Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tammy Bruce: One Dangerous Dyke!

The TRUE symbol for radio commentator Tammy Bruce: a jackass!

Trash’ Comment Will Fuel Anger & Resentment Against Gays

Hey…. Bruce! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m “The G-Man”, and when you publicly and unfairly attacked the Obamas, The First Lady in particular, you earn the right to a literary ass kicking. Step up and take your ass whooping like a man! Trust me, this is one “beatdown” that I’m going to thoroughly enjoy. Now, I don’t have millions of followers like you have. I haven’t sold thousands of books like you have. I don’t have the power of a radio network behind me, and I may not have the name recognition that you have. However, as someone with an established track record as a journalist and social/political commentator, I do have an extremely loyal legion of “G-Fans” that love me and would want me to address the vicious and nasty comments your spewed recently on your show. With that said, I’m coming after you cocked, now there’s a word every lesbian loves, and loaded!

Let me be extremely clear. I’m not affiliated with CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS or any major news organization. In a way, I thank God for that. I’m NOT Joe Scarborough, David Gregory, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, Charlie Gibson, Pat Buchanan or others that wear a network collar. I can’t be controlled or forced to refrain from saying what is in my heart on any given social or political issue. I cower to no one, and the only way to stop me is to kill me. Do you want to know who I am? I’m your worst nightmare: a writer and commentator armed with a total of nine government commendations, an abundance of God-given talent, a fighting spirit and intense rage! The G-Man deals it raw and hard, and I’m about to get so deep in your ass that you’ll think I’m giving you an enema!

First of all, if you made those comments in order to achieve higher ratings, not only are you a demented dyke, you’re a media whore! You’re a person that will do whatever it takes to gain attention, an audience or more revenue for the station you work for. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the process. You knew exactly what the fuck you were doing. You were openly saying, “Fuck the Obamas, fuck Malia and Sasha, fuck educated blacks and fuck every person in this country who fiercely supports these “trash” symbols. You didn’t care about the fallout because you were solely focused on your goddamn status and making national headlines. You knew damn well what Michelle Obama was talking about when she stated that some black children accused her of “talking White” during the early part of her life. Surely, you’ve had black friends or lovers that made similar confessions to you, especially if they were exceptionally bright or gifted students. Given the fact that a “Knights vs. Niggers” scenario exists in the black community, which pits educated blacks against “ghetto” blacks, The First Lady’s comments are perfectly justified. Act like you know…. and cut the bullshit!

As far as I’m concerned, you’re the worst type of gay person there is. You didn’t stop to consider the irreparable harm your comments would cause to members of the gay community in American and abroad. Hell, maybe you did and just didn’t give a shit! You made these statements at a time when gays are fiercely fighting to gain equal rights across the board. You made these statements at a time when gay-bashings, murders of gay people and anti-gay sentiment are on the rise. Escalating the level of hatred for them is how you make a positive contribute to the struggle? Viciously assaulting what is arguably the most beloved First Couple in the last 100 years is going to draw millions of blacks, or Americans in general, to support gay rights? All you’ve done is contribute to the hate and given people, especially in the black community, a reason to say, “See? That’s why I’ll never march with fuckin’ faggots. If she’s saying that, how many other faggots are poppin’ shit about Obama and his wife? They don’t support us, so why should we support what they want?” You’ve done more damage than you realize with your asshole comments, and you need to get off your high-horse and clean this shit up before it’s too late. Flex your balls and start steppin’!

Finally, don’t even think about taking to the radio or television airwaves trying to justify the comments because you can’t. Oh! Here’s one more thing you didn’t consider when you shot your fuckin’ mouth off. When you called President Obama and his wife trash, people in America and abroad probably suspected that you were slamming the same label on their young daughters. This must be the case because Malia and Sasha were produced as a result of a union between their parents, right? That makes them trash, too! Given this fact, how the fuck do you defend attacking children that aren’t even old enough to understand the shit-game called politics or the bullshit associated with it? Answer: you can’t and you don’t!

You crossed the fuckin’ line. If this article pisses you off, good! Go ahead and sue my ass. I dare you! All you’ll get is the pot I piss in and the window I throw it out of. If you want to pitch a bitch about the president’s plan for the country, fine! You want to pitch a bitch about The First Lady’s stance on social or political issues, fine! However, as a commentator and a black man, I’ll be damned if I sit by and allow your misguided, media whoring-ass to call two young, beautiful, black children, who are future leaders of my race and this country, trash!