Friday, February 22, 2019

It's 'Feel Good Friday' on From The G-Man (A Series of Special Posts)

Dads Do Their Daughters Hair Compilation

Given the fact that many mainstream news outlets report that fathers of color don't play active roles in the lives of their children, From The G-Man decided to post this video to not only enlighten them, but to shut them the hell up. This is just one of the advantages I have of being the creator and managing editor of this news and information site, and I love it!

It's "Feel Good Friday", so scroll down to view other heartwarming and humorous posts. 

You and your loved ones be safe... and be well. 


Golden State Warriors Players Discuss Athletes Taking a Stand in 'Bigger Than Basketball'

Golden State Warriors: Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston sit down with BAYCAT to discuss the platform athletes have to speak on and change social issues.

Make-A-Wish: Madison's Wish to Be an Inventor

Make-A-Wish America: Madison is a quick-witted young girl who is destined for success. At nine years old, she has already built her own functional cardboard ATM, vending machine, and cash register. She loves to create and invent using any materials she can find in her home. That's why, when thinking about her one true wish, Madison knew exactly what she wanted: to be an inventor. 

Special thanks to the faculty and staff at Singularity University for helping to make Madison's wish come true!

The Most Awkward Moments In Political History

This video was published on YouTube on August 7, 2013.

The Military Loves to Dance: 'Everybody Dance Now' by C+C Music Factory

This video was published on YouTube on January 8, 2016. 

Source: roedhunt

Women In Science Encourage Young Girls: 'You Belong in the STEM Fields'

This video was published on YouTube on March 1, 2017. 

Source: Fast Company

Funny 'Kids In Love' Compilation

This video was published on YouTube on February 14.

St. Martin de Porres Students Perform 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'

This video was published on YouTube on February 13. 

The students sang the song in celebration of Black History Month. From The G-Man applauds the students on their performance. Keep up the great work!

A Song for the Soul: 'Black History' Rap by Run-DMC

This video was published on YouTube on August 25, 2012. 

Tyree OG Hoodsta: This is a rare and hard to find song by Run-DMC that was given away for FREE back in like 1984 that's why there are no copyrights associated with it. The Black Cultural Workshop (BCW) put the actual video together with the song.

Global News: Venezuela Aid Live Concert (Complete Coverage)

Richard Branson, Venezuela Aid Live Organizers Speak Ahead of Concert

Mom Running 1,000 Miles in All 50 States for Fallen Veterans

This report was published on YouTube on February 21.

College Student Blows Michael Buble Away with Her Rendition of 'At Last'

This report was published on YouTube on February 21.

Bystanders Rescue Woman Trapped in Burning Car

This report was published on YouTube on February 19.

Mayor de Blasio Hosts Black History Month Celebration American Museum of Natural History

This video was published on YouTube on February 19.

Cop Retiring After 25 Years Gives Final Call to Dispatcher Daughter

This video was published on YouTube in February 21.

Happening in Harlem: 'Race, Music, Film + VR' at The Apollo

Source: ImageNation

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

'USA TODAY' Investigation Finds Blatant Racism in 900 Yearbooks

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for the article.

Coast Guard Officer Plotted to Kill Top Dems, Journalists: Report

Town Hall with President Barack Obama and Steph Curry

The Obama Foundation: President Obama joins a town hall with Steph Curry and young men of color take the opportunity to ask questions about his upbringing, his advice and what he sees as necessary for young people to thrive in America. 

MBK Rising! is a national convening of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance in Oakland, California, that brings together hundreds of young men of color and leaders working to break down barriers that too often leave boys and young men of color at a disadvantage.

Jussie Smollett Officially a Suspect for Filing False Police Report: Police

JCPA's Civil Rights Mission Registration Deadline Extended

Click on the flier to increase its size.

Click here for additional information on the event.

Source: The Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Governor Cuomo Issues Open Letter Calling on Congress to Increase Funding for 9/11 Victims

Governor Andrew Cuomo today issued the following open letter to the Senate and the House of Representatives calling on them to immediately increase funding for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. On Friday, the head of the fund announced dramatic cuts in future payments to survivors in the face of increasing claims and diminishing funding.  

