Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sarah Palin: America's Multimedia Whore

'Baby Trig' Will Suffer If Mom Remains in Media
Spotlight or Pursues Presidency

America, Sarah Palin has been “putting out’ to the mainstream media ever since Senator John McCain announced her as his running mate in 2008. Over the last two and a half years, Palin’s numerous speaking engagements, television appearances and projects, book deals and magazine articles have made her the most sought after and recognized woman in this country and abroad. That’s not an assumption; it’s a fact!

Yes, everyone in the male-dominated, national media is lusting after her. That’s the only reason why discussions about her looks and body continue to take place on national airwaves and networks. Wake up, people! If the offer or price is right, you can definitely get some “Half-Baked Alaska”. That's also a fact.

Palin has been labeled a king-maker by mainstream news pundits and become the media darling of America, but I have very serious concerns about how all of these external factors, including a possible bid for the White House, will affect her ability to raise her infant son, Trig, who has Down syndrome. I suspect there are millions of parents of special needs children out there that are just as concerned, and I think a national dialog should take place on the subject.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about the complexities of raising a special needs child. However, I do have close relationships with several parents that are raising children facing mental and/or physical challenges, and they all agree, unequivocally, that special needs children require a great deal of time and attention from and interaction with their parents, especially their mothers. With Trig being so young, they noted extended quality time with his mother is of crucial importance.

In all fairness, I did discover that some amazing breakthroughs have been made in educating and enhancing the lives of children afflicted with Down syndrome and other conditions. Today, many grow up and go on to lead happy and productive lives with the assistance of medical personnel, family and friends. That’s all good, but the crucial difference is the overwhelming majority of mothers of special needs children aren’t hinting at or planning a run for the presidency.

I’m sure the Palin clan and extended family are doing their best to make sure Trig receives all the attention and love he needs if “Momma Grizzly” chooses to pursue other interests. Still, with Palin emerging as a dominant force within the Tea Party and politics, and a real possibility of her obtaining the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, she is being pulled and tugged in many different directions, at many different times, by many different people.

If she decides to run in 2012, the situation will only get worse. She’ll be required to do research and have a firm grasp of the issues, travel the country, raise money, stump for candidates, engage in scores of debates and make various television appearances at a whirlwind pace. It will be ten-times worse than anything she did during the midterm elections. If this comes to pass, how the hell would Palin be able to enhance and nurture that loving mother and child bond that is vital to Trig’s development? Answer: she won't!

Todd Palin won’t be enough. Trig’s siblings won’t be enough. The grandparents and extended family won’t be enough. Sarah Palin gave birth to that boy, and she needs to put him before anyone or anything else. Period!

Now, I’m sure she knows this, but I suspect she's in too deep, financially and politically, to walk away from all the bullshit and madness, live in peace, and devote herself solely to Trig and her family. She's made her political bed and now has to lie in it. The question is.... will Trig suffer emotionally because of her current and potential endeavors?

Whether she realizes it or not, multimedia and politics have merged to become Palin’s pimp. They have exposed, marketed and promoted her for their financial and political gain, and like a young, inexperienced actress that has been seated on a Hollywood casting couch, she has allowed herself to become a willing participant in the metamorphosis from doe-eyed innocent to political/multimedia harlot. Ultimately, she'll end up used, abused and discarded like an old whore after the attraction and desire wane.

The GOP and the Tea Party, which have merged to become what I call “The Gotees”, and multimedia, are nothing more than "Johns” using Palin for their own selfish gain. They're banging her like a screen door caught in a hurricane, and Palin simply lays back, counts her cash, and waits for the next caller.

Like the stereotypical dumb blonde, no one takes her seriously or thinks she's qualified enough or tough enough to lead a country, let alone go toe-to-toe with terrorists or political hardliners in America or abroad. The Gotees and multimedia don’t give a shit about Palin, and I guarantee you they care even less about Trig. It's all about building their base, power, generating revenue and ratings.

If anyone truly had Trig's best interest at heart, Palin's friends, Gotee members, the media and the parents of special needs children would raise the issue more consistently. For the many that continue to draw her into bed, Palin is simply a means to an end. Sadly, she, as well as her family, is too blinded by money, power and the media porn spotlight to realize it. Pray for Trig, America. Pray for Trig.

This commentary is from the heart and....From The G-Man.

Photo source: David Shankbone

David Shankbone

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