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10-13: Police, Depression and Suicide (A Special Report)

The G-Man Interviews: W. Craig Hartley, Jr.

CALEA's Executive Director Explains What the Agency
is Doing to Help Officers Who May Be in Distress

By Gary Glennell Toms

The following excerpts are from an August 13 report published in the New York Daily News.
A Bronx cop who was friends with an officer who recently committed suicide shot himself to death Tuesday, authorities said.

Johnny Rios, 35, left a note before shooting himself in the head inside his Yonkers home about 3:30 a.m., sources said. His girlfriend was in the home when the seven-year veteran died.

He is the eighth NYPD cop to take his own life this year. Four officers killed themselves in June, including Rios’ pal Kevin Preiss, who shot himself to death in his Long Island home.

Rios and Preiss worked together in the 50 Precinct and were close, sources said.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan discussed Rios’ death during an interview on Brian Lehrer’s WNYC radio show.

“Currently we have eight this year. That is a very large number," Monahan said.

"We want to let our cops know that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s really devastating to see that it continues (including) last night.”

“What’s going to drive a person to take their own life is an individual event, stress in the job, stresses in your personal life and it’s compounded by the fact you have a gun on your hip," he said.

On August 14, the day before this episode was recorded, a ninth NYPD officer died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Queens, New York. 

In this edition of The G-Man Interviews, W. Craig Hartley, Jr. discusses some of the programs his agency has implemented in effort to help police officers across the country who may be experiencing some level of emotional or mental distress.

Mr. Hartley joined the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc, also known as CALEA, in June of 2008 and was appointed Executive Director in January of 2014. He began his career with the Greensboro (NC) Police Department in 1989 and served in a number of positions within the agency before becoming an Assistant Chief of Police. During his tenure with Greensboro, he worked in the functional areas of patrol operations, tactical operations, accreditation, internal affairs, personnel, training, budget and planning, information and technology, and served as the chief of staff. Before joining CALEA, he also worked for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, an agency within the Executive Branch of state government assigned to the Secretary of Public Safety. While there he led the department’s Policy, Planning and Research Division and coordinated legislative affairs and public information.

He is a graduate of Appalachian State University, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice/political science and a Master of Public Affairs. He has received specialized police management and leadership training from the Southern Police Institute and the Center for Creative Leadership, and he is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy. 

The interview was conducted on August 15.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

News Conference: Lawsuit Being Filed Against Archdiocese of New York

How Black Farmers Were Forced from Their Land

A$AP Rocky Found Guilty of Assault in Swedish Court

French Lawmakers Want Gov’t to Respond to China's Handling of Hong Kong Protests

Pakistan Asks UN Security Council to Meet Over India's Revocation of Kashmir Special Status

Number of Reported Global Measles Cases Have Nearly Tripled Since Last Year, Says WHO

Villagers Evacuated and Greek PM Cancels Holiday as Wildfires Rage

Greta Thunberg Sets Sail for NYC on Zero-Emissions Yacht

Girls for Gender Equity Seeks to Fill Positions

GGE is seeking candidates for the following positions. 

All applications will be received via email or snail mail.  No phone calls or faxes.

GGE is an Equal Opportunity Employer. GGE provides equal employment opportunities to all employees, job applicants, interns, and volunteers without regard to race, color, religion, creed, political association, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital or partnership status, national origin, immigration or citizenship status, age, military or veteran status, pregnancy, caregiver status, handicap or disability, genetic information or characteristic, unemployment status, arrest or conviction record, credit history, status as a victim or survivor of domestic violence, sex offenses, or stalking, or status in any group protected by federal, state, or local law in accordance with applicable law.

Schomburg Center Director Pays Tribute to Toni Morrison

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Source: The New Yorker

Statement from Kevin Young, Director of the Schomburg Center 

Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate and devoted supporter of the Schomburg Center and the New York Public Library passed away this month in New York City at age 88. In tribute to Toni Morrison, her "Bench by the Road" graces the Schomburg Center courtyard, our research divisions have books, materials, and audio recordings accessible, and there is a pop-up exhibition on display outside of the Exhibition Hall in the Landmark wing.

