Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"White House Crashers" Must Go To Jail!

President Obama and the First Lady could've met the same fate as President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Breaching National Security Cannot Be Tolerated

The G-Man is absolutely furious, America! I’ve refrained from addressing this issue since the story broke, but I can't contain myself any longer. Michaele and Tareq Salahi were somehow able to penetrate Secret Service security details, crash the annual White House State Dinner and get face-to-face with the First Couple, as well as Vice-President Joe Biden. Oh, but they didn’t stop there! The couple actually posted photos of their dastardly deed on Facebook for the entire world to see. Moreover, it is alleged that the whole incident was set up to secure the couple a spot on a reality-based TV show entitled, “The Real Housewives of Washington”.

Why isn’t the country still in an uproar over this? Why isn’t the White House going after this couple with reckless abandon? Yes, I know the economy and the fact that 30,000 more soldiers are being sent to war in Afghanistan are issues of vital importance right now, but I would argue that this incident is equally important for two key reasons. First of all, the very fact that someone was able to get this close President Obama and the First Lady is frightening and shameful. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a major first.

For one moment, let’s just forget the fact that this is a wholesome, sweet couple. Now, I admit that’s a stretch, with all the dirt that has come out about them, but dance with The G-Man on this one for just a bit. If they were trained assassins, President Obama and the First Lady would be dead and black Americans, particularly in the decimated inner cities, would've retaliated all across the country.

The emotional reaction would've far exceed the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles, and white people would've been forced to cower in fear because this time inner city residents would seek to burn and destroy white communities. America would've fallen under martial law, and race relations would've reach critical mass. I guess I’m the only one in the media with enough balls to raise this issue, huh? People need to thank God for “Kool-Aid free” journalists and commentators. They really do.

The pundits and analysts making all that noise about the Salahis not being armed or ever posing a threat need to slapped! Anyone with half a brain knows that an assassin can simply break one of the crystal glasses on the dinner table, place a sharp edge in their pocket and ram it into the leader of the free world’s throat when they shake hands. The female assassin could finish off the First Lady in the same manner. Given the fact that this couple so easily bypassed security, they proved, unequivocally, that anything is possible.

Some of you may be laughing at my scenario - saying it’s far-fetched or that I’ve watched too many James Bond movies. Well, I would simply say this. No one in the world ever imagined the towers of the World Trade Center would fall, either. Simply put, shit can and does happen! With that said, I dare you to dismiss my scenario.

The second reason this matter is of vital importance is because it involves national security. If you think would-be assassins and terrorists didn’t take notice of how easy it was to breach White House security, you’d better think again. I would be willing to bet that extremists, here in America and abroad, are not only laughing at the U.S. about this extremely dangerous and embarrassing incident, they’re probably conjuring up some very creative and brilliant ideas on how to infiltrate the president’s Secret Service detail. The Salahis have no idea how much internal and external damage they have caused by their stupid, selfish and self-promoting act.

I may be out of place to do so, but I’m going to publicly make two requests of President Obama and his administration, and I’m going to make them without reservation. Number one, have prosecutors get busy and find a way to throw the Salahi’s White House-crashing, First Couple-hugging, Joe-Biden picture-taking, reality TV show-wanting asses in federal prison! They have to be taught a serious lesson and made an example of. The office of the presidency, vice-presidency and national security are at stake.

There is absolutely no excuse for willfully breaching or compromising national security, and you know this, Mr. President! With all due respect, I believe President George W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney and ranking members of the Republican Party would've wanted the couple's heads on a platter! I certainly hope your administration will handle this in a stern and immediate fashion, Mr. President.

Secondly, if this stunt really was done to secure a reality TV show deal, the White House needs to implicate and prosecute the stupid network that may have aided and abetted the Salahis in successfully gaining entry. I’ll go out on a limb and say I believe they did have assistance in pulling this off, which would explain why they hired an attorney and have recently decided to hide behind the Fifth Amendment, like the little punks that they are, if called before the courts.

The Salahis have laughed and smiled there way through this ordeal, but you can bet they won't be laughing or smiling in their jail cells.....where they belong. Don't let them pass go or collect $200. Send them straight to jail! Period! This isn’t “Punk’d” with Ashton Kutcher, Mr. President. This is a matter of grave importance. The G-Man is urging your administration to lay the smack down on this couple, uphold the office of the presidency and let it be known that matters involving the national security of this country are not to be taken lightly.

Photo source for attempted Reagan assassination:

Author: United States Federal Government

Licensing: Public Domain