Monday, August 13, 2018

Arizona Resident Alleges 'State-Endorsed Real Estate Fraud' in Video Reports

"Governor Doug Ducey, Primary Election
Candidates Are Ignoring the Water Issue"

An 'FTG' Exclusive

By Gary Glennell Toms

On November 14, 2015, The G-Man Interviews posted an investigative report on Arizona resident Nancy Waldrop's effort to obtain explanations and detailed information from state and local officials regarding water laws.

A year earlier, The Arizona Daily Sun published a front-page story on Waldrop, a portion of which stated..."In a state where experts expect future generations of residents will have to find hundreds of billions of gallons more water to continue living here, there are shockingly few regulations governing the resource’s use in rural areas."

Nearly three years have passed since Waldrop, the daughter of a former U.S. Navy SEAL, appeared on the show to discuss the issue. However, according to Waldrop, the situation has only gotten worse.

The self-proclaimed "military brat" recently submitted two video reports to The G-Man Interviews and sister-site From The G-Man, in which she alleges the offices of Senator John McCain and Governor Doug Ducey, along with many of the candidates running in the August 28 Primary election, have ignored or simply refused to address the water crisis.

If you reside in Arizona or another state and have a similar issue, feel free to submit a video report to The G-Man Interviews at Be sure to include documents or other evidence in your report.

That said, here are the video updates submitted by Nancy Waldrop.

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