Dear Senators and Members of Congress,

In New York, we will never forget the pain and suffering wrought by the September 11 attacks, nor the heroes who stepped up that day and in the days, months, and years that followed in the service of others. And in New York, we have always banded together to support the victims of the September 11 attacks.

That's why we are especially concerned by the recent decision to drastically scale back federal payments to survivors still grappling with the health effects of the attacks.

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, fought for by the New York State Congressional delegation and first established in the wake of the attacks, was reopened in 2011 to provide for responders and individuals who experienced health problems related to 9/11. It is a testament to this nation's enduring commitment to those who were impacted by the attacks, and it should not be restricted or compromised.

The answer to diminishing funds is not to dilute payments to victims - it is to increase funding for all who need it and make the fund permanent. All are equally heroes to the nation, and all should be equally and fully funded.

I call on you to immediately take action to ensure full funding is available for all who need it. The American spirit is about taking care of those who answered the call, and it is our responsibility as a nation to support those who are suffering from the 9/11 attacks.

In New York, we will always stand with the victims of the 9/11 attacks. I will work with New York's delegation, the champions for this effort, to secure the funding that survivors deserve.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

Donald J. Blackface?

This alleged photo of  Donald Trump and who appears to be former wife Marla Maples was shared with From The G-Man (FTG) and is circulating on Facebook. FTG cautioned those on Facebook to be extremely careful about proclaiming this actually is Trump in blackface because it could have been altered through Photoshop or some other software. 

From The G-Man has not confirmed the photo's authenticity or origin, but the news and information site would like to pose one question to the Commander-in-Chief. Is this really you, Mr. President? Do tell.

Update: February 25, 11:37 AM (EST)

Last week, From The G-Man emailed representatives for Ms. Maples in effort to confirm the photo's authenticity. Provided the photo is genuine, Maples was also asked to explain the circumstances under which the photo was taken and whether or not she regrets appearing in the picture. There has been no response from White House officials or representatives for Maples. A follow-up email was sent today. The site will publish statements in their entirety if submitted.

New York Among States Selected to Pilot New National Rating System for Addiction Treatment Providers

The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) today announced that New York is one of five states selected to partner with Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending addiction, to develop and implement a rating system for addiction treatment programs. During the 24-month pilot program, OASAS will work with Shatterproof to align the rating system with ongoing initiatives in New York to improve the quality of addiction treatment by ensuring care is delivered using evidence-based best practices.

“We’re committed to continuing our efforts and partnerships to combat the opioid epidemic impacting communities across the state,” said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, co-chair of the NYS Heroin and Opioid Abuse Task Force. “This program with national nonprofit Shatterproof will implement a rating system for treatment programs and determine best practices to end addiction and help individuals on the road to recovery.”

“Although addiction can be a lifelong battle, recovery is possible with the appropriate treatment,” said OASAS Commissioner Arlene González-Sánchez. “This new rating system will help us to monitor the quality and effectiveness of our services to ensure that people obtain the same quality of care anywhere in the State.”

The Shatterproof Rating System pilot will launch in five states over two years with the goal of transforming the quality of addiction treatment based on eight core Principles of Care. They include: universal screening for substance use disorders (SUDs) across medical settings; rapid access to appropriate SUD care; personalized diagnosis, assessment and treatment; continuing long-term outpatient care; concurrent, coordinated care for physical and mental health; access to fully trained behavioral health professionals; access to FDA-approved medications; and access to non-medical recovery support services.

“The Shatterproof Rating System can help families better understand the quality of care their loved ones will receive from addiction treatment providers,” said Senator Pete Harckham, the Chairman of the New York State Senate’s Committee on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. “Since addiction treatment quality varies greatly, Shatterproof can be a useful tool for those seeking the vital help they need to make a difference in their recovery.”

“Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that can be treated with the same effectiveness as other illnesses when using evidence-based best practices,” said Gary Mendell, Founder and CEO of Shatterproof. “Tragically, though, the quality of care varies widely among addiction treatment programs and individuals looking for care can’t identify high-quality programs. It is time that a standard be set across all addiction treatment, and that the entire system aligns behind evidence-based care ”

New Yorkers struggling with an addiction, or whose loved ones are struggling, can find help and hope by calling the state’s toll-free, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week HOPEline at 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369) or by texting HOPENY (Short Code 467369).