Harlem Week 2019 Spotlight

Boys and Girls Club of Harlem’s Year-Round Mission Aiding Uptown’s Youth

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Source: The New  York Daily News 

Coalition Calls for the Firing of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo

A coalition of police reform advocates is demanding the NYPD fire Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner and discipline all the officers involved in the case.

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Source: The New York Daily News 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Running Against Trump and His Racism: Suggestions for Strategy and Tactics

By Steven Jonas. M.D., M.P.H.

Running against Trump, and beating him, are both going to be tough propositions. Right now, Trump has clearly decided that his best road back to the White House is the use of racism. And his is not the old Republican, Nixonian/Reaganite , variety, or even that of the open Seg., George Wallace, either. They, and many others right up to the present used "dog whistles." But Trump is right out there, while even at the same time Trump lap dogs like Mick Mulvaney are arguing to an exasperated Chris Wallace on Fox" News" (July 28, 2019) that Trump is not a racist. (Betcha didn't know that Fox has comedy segments.) And it doesn't embarrass him in the least. He revels in it, actually wallows in it. 

However, and this is point one, it was really doesn't matter whether or not Mick Mulvaney says he is a racist (and Mulvaney actually may truly believe that he is not, which tells you how much Mulvaney knows about racism). What matters is that Trump is one, and is consciously using his built-in racism as a campaign strategy. It was reported on MSNBC's "Deadline White House" on July 29, 2019 that Trump campaign staff reviewed the use of the tactic, evaluated its positive effect upon a portion of the Trump electorate, and told the President "go for it." Amazing stuff! Right out of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry of Josef Goebbels. And just think. Trump's people sleep well at night.  

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The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False 'Evidence' Against Migrants

Years after quitting her job as an attorney for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Laura Peña returned to the fight — defending migrants she’d once prosecuted. Then, a perplexing family separation case forced her to call upon everything she’d learned.

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Source: ProPublica

U.S. Generals Worry About Rising Russian and Chinese Influence in Africa, Documents Show

In testimony obtained by the Freedom of Information Act, the current and former heads of U.S. Africa Command sketched out their concerns. 

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Source: The Intercept_

House Democrats Call for Bipartisan Support for Background Checks

C-SPAN: House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), along with a handful of his Democratic colleagues as well as advocates and victims of gun violence, held a news conference to press Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to allow a vote on House-passed legislation requiring background checks for most gun purchases. 

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Homeland Security Forum on Faith Based Violence

C-SPAN: House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) hosts a forum to examine violence targeted toward faith-based organizations. Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan also attends the meeting.

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How Standardized Tests Were Designed by Racists and Eugenicists

Democracy Now!: Ibram X. Kendi, professor and author of two books confronting racism in the United States, joins us to discuss his new book, "How to Be an Antiracist." He talks about the racist underpinnings of standardized tests and their development as tools for prominent eugenicists to prove the intellectual inferiority of the poor, women and particularly descendents of Africans. The tests, he argues, blatantly discriminate against people of color under a veneer of scientific objectivity. He says, "These tests became the evidence they have been looking for, really, for hundreds of years to prove that people of color and poor people and women were intellectually inferior."

How Trump Plans to Change the Endangered Species Act


This report was published on YouTube on August 12.

With Unprecedented Moves, Simone Biles Cements Her 'Transcendent' Legacy

This report was published on YouTube on August 12.

Simone Biles Makes History with a "Triple-Double" 

Lady Gaga Funding 165 Classrooms in Communities Affected by Mass Shootings

South Korean Protesters Hold Anti-Abe Rally Amid Trade Tensions with Japan

Residents Told to Evacuate After Rise in Radiation Levels Near Russian Blast Site

Update: 2:22 PM (EST) 

Two New Drugs Offer Hope Against Ebola in DR Congo

French Ministers Seek Investigation Into Epstein’s Activities in France

Canadian Government to Contribute $4.5 Million Investment for Toronto Police Service

Global News: In an effort to combat gun violence in Toronto in the wake of a string of deadly shootings, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the federal, provincial and Toronto municipal governments have teamed up to invest $4.5 million into the Toronto Police Service.
Trudeau met with Toronto Mayor John Tory in the city and made the announcement on Aug. 14.

