Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Attention New Yorkers! Hotline Established to Help Victims of Guardianship Fraud, Predatory Lawyers

The following announcement was submitted by Rick Black, director of the Center for Estate Administration Reform (CEAR).

New York victims, survivors, and advocates,

We are making progress elevating our message statewide on probate and adult guardianship abuses. In 2018, an article by Alisa Partlan in New York’s CityLimits, and an article by John Leland of the New York Times, gave credence to your experiences and the issues plaguing all New Yorkers who are exposed to the dysfunction of these courts. These courts should not be a war zone targeting the vulnerable. Whether child custody, divorce, adult guardianship, or probate the predatory legal community long ago was allowed to declare open season on the vulnerable and their loving family members via their ability to pervert the law.

We must adopt unconventional approaches if we are to make any progress on reforms in New York.  Every legitimate authority who should be demanding system integrity and redress has abandoned this class of adults. We are hopeful that with the new administration in New York, and a new approach, we can find state leadership open to reviewing the evidence and our pleas..

We have established a hotline for collecting material evidence on predatory lawyers and the judges who support them. Jerry Yeh, a CEAR assistant, is manning the hotline and consolidating the information. Please email or call (518) 945-8332 to give names of attorneys, victims, counties, judges, addresses, perjuries, thefts, and losses from your experience with predatory attorneys. Please feel to pass this note on to any other victims or survivors you are in contact with. We need to get the word out; old, pending, and new cases qualify.

Our plan is to consolidate the evidence for planned discussions in Albany and Washington, D.C. CEAR is also working with national media outlets to gain coverage. Thanks in advance for your support.

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