Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Can’t Wait to Create Jobs

President Obama says that we can’t wait for Congress to take action to grow the economy and create jobs and highlights actions he took to help families refinance their mortgages, put veterans to work, and lower the cost of student loans.

Halloween at the White House

The White House gets a Halloween makeover in anticipation of trick-or-treaters to arrive at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the White House pastry kitchen prepares 4000 gift bags to be handed out by The President and The First Lady for Halloween.

Dog Miraculously Survived Gas Chamber

Daniel is a 5-year-old puppy who survived the gas chamber in Alabama.


By Newsy Staff
Anchor: Erica Coghill
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British Monarchy Ends Discrimination of Elder Sisters

Succession rules for the British throne were changed at a Commonwealth conference from eldest son to eldest child.

By Mikkel Noel Lanzky
Anchor: Erica Coghill
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Goalie Sports Mustache Mask to Raise Awareness For Cancer

Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller has a new mask for the month of November featuring photos of teammates with fake mustaches painted on.

By Austin Fax
Anchor: Jonah Javad
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House Passes Small Part of Obama's Jobs Plan

In a bout of bipartisanship, members of the House passed an element of the president's jobs bill repealing a withholding tax on government contractor.

By Victoria Craig
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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NATO Libya Mission to End

NATO plans on ending its NATO mission soon after killing former leader Moammar Gaddafi.

By Jonathan Ketz
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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Nayef Named Saudi's Next King

Prince Nayef, known as "ultra-conservative", has been named the new heir to the Saudi throne.

By Ruisha Qian
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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Friday, October 28, 2011

West Wing Week: 10/28/11 or "We Can't Wait"

President Obama Takes a Question on Euro Debt Deal

President Obama answers a question about the European debt agreement during a bilateral meeting with Prime Minster Petr Necas of the Czech Republic.

Blond Angel of Death Sentenced to Life

Alfredo Astiz was sentenced to life in jail for his crimes committed during Argentina's "Dirty War".

By Noe Gandillot
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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Arab Spring Activists Win Sakharov Prize

European Sakharov prize goes to five Arab activists who contributed to the struggle for human rights and democracy during the Arab spring.

By Camille Maestracci
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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EU Leaders Reach Debt Deal

European leaders have decided on an agreement for dealing with bank recapitalization and Greek debt.

By Wen Yan
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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St. Paul’s Chancellor Resigns over Occupy London Protest

The chancellor of London's St. Paul Cathedral resigns after the church decided to take legal action against Occupy London protesters.

By Emoke Bebiak
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Federal Disaster Aid Approved for Oneida County

Public Assistance Available for Residents Affected by Tropical Storm Lee

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that federal disaster assistance is now available for Oneida County as a result of damages incurred by Tropical Storm Lee.

Today's additions include:
Public Assistance: Oneida County

The Public Assistance declaration makes federal funding available to state and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by Tropical Storm Lee. Oneida County was previously declared for Individual Assistance.

The counties currently eligible for assistance from Tropical Storm Lee are as follows:

Individual Assistance (Assistance to individuals and households): Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Delaware, Fulton, Herkimer, Oneida, Orange, Otsego, Schenectady, Schoharie, Tioga and Ulster.

Public Assistance (Assistance for debris removal, emergency protective actions and the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities): Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Montgomery, Oneida, Orange, Otsego, Schenectady, Schoharie, Tioga, Tompkins and Ulster.

    The counties currently eligible for assistance from Hurricane Irene are as follows:

    Individual Assistance (Assistance to individuals and households): Albany, Bronx, Clinton, Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Essex, Greene, Herkimer, Kings, Montgomery, Nassau, Orange, Queens, Rensselaer, Richmond, Rockland, Otsego, Putnam, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Suffolk, Sullivan, Ulster, Warren, Washington, and Westchester.

    Public Assistance (Assistance for debris removal, emergency protective actions and the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities): Albany, Bronx, Clinton, Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Essex, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton, Herkimer, Kings, Montgomery, Nassau, New York, Orange, Otsego, Putnam, Queens, Rensselaer, Richmond, Rockland, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Sullivan, Suffolk, Ulster, Warren, Washington, and Westchester.

    All counties in the State of New York are eligible to apply for assistance under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (Assistance for actions taken to prevent or reduce long term risk to life and property from natural hazards).

    Residents and business owners who sustained losses in the designated counties can begin applying for assistance by registering online at or by calling 1-800-621-3362.

    Disaster assistance applicants, who have a speech disability or hearing loss and use TTY, should call 1-800-462-7585 directly; for those who use 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS), call 1-800-621-3362. The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (local time) seven days a week until further notice.

    Additional counties may be made eligible for federal assistance as ongoing damage assessments are completed.

    Image courtesy of

    President Obama Supports EU Economic Plan

    Statement by the President on Europe

    We welcome the important decisions made last night by the European Union which lay a critical foundation for a comprehensive solution to the Eurozone crisis. We look forward to the full development and rapid implementation of their plan. We will continue to support the EU and our European allies in their efforts to address this crisis as we work together to sustain the global recovery and put our people back to work.