Hong Kong Protests: Flights Cancelled as Demonstrators Take Over Airport for Fifth Day

Legislation Signed to Enhance Reporting Requirements for Child Abuse at Private Schools

Governor Andrew Cuomo today signed legislation (S.273A/A.5842) to include bus drivers to the list of mandated reporters of abuse in private schools.

"The safety and well-being of our children is the top priority of this administration and I'm proud to sign this legislation and help close this loophole in the law," Governor Cuomo said. "In New York, we will continue to do everything in our power to protect our young people and with this measure we take one more step toward a safer and stronger New York for all."

Under current law, bus drivers employed at public schools are required to report all allegations of child abuse. This new law corrects an inequity in the law by expanding that requirement to bus drivers employed by private schools.

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan said, "All children must be protected from abuse and individuals who interact with children in an education setting should be properly trained in how to recognize it, including school bus drivers.  This legislation closes a gap in existing law and will help ensure that acts of child abuse, in any form, are reported to the proper authorities so those responsible for such despicable acts can be held accountable."

Assembly Member Catherine Nolan said, "We are taking an important step in protecting children in all of New York's schools from abuse. This legislation ensures that all students are protected by requiring all school administrators, superintendents, and those who provide transportation services, to report allegations of child abuse. I am proud to have sponsored this bill and will continue to fight for the safe learning environment that our students deserve." 

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

In Memoriam: FDNY Lt. Brian Sullivan

Sullivan, 54, led members of Squad Company 41 to more than a half dozen medical emergencies and a kitchen fire in Mott Haven during his 24-hour shift that ended Friday, authorities said.

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Source: The New York Daily News 

The Number of NYPD Officer Suicides This Year Has Risen to 8

A New York Police Department officer has died by suicide -- becoming the eighth to do so this year -- a law enforcement official told CNN.
The 35-year-old was a seven-year veteran who temporarily was assigned to a detail surrounding Yankee Stadium.
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Source: CNN

Happening in Harlem: Ritmo y Color Performance (Free!)

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Source: Voza Rivers/New Heritage Theatre Group

Monday, August 12, 2019

NY Attorney General Vows To Sue Trump Administration Over New Immigration Rule

 “Under this rule, children will go hungry; families will go without medical care," Letitia James said. 

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Source: The Huffington Post

Jewish Men Attacked in Series of Attempted Robberies Around Williamsburg: Police

Statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo 

"I am sickened by Monday's series of assaults on Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg. In New York, we have absolutely zero tolerance for such heinous acts; they are completely unacceptable and are repugnant to our values of diversity and inclusion.

"I am directing the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to immediately provide the NYPD with any resources needed to assist in the investigation of this incident and to ensure those responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

"Anti-Semitism is a growing cancer that has been injected into the nation's body but in New York we will continue to stand united and with one voice condemn any and all acts of hatred and intolerance."

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

The Federal Response to Gun Violence: An Analysis

Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski discusses the various proposals being discussed between the President and Congress to respond to the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

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Patients For Affordable Drugs Founder Discusses Prescription Drug Prices

Founder and President David Mitchell discusses efforts to lower prescription drug prices.

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Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vasquez Suspending Contract to Rebuild Power Grid

What's Next in the Case Against Jeffrey Epstein Following His Apparent Suicide?

11 Companies Receive New York State Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Certification

The Office of General Services Commissioner RoAnn Destito today announced that the following eleven businesses have recently been certified by the Office of General Services’ (OGS) Division of Service-Disabled Veterans’ Business Development (DSDVBD):  

Abelove Law PC, located in Albany, NY, provides legal services.

Drone of Arc Aerial Consultant, located in Canandaigua, NY, specializes in unmanned aerial systems.

Fitzgerald Contracting LLC, located in Peekskill, NY, is a general contractor.

Smith Design & Build Construction, located in Elmira, NY, provides general construction.

AmBuild Supply, located in Fairport, NY, is a reseller of construction material.