Available addiction treatment including crisis/detox, inpatient, community residence, or outpatient care can be found using the NYS OASAS Treatment Availability Dashboard at or through the NYS OASAS website to learn more about the warning signs of addiction, review information on how to get help, and access resources on how to facilitate conversations with loved ones and communities about addiction.

For tools to use in talking to a young person about preventing alcohol or drug use, visit the state’s Talk2Prevent website

Source: OASAS

Barack Obama, Stephen Curry and John Legend Kick Off 'My Brother's Keeper Rising'

Global News: Former U.S. President Barack Obama, Warriors star Stephen Curry, and musician John Legend kicked off #MBKRising in Oakland, California on February 19, where "a celebration to mark the progress we've made for boys and young men of color," according to organizers, took place.

Trump's 'Hypocritical' Nuclear Sale to Saudi Arabia

Venezuelans Forced to Seek Basic Medical Care in Brazil

Oil Discovery Brings Corruption to the Fore in Senegal Election

Russia's Putin Threatens to Target U.S. If It Deploys Missiles in Europe

Global News: Russian President Vladimir Putin took a swipe at America's "destructive" politics of "exceptionalism" and during his annual speech to parliament in Moscow on Wednesday. 

Russia will respond to any deployment of intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe by targeting not only the countries where those missiles are stationed but the United States itself, Vladimir Putin also said in his speech.

Trudeau Dodges Question on SNC-Lavalin Public Inquiry, Calls for ‘Airing’ on Issue

Can a Republican Win a Citywide Race in N.Y.? Maybe, With Amazon’s Help

Click here for details. 

Source: The New York Times

After New York City’s War With Amazon, Uber Could Be Next

Click here for details.

Source: The New York Times

Case of 'Zombie Deer Disease' Confirmed in New York State

Click here for details. 

Source: CBS 6 WRGB Albany

The Funeral for Detective Brian Simonsen (Full Coverage)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Alabama Newspaper Publisher Calls on KKK to Get the Ropes and ‘Clean Up D.C.’

By Ed Mazza

An Alabama newspaper published an editorial calling “for the Ku Klux Klan to night ride again.” 

The editorial in the Democrat-Reporter newspaper in Linden, Alabama, said the KKK “would be welcome to raid the gated communities up there,” apparently referring to where Democrats and “Democrats in the Republican Party” live in and around Washington, D.C.

The editorial blamed both for “plotting to raise taxes in Alabama.”

Goodloe Sutton, the newspaper’s publisher, told the Montgomery Advertiser that he wrote the editorial. 

He was unapologetic. 

“If we could get the Klan to go up there and clean out D.C., we’d all been better off,” he told the newspaper. “We’ll get the hemp ropes out, loop them over a tall limb and hang all of them.” 

Click here for the full article. 

Source: The Huffington Post

Are You One of the 380,000 Taxpayers Missing Out on Billions in Tax Credits?

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance today reminded New York State taxpayers to check their eligibility for earned income tax credits (EITCs). As some of the most valuable tax credits, EITCs can significantly reduce the amount of taxes owed or provide a substantial refund to low- or middle-income workers and families.

EITCs are refundable federal, New York State, and New York City credits for working taxpayers. For tax year 2018, the maximum total of federal, state, and New York City EITCs is $8,682 (for a family with three children). Income eligibility requirements are shown in the chart attached.

“As its name implies, you’ve earned this potentially substantial cash windfall by working,” said Acting Commissioner Nonie Manion, “so please review your eligibility and claim the credit you’re due.”

In tax year 2016, almost 1.8 million New Yorkers received the federal EITC. When the federal, New York State, and New York City benefits were combined, the benefit to working families and individuals was more than $5.2 billion, with an average benefit of almost $2,950 per household.

To view regional EITC data, visit Earned Income Tax Credits: Tax year 2016 Data.

Check eligibility requirements each year

Each year, thousands of New Yorkers qualify for the EITC for the first time as their filing status or personal financial situation changes. The IRS estimates that nearly 380,000 eligible New Yorkers fail to claim these valuable credits.

In addition to the specific income requirements, taxpayers must meet other criteria such as:earn wages from employment or self-employment; have a valid Social Security number; have a qualifying child living with them for more than half the year, or, if they don’t have a qualifying child, be at least 25 years of age and under age 65; and have investment income of less than $3,500.