    Photo source: The White House
    Author: Pete Souza
    Permission: Public Domain

    Parents of 'Adolf Hitler' & 'Aryan Nation' Fight for Custody

    Parents want children Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation back after they were taken away because of possible abuse and neglect.

    By Kerry Leary
    Anchor: Emily Spain
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    Baby Doll's Cries Save Family from Fire

    A baby doll, brought home for a high school assignment, cried and woke up a family in time to save them from a fire.

    By Emily Spain
    Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
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    Diwali Begins, Gains Supporters Worldwide

    Hindus, Jains and Sikhs start observing Diwali, the most important festival of the year. The celebration has spread around the world and the U.S.

    By Iris Zhang
    Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
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    Man Builds Smartphone Dock in Prosthetic Arm

    A British man becomes the first person to have a smartphone built into his prosthetic arm. But is the built-in phone dock a smart idea?

    By Kim. St. Onge
    Anchor: Kim St. Onge
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    Former Goldman Sachs Director Indicted on Insider Charges

    Rajat Gupta, a former director at Goldman Sachs, has been indicted on insider charges related to the case of another Wall Street executive.

    By Mikkel Noel Lanzky
    Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
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    Joe the Plumber to Become Joe the Congressman?

    Joe the Plumber announced he will officially run for Congress in Ohio's 9th district. Is he qualified?

    By Matt Noonan
    Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
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    Abraham: 'We Cannot Afford to Do Anything to Undermine Our Economic Recovery'

    Advance Estimate of GDP for the Third Quarter of 2011

    WASHINGTON, DC – Katharine Abraham, Member of the Council of Economic Advisors, issued the following statement today.

    Today’s report shows that the economy posted the ninth straight quarter of positive growth, as real GDP (the total amount of goods and services produced in the country) grew at a 2.5 percent annual rate in the third quarter of this year.

    The level of real GDP now exceeds its level at the business cycle peak in the fourth quarter of 2007. While the continued expansion is encouraging, faster growth clearly is needed to replace the jobs lost in the recent downturn and to reduce long-term unemployment.

    Notable strength in the third quarter included business investment, which grew 16.3 percent at an annual rate. Residential construction increased 2.4 percent at an annual rate, and was up 1.6 percent during the past four quarters, the first positive four-quarter percent change since 2006 except for a brief period when the home buyer tax credit was active.

    Positive contributions to real GDP growth included consumer spending (1.7 percentage point), fixed investment (1.6 percentage point), and net exports (0.2 percentage point). Inventory investment subtracted 1.1 percentage point from real GDP growth.

    We are, nonetheless, at a fragile moment in the world economy, and cannot afford to do anything to undermine our economic recovery. That’s why the President continues to urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Act without delay.

    The American Jobs Act includes measures that would accelerate the recovery, including extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, keeping teachers in the classroom and police and firefighters on the beat, and investing in our nation’s infrastructure to help put Americans back to work.

    Independent economists say it could increase employment by up to 1.9 million, increase growth and lower the unemployment rate. This report also underscores the need to put in place a balanced approach to deficit reduction that phases in budget cuts, instills confidence, and allows us to live within our means without shortchanging future growth.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    President Obama Speaks On College Affordability

    President Obama announces a proposal that will lower monthly student loan payments for 1.6 million students next year.

    Congressman Olver to Retire at Term's End

    Served the State of Massachusetts for More Than 40 Years

    The following statement was issued by President Obama on Olver's retirement.

    "In the State House and Congress, John Olver has proudly served the people of Massachusetts for over forty years. He has fought tirelessly for a cleaner environment, modern infrastructure, more affordable housing, and more accessible health care. Michelle and I join the people of Massachusetts in thanking Congressman Olver for his service, and we wish John, his wife Rose, and daughter Martha the very best in the future."

    Visit to learn more about the career and life of Congressman Olver.

    Photo source: U.S. House of Representatives
    Author: U.S. House of Representatives
    Permission: Public Domain

    Open for Questions: Crisis in the Horn of Africa

    USAID Administrator Raj Shah and Gayle Smith, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of the National Security Council join Director of the Office of Public Engagement, Jon Carson, to answer your questions on the crisis in the horn of Africa.

    Newsy Now: Breaking Headline News

    Hurricane Rina Reaches Category 3; UK Police Release Winehouse Cause of Death; President Obama Wants to Help Student Debt; Oakland Protest Crackdown.

    By Mallory Perryman
    Anchor: Megan Murphy
    Link courtesy of

    NY Roadside Inspections Remove Over 200 Unsafe Drivers and Buses

    116 Drivers and 95 Buses Taken Out of Service During Two-Week Crackdown

    The state Department of Transportation conducted 1,185 roadside bus inspections statewide as part of a two-week inspection initiative. The inspections, conducted between September and October, resulted in 116 bus drivers and 95 buses being taken off the road throughout the state. In the New York City area alone, 48 drivers and 26 buses were taken out of service.