Overwatch Digital Photography
, located in Coram, NY, provides unmanned aerial system services.

The Compass Reading Program, located in Hoboken, NJ, specializes in language arts development.

Penn Oak Energy Services, located in Washington, DC, is an energy supplier.

Trident Industries LLC, located in Deerfield, MA, manufactures and installs interior and exterior glass and window systems.

Integrated Veterans Services LLC, located in Santa Fe, NM, specializes in organic waste reduction/conversion.

EGA Associates LLC, located n Jenkintown, PA, provides temporary staffing services.


The Division was created by Governor Andrew Cuomo in May, 2014 with enactment of the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act. As of August 12, 2019, a total of 691 businesses have been certified.

The Act promotes and encourages participation of SDVOBs in NYS public procurements of public works, commodities, services and technology to foster and advance economic development in the State. More information on the program and the certification process can be found here

Source: The Office of General Services

Bulletproof Backpacks: Sales Soar in US After Shootings

Italy's Senate Weighs No-Confidence Vote Against Government

Guatemala's President-Elect Giammattei Slams Migration Deal with US

Opposition Scores Win in Argentina Primaries Amid Voter Anger Over Austerity

Yemen: Saudi-Led Coalition Moves Against Separatists

Muslim Worshippers Clash with Israeli Police at Jerusalem Holy Site

Deadly Typhoon Hits Eastern China, One Million Evacuated

Acting Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Delivers Press Briefing

Global News: Trump administration has ruled that the U.S. could deny green cards to immigrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance, a rule now going into effect. This is one of the country's most aggressive moves to restrict legal immigration. 

Acting director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli made the announcement at the White House on Aug. 12. He said the country is looking for legal immigrants who are self-supporting, but this rule does not apply to asylum seekers. 

Also, congress has now officially defined the term "public charge," he said.

The briefing begins at the 7:45 mark. 

Update - 12:57 PM (EST)

Statement from New York Secretary of State Rossana Rosado 

“Trump’s new ‘public charge’ rule to withhold legal permanent resident status to those who may have received health, nutrition, housing and Medicaid assistance in the past is a cruel measure that targets our most vulnerable populations. This draconian rule is anti-American and anti-New York.

“We believe in helping our neighbors find opportunities to succeed and provide for their families. Meanwhile, the Trump administration continues to throw everything it can in the way to stop new Americans from joining our country, whether it be separating and incarcerating families at the border, restricting asylum for those fleeing violence and weaponizing ICE to detain residents.

“We will fight this ongoing assault on our immigrant communities and we will do everything in our power to stop this rule in its tracks, just as we did with Trump’s illegal ‘citizenship question’ on the census.”

Source: Department of State

Hong Kong Police Arrest, Hit Protesters in Violent Clash at Subway Station

Global News: Pro-democracy protests rocking Hong Kong are growing increasingly violent, with footage emerging of police chasing protesters into a subway station over the weekend and beating them as they try to flee. 

Police and protesters clashed in several violent encounters across the city on Sunday, marking a shift in tactics during the 10th straight weekend of unrest. 

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Thousands in India Mark Eid al-Adha with Prayer

Global News: Thousands of Muslims came together in prayer as they marked Eid al-Adha at India's largest mosque, Jama Masjid, on Sunday. 

Eid-al-Adha is held in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. It begins after Muslims begin “Hajj” or pilgrimage in Mecca. The four day celebration ends at the same time when worshippers in Mecca finish their pilgrimage.

Police Detain Protesters in St. Petersburg, Russia as Over 40,000 Rally in Moscow

This report was published on YouTube on August 10.

Global News: Tens of thousands of Muscovites staged Russia's biggest political protest for years on Aug. 10, rallying to demand free city elections in spite of a government crackdown. 

The monitor said 55 people had been detained in St. Petersburg, 10 in Moscow and seven in Roston-on-Don. 

Police earlier detained one of the leading opposition activists, Lyubov Sobol, who is on a hunger strike.

In Echo of Flint Lead Crisis, Newark Offers Bottled Water

Federal officials warned that home filters provided by the city were not enough.

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Source: The New York Times