Taxpayers must also file a tax return, even if they don’t owe any tax or aren’t otherwise required to file. Those eligible who prepare their returns electronically will be automatically prompted to claim this credit and others. Those who were eligible in previous years, but didn’t claim the credit, may still be able to submit an amended income tax return for up to three years.

The Tax Department also reminded those ineligible for EITC benefits to look for other possible tax credits that they might be eligible to claim, such as the child and dependent care credit.

Noncustodial parent earned income tax credit

In 2006, New York State became the first state in the nation to enact a noncustodial parent EITC. The refundable credit is one of the many ways the state encourages low-income noncustodial parents to work and stay current with their child support payments.

In 2016, almost 5,200 taxpayers claimed the noncustodial parent EITC, totaling almost $2.6 million in taxpayer benefits.

Visit the following for additional information.

Federal Earned Income Tax Credit
New York State Earned Income Tax Credit
Recordkeeping suggestions for self-employed persons
Source: The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

Governor Cuomo Unveils 2019 Women’s Justice Agenda

Earlier today, Secretary to the Governor and Chair of the New York State Council on Women and Girls Melissa DeRosa, joined by Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and actress and advocate Julianne Moore, unveiled the 2019 Women's Justice Agenda. 

This bold, comprehensive set of proposals builds on the success of Governor Cuomo's 2018 women's accomplishments to improve reproductive, economic and social justice for all New York women. 

The full 2019 Women's Justice Agenda is available here

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Michael Flynn Pushed to Share Nuclear Tech with Saudis, Report Says

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Source: Associated Press

Chicago Tribune Columnist Clarence Page Discusses News of the Day

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Daryl Kimball on the Upcoming U.S.-North Korea Summit

C-SPAN: Arms Control Association’s Daryl Kimball previews next week’s U.S.-North Korea summit and the future of the INF Treaty between the United States and Russia.

This video may not play on certain browsers. Click here if you experience problems.

Roger Stone Ordered to Appear in Court After Instagram Post of Judge with Crosshairs

Note: From The G-Man published an editorial on February 18 urging Judge Amy Berman Jackson to hold Stone accountable for his actions. 

Vatican Prepares for Summit on Sexual Abuse Within Catholic Church

How to Cope with Wall Street's Volatile Markets

Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Run: Extended CBS News Interview

CBS News: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says he will run again for the Democratic nomination. In this extended conversation with "CBS This Morning" co-host John Dickerson, Sanders discusses taking another shot at the presidency and why he believes this campaign will succeed. He also discusses foreign policy, retail giant Amazon, and the bombshell claims made by former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Sunday's "60 Minutes."

Virginia Official Accuser Demands a Public Hearing

Iraq's New Battle: Fighting Youth Unemployment

Pakistan-India Tensions: Pakistan's FM Asks UN to Intervene

Trump Warns Venezuelan Military to Abandon Maduro or 'Lose Everything'

‘No Control’: Senegalese Youths Exposed to Radical Islamist Teachings

Monday, February 18, 2019

Why Judge Amy Berman Jackson Must Hold Roger Stone Accountable for Crosshairs Instagram Post

The following was published on BuzzFeed News by Ryan Mac and Zoe Tillman. 

Roger Stone, a longtime Republican operative and adviser to President Donald Trump who was charged with lying to Congress, posted a photo Monday on Instagram of a judge presiding over his case in which she appears to be next to a crosshairs symbol.

The post comes days after the judge, US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, rejected Stone's effort to get his case reassigned to a new judge.

Click here for the full article.  

From The G-Man is publishing the following report for the benefit of Judge Berman Jackson and judges at the federal, state and local level across the country. 

Blogger Hal Turner Convicted of Threatening Judges

Ah the joys of blogging -- the informal style gives bloggers the ability to comment on virtually anything. But virtually anything still means that the laws of the physical world apply to the cyber world. Case in point: right-wing blogger Hal Turner has recently been convicted of threatening judges based on some inflammatory blog posts he made on his blog.

The offensive post was in response to a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that upheld a gun ban in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois. Not happy with the ruling by federal judges Richard Bauer, Frank Easterbrook, and Richard Posner, Turner took to his blog, writing: "The tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots. Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges must die. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty," reports MSNBC. Turner also posted the judges' personal phone numbers and addresses.

