Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WikiLeaks: The Bitch-Slap Heard Around the World

Why Political Pimps and Media Madams
Are Targeting Assange

Folks, The G-Man is laughing his ass off! Why? I’m laughing because Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks organization have literally bitch-slapped the American mainstream media into reality -- the reality that they aren’t and haven’t been adhering to the principles of true journalism.

Global debates are raging about whether or not Assange has crossed the line of journalistic integrity after publishing what the American government considers to be sensitive information.

Commentators, fellow journalists and pundits from all the major publications and networks, as well as elected officials, have mercilessly attacked Assange and his organization. Some have actually called him a “terrorist” and WikiLeaks a “terrorist organization”. The folks over at FOX (Fuckin’ Obnoxious Xenophobes) News have been the worst. To all of them I say, cut the bullshit!

The majority of these ass-clowns are pissed at Assange because he did what few journalists in America have the balls -- or tits -- to do, which is expose and tell the truth about the deal-making, deception, deviousness and dirt that continues to take place in politics and between nations. The news weasels have been too damn busy competing for White House privileges, invitations to White House Correspondence dinners, and posing as shills for corporate/government agencies and/or officials. That’s a fact, thanks to people like Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams.

Assange wasn’t the first to lay the smackdown on the U.S. government and the media. It’s no secret that beloved activists, athletes, celebrities and “Constitutionalists”, including Paul Robeson, John Lennon, the late Senator Paul Wellstone, Congressman Ron Paul and Muhammad Ali, exposed questionable policies and practices of the U.S. government over the last 70 years. By the way, if the U.S. government admitted to lying about the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident during the war in Vietnam, no one in their right mind can say the government shouldn’t be held accountable or questioned.

Contrary to what the politicians and corporate-controlled news weasels in America think, the general public is not stupid. Many believe the U.S. government acts just like the Mafia, in terms of strong-arm tactics, backroom deals and working under a veil of secrecy. The Obama administration, like those of the past, has proved to be no exception.

All WikiLeaks did was provide details of the U.S. government’s slight-of-hand act and prove that a good number of people in this country were correct in assessing the way government tends to operate, and that is the only reason why some very powerful people want Assange’s head on a platter and WikiLeaks shut down.

In closing, I want to state that the only issue I have with WikiLeaks is that it could publish sensitive information that may compromise the safety of U.S. troops. I don’t support that, and protecting members of our Armed Forces, who are all mere pawns in the scheme of things, is a non-negotiable. I hope Assange will consider this in the future.

This commentary is from the heart and…. From The G-Man.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Action Needed for the Scott Sisters

Call for Pressure on Gov. Barbour and National Media

Nancy Lockhart, a legal adviser and analyst, submitted the following news item. Lockhart, who holds a Master of Jurisprudence from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, posts frequent updates on the Scott Sisters case at http://freethescottsisters.blogspot.com/.

Media activities surrounding the Scott Sisters case are diminishing and pressure needs to remain on Governor Haley Barbour to release them immediately.

Please assist us from December 13, 2010 to December 21, 2010 by blogging, having discussions on radio and television about the sisters, and requesting that calls be placed and e-mails sent to Governor Barbour's office in support of freedom for Jamie and Gladys Scott.

This time frame was selected in order to make sure that calls and e-mails will reach the governor before the Mississippi state government holiday.

Whether the Scott sisters are innocent or guilty, any reasonable person can see that the punishment they received does not fit the crime. In addition, Jamie Scott is very ill and suffering from stage 5 renal (kidney) failure.

Currently, it’s up to Governor Barbour to commute their sentences and pardon them.

Each sister is currently serving double life sentences each for an $11 robbery – that's four life sentences between the two sisters. To date, the sisters have been in prison 16 years. Let Governor Barbour know that you're seeking justice for the Scott sisters…. now!

Contact Information For Governor Barbour

P.O. Box 139

Jackson, Mississippi 392051-877-405-0733


Email the governor's personal assistant - Dorothy Kuykendal


Photo credit: Themis-jp

Permission: Public Doman