future.”

Source: EANY

Kellyanne Conway’s Irish Ancestors Were the Enemy When Donald Trump’s Dad Was Arrested at a Klan Riot in 1927

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Source: The Intercept_

Homeland Security Head McAleenan Questioned Over Treatment of Migrants

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: The Lasting Impact of Landing on the Moon

Jeffrey Epstein Denied Bail in Sex Trafficking Case

CBS News: A federal judge in New York ruled that wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein must remain behind bars until trial on charges of sexually abusing numerous teen girls. CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman joins CBSN with more on the breaking news.

FaceApp Raises Privacy and Security Concerns

WHO Sounds Global Alarm Over DR Congo Ebola Outbreak

'El Chapo' Verdict: Mexican Drug Lord Sentenced to Life in US Prison

European Commission President: MEPs Narrowly Elect Ursula von der Leyen

China's Challenge: Trade War Takes Toll on Economic Growth

US Blocks Turkey from NATO's Fighter Jet Programme After Russian Missile Purchase

Major Players in Italian Crime Family Taken Down in Massive Bust in Ontario

Global News: York Regional Police revealed details on the massive bust of an alleged traditional organized crime network that netted more than $35 million in cash and assets. Police said a crime family known as the Figliomeni’s have allegedly been operating for more than three decades in Italy, Vaughan and across the GTA laundering millions of dollars.

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Justin Trudeau Holds Joint Press Conference with Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker

Global News: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a joint news conference with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker after hosting the two leaders for a two-day visit.

Jon Stewart Rips Rand Paul's 'Virtue Signaling' in Blocking 9/11 Victim Fund

This report was published on YouTube on July 17. 

Fox News: A bill to ensure funding for the health care of Sept. 11 first responders is being held up in the Senate by Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee; reaction from TV personality and advocate Jon Stewart and 9/11 first responder John Feal.

Governor Cuomo Signs Farm Workers Bill

This video was published on YouTube on July 17. 

New York City - Governor Cuomo signs the Farm Workers Bill, which establishes the Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act to protect farm worker rights and ensure equitable housing and working conditions.

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Mayor de Blasio Holds Press Conference on Extreme Heat

This video was published on YouTube on July 17.

US Women's National Soccer Team Presented with with Keys to New York City

This video was published on YouTube on July 17.

How an Impenetrable M.T.A. Overhaul Could Actually Affect Your Subway Ride

Sure, it’s no beach read. But the 37-page report on reorganizing the transit agency could have a big impact. 

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Source: The New York Times 

Mt. Vernon Has 2 Mayors and a Police Chief Arrested by His Own Officers

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Source: The New York Times