The self-proclaimed "Conservative Internet Shock Jock" faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine for his cyber threat. This case shows the tension between free speech and threats. Although Turner has a right to publically comment on the ruling, he took his first amendment privileges too far by commenting on the rulers themselves. More than just fighting words, the threat against federal judges coupled with providing contact information was enough to seal the conviction in this case.

Whether online or in person, threatening language is not a form of protected speech. Unlike a verbal threat, comments made online are much easier to prove in a case like this because of the physical evidence of the statements. More alarming in this case were the number of comments posted by Turner's readers agreeing with his call for violence. Turner claims that his comments were part of a mission he was doing for the FBI. MSNBC adds the details behind his failed defense: Turner was acting as a paid informant by the FBI to find dangerous neo-Nazi and white-supremacist members of his audience for the government.

From The G-Man suspects Roger Stone was fully-aware of what he was doing when he published the judge's photo and crosshairs symbol on Instagram. It's called intent, and just because he decided to delete it means absolutely nothing. The fact that he issued a public apology is a clear indication that he knew what he did was wrong. Given the level of anger, bitterness and division in the country, incidents like the tragic shooting at the
Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, and his legion of rabid supporters, Stone's post must not and should not be taken lightly. Actions have consequences, and it's high time that Roger Stone, a man who acts as though he's untouchable, be taught a serious lesson on the dangerous and irresponsible use of social media.

9/11 Victim Compensation Fund is Running Out of Money

By Dominique Mosbergen

In a “devastating” blow to the victims of the 9/11 attacks and their families, the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund says it will be slashing its payouts to claimants by as much as 70 percent because of its rapidly depleting cash pool.

The $7.3 billion fund, which was established in 2011 to compensate victims impacted by toxic exposure at the sites of the 9/11 attacks, revealed Friday that it had just $2 billion left in its coffers. According to the fund’s administrator, Rupa Bhattacharyya, this amount will need to cover almost 20,000 currently pending claims, as well as thousands of additional claims expected to be filed before the expiration of the fund in December 2020.

To provide some perspective on how thinly spread the fund now is, Bhattacharyya noted in a statement that the VCF’s first $5 billion was divvied up between about 21,000 claims.

Because of the lack of resources, the fund said any pending claims filed before Feb. 1, 2019, would be paid out at 50 percent of their original value. Those received after this date will be paid at just 30 percent.

Bhattacharyya expressed deep regret that such reductions had to be made but said there had been no way for the fund to accurately predict how many claims it would receive.

She told NPR that the number of claims had sharply increased since 2015. She said the long latency period for some cancers may be a reason behind the surge.

Click here for the full article.

Source: The Huffington Post

Ivan Eland on Presidents' Use of Executive Power

C-SPAN: Independent Institute Senior Fellow Ivan Eland discusses President Trump’s use of executive power in the border wall debate and how presidents have used executive power in the past. 

This video may not play on certain browsers. Click here if you experience problems.

Melania Trump Unveils New Healing Garden at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

MIAMI, FL – First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Miami this morning to unveil the new “Morton and Linda Bouchard Healing Garden” at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. The healing garden will offer a place of comfort and reprieve for patients and their families. The First Lady also unveiled the new name of the “Esrick Dream Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Floor” which is also part of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.  

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is South Florida’s only licensed specialty hospital exclusively for children and is home to the largest pediatric teaching program in the southeastern United States. One of the fundamental pillars making up the First Lady’s Be Best initiative is the well-being of children.  The addition of the hospital’s new healing garden is a prime example of how to help nurture, support, and strengthen children currently fighting diseases.

“It is because of the generous donations of people like Morton and Linda Bouchard, or Steve and Kiki Esrick of the Dream Foundation, that hospitals can offer more care and comfort to children who are already battling to get well,” said First Lady Melania Trump. “Thank you to all the generous donors for supporting the hospital and thank you to Jack and Barbara Nicklaus for inviting me to be part of this special occasion. I hope the new garden brings renewed strength to each child that visits.”

Following her remarks, Mrs. Trump participated in a butterfly release with Barbara Nicklaus, a young patient and her twin sister.

Mrs. Trump visited with a few of the children currently patients on the Cardiac Intensive Care Floor before departing.  