    This enforcement push was the latest effort in a crackdown on bus safety that Governor Cuomo launched last March.

    The recent two-week inspection initiative was conducted in conjunction with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and police agencies across the state from September 23 to October 7.

    "Since March, we have conducted more than 5,000 inspections to make sure that bus drivers and their vehicles are fit to operate in New York State," Governor Cuomo said.

    "The bus industry is a critical element of our transportation system and the many New Yorkers who rely upon it need to know they will reach their destinations safely."

    "We all benefit when strong enforcement gets unsafe drivers or vehicles off the road, allowing good drivers and their passengers to travel our highways with confidence," said
    State Transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald.

    Superintendent of State Police Joseph A. D'Amico commented, "People should feel safe when they ride on a bus, and we will be doing whatever we can to ensure that those buses are safe. The bus initiative is just part of our comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan targeting unsafe vehicles and drivers on New York's highways."

    In response to Governor Cuomo's bus safety directive last spring, state Department of Transportation inspectors, New York State troopers, and other law enforcement officials have conducted 5,166 roadside bus inspections, removing 530 drivers and 460 vehicles from the road.

    In addition, New York State Police have issued more than 550 moving violations to bus drivers.

    Roadside checks conducted in the New York City area continue to produce the greatest number of drivers and vehicles with serious violations. Of the 2,437 roadside bus inspections conducted there since March, 379 drivers and 387 vehicles have been taken out of service.

    Since New York's inspection initiative began earlier this year, the National Transportation Safety Board announced that it will be conducting a review of the safety system governing the discount tour bus industry.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also announced that it moved up its national bus inspection operations to assist states in conducting roadside checks of motor coaches and their drivers.

    As part of the state's effort to enhance commercial bus safety, the Cuomo Administration in July announced that the Department of Transportation suspended the operating licenses of eight poor-performing charter tour bus operators.

    The companies had failed three or more roadside inspections of buses or drivers in the previous six months, failed their scheduled semi-annual bus inspections, or received a federal out-of-service order.

    Two of these companies closed operations, one gave up its license to operate within New York State, and five were required to take immediate corrective actions regarding their drivers and vehicle maintenance in order to regain their New York licenses.

    In addition to the bus safety crackdown, investigators with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles continue to look for bus drivers who may fraudulently obtain multiple driver licenses using aliases.

    Facial recognition technology is used to identify individuals who have a valid Commercial Driver License in one name and additional driver license documents in another.

    The state Department of Transportation conducts more than 160,000 routine bus safety inspections annually and works with the State Police to conduct more than 120,000 roadside inspections of buses and trucks each year.

    These regular roadside bus inspections are conducted throughout the year, but have been intensified in the wake of recent bus crashes to ensure that buses and drivers are in compliance with regulations.

    Roadside safety inspections are over and above regularly-scheduled inspections, which are conducted on each vehicle at least every six months -- twice the number required by federal law. Regularly-scheduled inspections are performed on school, charter, line-run commercial, ambulette, and airport buses.

    On Saturday, March 12, 2011, a bus traveling from Connecticut carrying 32 passengers crashed on the Westchester County/Bronx border, killing 15 passengers.

    New York State Police and the National Transportation Safety Board continue with the investigation into the crash.

    Only days later, on Monday, March 14, 2011, another bus traveling from New York City to Philadelphia crashed in New Jersey, killing the driver and a passenger.

    The New York State Police and Department of Transportation strongly encourage travelers considering bus transportation to visit the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to review carriers' safety records, at

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also encourages the public to report unsafe carriers and incidents to its safety hotline at 1-888-DOT-SAFT or online at

    Islamic Party Wins Election in Tunisia, Threat to Democracy?

    The once banned moderate Islamist party Ennadha has won Tunisia's first elections since the Arab Spring.

    By Noe Gandillot
    Anchor: Zach Toombs
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    Vatican Calls for New World Economic Authority

    The Pontificate Council hopes to draw attention to economic disparity and several causes taken up by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    By Zach Toombs
    Anchor: Zach Toombs
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    Sarkozy’s Smirk to Angela Merkel Irritates Italy

    Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel smile while answering a question about Silvio Berlusconi.

    By Camille Maestracci
    Anchor: Zach Toombs
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    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    The President Speaks on Housing and the Economy

    The President speaks about Project Rebuild, part of the American Jobs act that will help the private sector put construction workers back to work rehabilitating vacant or abandoned homes and businesses, which will help stabilize home prices across the country.

    NYC Sex Education Program Raising Concerns

    A sex education program due to start in January has many parents concerned because of its racy content. Some topics include anal sex and bestiality.

    By Kerry Leary
    Anchor: Christina Hartman
    Link courtesy of

    Baby Saved from Rubble in Turkey

    A two-week-old baby buried for nearly 48 hours was rescued from the rubble of a 7.2 earthquake in Turkey.

    By Noe Gandillot
    Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
    Link courtesy of