Source: The Office of the First Lady

China Accuses US of Trying to Block Its Tech Development

Click here for details. 

Source: Associated Press

No Need for Shinzo Abe: Trump Already Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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Source: Reuters

How the Federal Government Undermines Prison Education


Aaron Kinzel grew up poor in Toledo, Ohio, and from an early age, he was pulled into a life of crime. He didn’t know his father, and his mother’s partners encouraged him to break into houses, sell drugs, and engage in various forms of violence. “I just grew up around a lot of bullshit,” he says. “I was really groomed to be a professional criminal.”

He was a teenager on probation in 1997 when he left the Midwest on an ill-fated road trip to Maine with his girlfriend. He was carrying drugs and a loaded gun when he was pulled over by a state trooper. With the officer standing outside his car window, Kinzel panicked. He pulled his weapon and fired at the officer, who fired a return shot into the air as he dropped to the ground. That prompted the trooper’s partner to unload: He fired 15 rounds from a 9 mm Beretta into Kinzel’s car. Amazingly, no one was injured — not even the state trooper. Kinzel’s shot had missed him completely. “It was miraculous,” he recalls.

After a high-speed chase and a night on the lam, Kinzel and his girlfriend were apprehended. Kinzel was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer and sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Behind bars, his life changed. He earned a GED while awaiting trial, and once in prison, that made him eligible to take college-level classes. He was encouraged to do so not only by the teachers working inside his Maine correctional institution, but also by the lifers he met there. “They were scholars,” he recalls. “They have just been reading for decades and had changed their lives.” They told Kinzel to eschew a life of violence and pursue an education. While still incarcerated, he scraped up enough money to take one for-credit college course. He was hooked. Once he was released, at age 28, Kinzel kept going. He got bachelor’s and master’s degrees and is currently working on a doctorate at the University of Michigan, Dearborn, where he also teaches classes in criminal justice. “I think about the dumb shit I did as a kid and think, God, night and day as compared to how I am now.”

Click here for the full article. 

Source: The Intercept_

Angela Davis Returns to Birmingham, Reflecting on Palestinian Rights and Fight for Freedom Everywhere

Jewish Activists Hold Solidarity Shabbat Defending Angela Davis in Birmingham and Across U.S.

U.K. Parliament Says Facebook Failed Users Over Personal Data

Additional $15 Million Available for New Yorkers Faced with a Heating Emergency

A total of $15 million in additional funding is available to help eligible New Yorkers heat their homes following a spate of severe weather over the past month. Starting Tuesday, February 19, households in danger of running out of heating fuel or having their utility service shut off may apply for a second emergency benefit through the Home Energy Assistance Program. 

In addition, Governor Cuomo announced the extension of the application period for both regular and emergency HEAP benefits until April 26.

"Families should not have to choose between heating their homes and paying for other essentials like food or medications," Governor Cuomo said. "With much of the state remaining in winter's icy grasp, the availability of this extra funding will help our most vulnerable New Yorkers stay warm and safe through the duration of the season. I encourage anyone who may need help paying their heating bills this winter to apply for assistance."

Households are ordinarily only eligible to receive one regular HEAP benefit each winter, and then one emergency HEAP benefit in the event of an energy crisis. Beginning Tuesday, households that have already received a regular and emergency benefit during this HEAP season will be able to apply for additional assistance if they are faced with the possibility of having a utility shut off or running out of heating fuel without the means to replenish it.

New York State's persistently cold temperatures and snowfall in recent weeks have been comparable to last winter - one of the coldest on record. The statewide demand for emergency HEAP benefits remains high, with more than 35,000 households seeking assistance so far this year.

Though temperatures remained seasonally mild to start the winter, a polar vortex plunged New York into a deep freeze in January, where temperatures in many areas of the state dipped below zero. Additionally, several winter storm systems brought significant accumulations of snow throughout the state, including a lake-effect band that set a daily snowfall record in Buffalo late last month.

The amount a household receives from HEAP depends on their income, household size and how the home is heated. A family of four can have a household income of up to $55,178 per year, or $4,598 per month, and still qualify for help. A household that heats with oil could receive more than $2,200 in total assistance this winter.

Overseen by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, HEAP is 100 percent federally funded. Applications for emergency HEAP are accepted at local departments of social services in person or by telephone. A list of offices by county can be found here.

New York State also provides other types of home energy support for low income families that can help them save energy, improve their home, and save money. EmPower New York, through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, provides no-cost energy efficiency solutions to nearly 135,000 income-eligible New Yorkers who either own or rent homes. More information is available here.

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Calls for Investigations After McCabe's Claims in '60 Minutes' Interview

New Allegation Surfaces That Jussie Smollett Staged His Own Attack: Source

This video was published on YouTube on February 17.

Coverage of Protests Opposing Trump's National Emergency Declaration

Warning: The coverage may contain language not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

'It Eats Holes in the Animals Brain': 'Zombie Deer Disease' Causing Stir in U.S. Midwest, SK, AB, QC

This video was published on YouTube on February 17.

Global News: Chronic Wasting Disease, now, better-known as 'Zombie Deer Disease' is making-headlines across the U.S. midwest. The first case was discovered in Colorado back in 1967. The deadly-disease has since spread to 23 other states and into the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Other known cases can be in Norway, Finland and South Korea.

Billionaire Richard Branson Announces Venezuelan Benefit Concert

This report was published on YouTube on February 15.

Federation of Black Canadians Demand Apology from Trudeau After Racial Profiling on Parliament Hill

This report was published on YouTube on February 15.

City Scoop: City's $92.2B Proposed Budget for FY2020, Education Council Elections, 50 Schools Join Bronx Plan

This video was published on YouTube on February 15.

New York City to Ban Discrimination Based on Hair

New guidelines out this week give legal recourse to individuals who have been harassed, punished or fired because of the style of their hair.

Click here for the full article.

Source: The New York Times

Rubén Díaz Makes Homophobic Remarks. Should He Be Expelled From the City Council?

Rubén Díaz Sr. has had a long history of making offensive remarks about homosexuals, and then ignoring calls to apologize or resign because of them.

Click here for the full article. 

Source: The New York Times 

Man Acquitted in Deadly Brooklyn Arson Fire Claims Fire Marshals and Detectives Coerced His Confession

Click here for details. 

Source: The New York Daily News

Health Care in New York: Long-Term Help for Family Caregivers Exists. It’s Just Really, Really Complicated to Get it.

By Roshan Abraham

In July of 2017, Ken Carlino’s 86-year-old mother stopped eating. She spent three days in the hospital, and lost 10 pounds, which left the already frail elder even weaker.

Carlino and is siblings saw that their mother’s savings were scant and that if she paid off her credit card debt she’d be eligible for Medicaid. After some reluctance, she agreed to pay down the debt and apply for Medicaid that August. Carlino sent in a request for the expedited program on her behalf.
She received a letter of approval two months later in late October of 2017.

“That’s when I started getting paid,”says Carlino, a consultant and former city employee in his mid 50’s who effectively became a full-time caretaker to his mother.

For family members who need long-term caregiving, programs like the state’s Paid Family Leave will not suffice. “In general, long-term care needs come up after some kind of trigger or illness,”says Maria Hunter, Director of the Public Benefits Unit at New York Legal Assistance Group.

Click here for the full article. 


Smashed Window at Brooklyn Synagogue Leads to Concerns About More Hate Crimes

By Tyler Pager

As the Sabbath entered the early morning hours on Saturday, about 15 people remained at the Chabad of Bushwick. Rabbi Menachem Heller, seated at the long dinner table, was talking to some of the congregants. His wife was feeding one of their children, as five others played in the storefront synagogue.

Then, around 2 a.m., the jubilant celebration was interrupted by a deafening sound.

Rabbi Heller grabbed his children and hid in a corner, unsure of what caused the noise. Then, he saw two faces peer through the broken storefront and scamper away. The glass window had been smashed, leaving a gaping hole.

The police said they were investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

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Source: The New York Times

Statement by Governor Andrew Cuomo

"I am deeply disturbed by the apparent attack on the Chabad of Bushwick Synagogue, where a window was smashed during the Sabbath. This act of hate is shocking and abhorrent, especially at a time of great division in this country. I am directing the State Police Hate Crimes Unit to assist the NYPD in their investigation into this disgusting act. 

"In New York, there is no place for anti-Semitism or hate of any kind. We will always stand with the Jewish community and we will never forget that the most powerful four letter word is not hate, it's love." 

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo