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R.I.P: Whitney Houston: America's Songbird

Houston during a 2009 appearance on Good Morning America

Legendary Artist Found Unresponsive in Beverly Hills Hotel Room

Multiple Grammy award-winning artist Whitney Houston has died. News of Houston's death was first broken to the Associated Press by the singer's publicist, Kristin Foster.
Medical personnel entered a hotel room in the Beverly Hills area and found Houston, 48, unresponsive. Attempts were made to revive the singer, but she was pronounced dead at 3:55 pm.
From The G-Man will monitor the story and provide more details as they become available.

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Weekly Address: Extending the Payroll Tax Cut for the Middle Class

President Obama Speaks on Contraception and Religious Institutions

The First Day of The First Lady's Lets Move! Anniversary Tour

Newsy Now: News Round-Up

Violence continues in Syria; Iran promises nuclear announcement; Romney gives fiery speech to conservatives; "Linsanity" knocks off Lakers.

By Nathan  Bryne
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NASA: Big Cuts to Mars Missions

NASA's planetary science program may take a big cut in 2013, grounding several future Mars missions.

By Steven Sparkman
Anchor: Megan Murphy
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Obama Announces Birth Control Compromise

President Obama's compromise on the birth control mandate gets mixed reactions.

By Alexandra Olgin
Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero
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Friday, February 10, 2012

President Praises Giffords on New Legislation

President Obama and Gabby Giffords at the 2012 State of the Union

Statement by President Obama Upon Signing the Ultralight Aircraft Smuggling Prevention Act of 2012

This bill gives our nation’s law enforcement expanded authority to combat illicit drug trafficking on our Northern and Southern Borders and being able to sign it next to my friend Gabby Giffords gives me enormous pride.  She has spent her career fighting for the safety of the people of Arizona and the fact that it passed unanimously shows just how much Gabby is respected by her colleagues in Congress in both parties. Her dedication to fairness and to this country has been an inspiration to so many, including myself. I wished Gabby well in her recovery and told her that I expect to see more of her in the months and years to come. I’m confident that while this legislation may have been her last act as a Congresswoman, it will not be her last act of public service.
Author:  Pete Souza, official White House photographer
Permission: Public Domain

The Power of the Pen: Bills Signed into Law

Statement by the Press Secretary on H.R. 3801

On Friday, February 10, 2012, the President signed into law:

H.R. 3801, the "Ultralight Aircraft Smuggling Prevention Act of 2012," which defines the term "aircraft" for purposes of determining violations under Federal aviation smuggling laws; and specifies that the definition includes "ultralight aircraft."

Cuomo Implements 'Experience Counts' to Help Veterans Get Jobs

Department of Motor Vehicles Initiative Now in Effect

Governor Andrew Cuomo has implemented two key initiatives of his "Experience Counts" campaign to help returning veterans get jobs in New York State. 

The Governor announced that the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles is now waiving road tests for veterans applying for a commercial driver's license if they have military experience operating a similar vehicle. 

In addition, the Governor today announced appointments to the New York State Council on Returning Veterans and Their Families, a group of state agency representatives and civilians that help returning veterans get jobs and advises the Governor on issues that affect New York service members. 

"It is only right that our veterans are able to use the experience they gained while serving our country to help find employment here at home," Governor Cuomo said.

"To further help our veterans, we have now expanded the Council on Returning Veterans and Their Families. These appointees will bring their extensive experience serving our nation's veterans to help ensure that New York State provides the highest level of service to our returning service members and veterans."

The Governor launched the "Experience Counts" campaign on Veterans Day 2011 to help ensure the valuable and specialized skills that come from military service are recognized and used to help our heroes enter or reenter the civilian workforce. 

DMV Initiative to Help Veterans Get Jobs

In announcing the "Experience Counts" campaign, Governor Cuomo called on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to make it easier and less costly for military members who have gained experience driving trucks and heavy equipment during their military service to obtain a New York commercial driver license by waiving the road test requirement. 

The waiver is now available for up to 90 days after discharge or for active duty military and active duty New York National Guard members that currently hold a valid driver license.

Applicants must be regularly employed, or have been regularly employed, within the last 90 days in a military position requiring operation of a commercial motor vehicle, and also have operated a vehicle that is similar to a civilian commercial vehicle for at least two years immediately preceding discharge from the military.

Applicants must also certify that they have not had their license suspended, revoked, cancelled or denied in the last four years.

Applicants must fill out a "CDL Certification for Military Waiver of Skills Test" form (CDL-102) which is available at any DMV office or online at

Applicants must still pass a written test and pay the written test fee, but the $40 road test fee will also be waived by completing the certification. 

"In this economy, many returning soldiers have had difficulty in finding work. We hope that this small way of thanking them for their service, and recognizing that the skills they learned in the military are transferable to civilian jobs, will make things just a little easier for our returning veterans," said Barbara J. Fiala, Commissioner of the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Bill Kraus, Acting Director of the NYS Division of Veterans' Affairs, stated, "I am extremely thankful for the efforts Governor Cuomo and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles have taken to assist returning veterans in transitioning their military skills into meaningful civilian jobs. The 'Experience Counts' program will provide a conduit for many of our state's returning veterans to enter the civilian workforce. The implementation of this program coupled with the expansion of the New York State Council on Returning Veterans and their families exemplifies the Governor's commitment to our State's veterans."

"Governor Cuomo's initiative will make it easier for our National Guard Soldiers and Airmen, who have honed their skills in operating heavy trucks in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable, to translate that real-world experience into a civilian job. I applaud this effort to help our veterans and serving Guardsmen turn their military training into civilian employment," added Major General Patrick Murphy, the Adjutant General of New York. 

Appointments to the New York State Council on Returning Veterans and Their Families

The New York State Council on Returning Veterans and Their Families was created in 2008 to develop recommendations to address the multiple needs of veterans and their families in adjusting to post-service life, which involves a collaboration of federal, state and local benefits.

On Veterans Day 2011, Governor Cuomo called for the Council to add representatives from additional state agencies and further tasked the Council to determine how the state can further recognize and credit military training and experience, especially in licensure and educational credit programs.

The Governor's appointments include:

J. Michael Haynie, PhD: Dr. Haynie has been appointed to the Council as an academic with expertise in veterans' affairs. Dr. Haynie is the Executive Director of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, and the Barnes Professor of Entrepreneurship at Syracuse's Whitman School of Management. 

Dr. Haynie is a sought-after speaker and advisor on issues related to business, veterans, and entrepreneurship and is an appointed member of the U.S. Secretary of Labor's Advisory Committee on Veterans' Employment, Training, and Employer Outreach (AC-VETO). At Syracuse, Dr. Haynie established the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities -- recognized as a "National Best Practice" by the Secretary of the Army for its provision of world-class training in small business start-up and design to post-9/11 veterans disabled as a result of military service.

Dr. Haynie is a former Air Force officer who served for fourteen years throughout the U.S. and the world on operational and staff assignments. Prior to joining the Syracuse faculty, Dr. Haynie was assigned as a Professor of Management at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.

Andrew Roberts: Roberts has been appointed to the Council as a representative of an organization that provides behavioral health services to veterans. He is the Director of the Office of Military and Veterans Liaison Services at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (North Shore-LIJ). 

In this capacity he serves as the Administrator of the Rosen Family Wellness Center, a facility that provides no cost behavioral health care to law enforcement, military, veterans and their families.

Roberts is also Project Director for a soon to-be-opened Unified Family Behavioral Health Center, a joint endeavor with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that will provide collaborative services to veterans and their families.

Roberts is a West Point graduate, former Army officer, and Bronze Star recipient who deployed to Iraq from 2003-2004, serving as a Battery Commander for over 90 American Soldiers and as the American liaison to the city of Balad Ruz in Diyala Province, near the Iranian border.

Prior to his work at North Shore-LIJ, he served as a Deputy Director for the New York State Division of Veterans' Affairs. 

Suzanne L. Bissonette: Bissonette has been appointed to the Council as a representative of an organization that provides substance abuse services to veterans. She is the Executive Director of Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Inc. a Buffalo-based provider of residential mental health and substance abuse treatment and support services. Cazenovia was founded over 30 years ago, with over 80% of the founding group comprised of veterans.

Today, Cazenovia operates Liberty Hall, a residential treatment program, licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, that provides services and transitional housing to male veterans on the grounds of the VA Medical Center in Batavia.

Bissonette has been the Executive Director of Cazenovia Recovery since 2001. She received her B.Sc. from SUNY-Empire State College and her J.D. from SUNY – Buffalo School of Law.

Todd Benham, Psy.D: Dr. Benham is a former Major in the Medical Service Corps of the U.S. Army and the Chief of the Behavioral Health Department at Fort Drum, where he has responsibility for overseeing clinical and administrative operations for behavioral health, domestic abuse and traumatic brain injury services for about 40,000 Soldiers and beneficiaries assigned to the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) and Fort Drum.

As the Chief of Behavioral Health, Dr. Benham has instituted programs to ensure that Soldiers receive appropriate behavioral health treatment and expedited dispositions, implemented health reassessments of Soldiers returning from deployment, developed and implemented telepsychiatry programs with Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center, and developed treatment protocols for PTSD.

Dr. Benham earned his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Biola University Rosemead School of Psychology and his bachelor's degree in psychology from Northwestern College.

Before being assigned to Fort Drum, he completed his psychology internship at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. 

Membership of the Council consists of the Director of the Division of Veterans' Affairs, the Adjutant General of the Division of Military and Naval Affairs, the Commissioner of the Department of Health, the Commissioner of the Department of Labor, the Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health, and the Commissioner of the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, or their designees and two additional members representing veterans and local government. 

In November 2011, Governor Cuomo expanded the Council to add other state agencies that provide services to veterans and additional members who have expertise in issues that affect veterans. 

The November additions included the Commissioner of Homes and Community Renewal, the President of the Higher Education Services Corporation, the Commissioner of Department of Economic Development, and the Director of Office for the Aging, or their designees.

A representative of the State Education Department also participates in the Council voluntarily. 

Newsy Now: Latest Headlines

Clashes in Greece over new austerity measures; GOP presidential hopefuls speak at CPAC; Apple market cap bigger than ever.

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Ford Management Changes Include Huntsman

News outlets offer analysis on how the decision could affect Ford's role in China.

By Blake Hanson
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Federal Judge Dismisses PETA Lawsuit

A federal judge dismissed PETA's lawsuit against SeaWorld. The suit claimed SeaWorld enslaved its whales and was violating the 13th amendment.

By Christine Karsten
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

President Speaks on No Child Left Behind Reform

The President announces that 10 states will receive flexibility to implement reforms that raise standards for student achievement without being required to meet certain parts of No Child Left Behind.

President Obama Speaks on Landmark Housing Settlement with Banks

The President announces a landmark settlement between the government and the nation’s largest banks that will speed relief to the hardest-hit homeowners, end some of the most abusive practices of the mortgage industry, and begin to turn the page on an era of recklessness that has left so much damage in its wake.

Politics in Action: S. 1813


S. 1813 – Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act 
(Sen. Boxer, D-California, and 3 cosponsors)

The Administration supports Senate passage of S. 1813 to provide much needed certainty and funding for the Nation’s surface transportation programs. 

The reauthorization of the programs funded by the Highway Trust Fund is critical to the safety of the traveling public and the Nation’s ability to facilitate commerce and trade. Since the expiration of the last multi-year authorization bill in 2009, surface transportation and highway safety programs have operated under a series of short-term extensions, varying from one to nine months.

This legislation will provide more certainty to States and localities as they undertake the long-term planning and execution of projects and programs that are essential to creating and keeping American workers in good paying jobs, improving the Nation’s surface transportation infrastructure, and ensuring roadway safety.   

The Administration also supports reforms in the investment of transportation dollars that ensure balance among transportation options and better results for taxpayers. The bill proposes to consolidate the number of Federal programs to focus on key national goals and reduce unnecessary duplication, while also eliminating earmarks.

The Administration supports provisions in this bill that maintain funding for programs and policies that preserve and improve roads and bridges and that strengthen safety on the Nation’s highways.

The Administration looks forward to working with the Congress to ensure that all the environmental review provisions in this legislation protect the health of the environment and American communities and provide for practical and workable reforms.

The Administration will continue to work with the Congress on increased longer-term funding to provide the additional investments in the Nation’s surface transportation infrastructure, including high speed rail, needed to support economic growth and competitiveness.

The Administration will also work with the Congress to enact an immediate investment of $50 billion in roads, rails, and runways to create thousands of jobs in the short term, and to secure the establishment of a National Infrastructure Bank to help finance infrastructure projects that demonstrate the most merit but that may be difficult to fund under the current patchwork of Federal programs. 

Biden Holds Meeting on Human Rights and Reform in China

Flag of the People's Republic of China

Readout of the Meeting

The Vice President and senior Administration officials met yesterday with four experts and advocates on human rights and legal reform in China: Dr. Xiaorong Li, Professor Benjamin Liebman, Mr. Kenneth Roth and Ms. Jianying Zha.  

The group discussed the deterioration of China’s human rights situation, prospects for reform, and recommendations for U.S. policy. 

Vice President Biden underscored the Administration’s belief in the universality of human rights and its commitment to human rights as a fundamental part of our foreign policy.  

Biden reiterated his view that greater openness and protection of universal rights is the best way to promote innovation, prosperity, and stability in all countries, including China.

Author: User:SKopp 
Permission: Public Domain

Obama: 'Our Children Can't Wait for Congress to Fix No Child Left Behind'

Announces Flexibility in Exchange for Reform for Ten States

WASHINGTON, DC — President Barack Obama will announce today that ten states that have agreed to implement bold reforms around standards and accountability will receive flexibility from the burdensome mandates of the federal education law known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB). 

In exchange for this flexibility, these states have agreed to raise standards, improve accountability, and undertake essential reforms to improve teacher effectiveness. The ten states approved for flexibility are Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.
In a White House announcement attended by state education officials, teachers, civil rights, and business leaders, the President will say that NCLB, which is five years overdue for a rewrite, is driving the wrong behaviors, from teaching to the test to federally determined, one-size-fits-all interventions. 

The President will call on Congress to work across the aisle to fix the law even as his administration offers solutions for states to help prepare all students for college and career readiness.
“After waiting far too long for Congress to reform No Child Left Behind, my Administration is giving states the opportunity to set higher, more honest standards in exchange for more flexibility,”  said President Obama.

“Today, we’re giving 10 states the green light to continue making reforms that are best for them.  Because if we’re serious about helping our children reach their potential, the best ideas aren’t going to come from Washington alone.  Our job is to harness those ideas, and to hold states and schools accountable for making them work.”
The administration is continuing to work closely with New Mexico, the eleventh state that requested flexibility in the first round.  Twenty-eight other states along with D.C. and Puerto Rico have indicated their intent to seek waivers.
The administration’s decision to provide waivers followed extensive efforts to work with Congress to rewrite NCLB.  In March 2010, the administration submitted a “blueprint for reform” to Congress and has met extensively with Republican and Democratic legislators.
Education Secretary Arne Duncan said that current law drives down standards, weakens accountability, causes narrowing of the curriculum and labels too many schools as failing.  Moreover, the law mandates unworkable remedies at the federal level instead of allowing local educators to make spending decisions.
“Rather than dictating educational decisions from Washington, we want state and local educators to decide how to best meet the individual needs of students,” said Duncan.
To get flexibility from NCLB, states must adopt and have a plan to implement college and career-ready standards. They must also create comprehensive systems of teacher and principal development, evaluation and support that include factors beyond test scores, such as principal observation, peer review, student work, or parent and student feedback.
States receiving waivers no longer have to meet 2014 targets set by NCLB but they must set new performance targets for improving student achievement and closing achievement gaps. 

They also must have accountability systems that recognize and reward high-performing schools and those that are making significant gains, while targeting rigorous and comprehensive interventions for the lowest-performing schools.
Under the state-developed plans, all schools will develop and implement plans for improving educational outcomes for underperforming subgroups of students. 

State plans will require continued transparency around achievement gaps, but will provide schools and districts greater flexibility in how they spend Title I federal dollars.

Tensions Rise Over the Falklands

Argentina launches a complaint to the UN Security Council over Britain's decision to send battleship to the Falkland Islands.

By Niels Schack Norgaarrd
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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Skydiver Plans Free Fall From Space

An Austrian skydiver wants to break the speed of sound by free falling from the edge of space.

By Gillian Stedman
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Path Quietly Copies Users’ Address Books

Social networking app Path copies users' address books to its servers without their knowledge or approval, a developer has discovered.

By Evan Thomas
Anchor: Jim Flink
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White House Briefs

Open for Questions: Innovation for Global Development

Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development, Gayle Smith, Special Assistant to the President & Senior Director of the National Security Council and Tom Kalil, Deputy Director for Policy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy & Senior Advisor for Science, Technology, and Innovation, National Economic Council answer questions on the role of science, technology and innovation in global development.

Marshmallow Launch at White House Science Fair

The President meets an 8th grader named Joey from Phoenix, AZ at the White House Science Fair and the two launch a marshmallow across the state dining room with Joey's science project - an air cannon.

Obama, Security Team Discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan

Readout of the Meeting

President Obama met today with his national security team as a part of his regular meetings on Afghanistan and Pakistan. The President received an update on our engagement with the Pakistani Government on a range of issues of mutual interest, including efforts to strengthen cooperation along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. 

The President also received an update on Afghanistan, including the building of capable Afghan security forces, our support for an Afghan-led reconciliation process, and our efforts to build a long-term, strategic partnership between the United States and Afghanistan. 

Finally, the President received an update on preparations for the NATO Summit in Chicago, where we will further define the ongoing transition to Afghan-lead security and NATO’s commitment to the future of Afghanistan as agreed to at the 2010 NATO Summit in Lisbon.

ADT-Linked Scam Spreading Nationwide

Secret Service Visited New York Victim, ADT Official Responds


From The G-Man has uncovered a scam involving a bogus independent contractor, or nefarious groups operating as such, claiming to be associated with ADT Security, a provider of security systems to millions of homes across the country.

The complaints date as far back as 2008 and consumers have lost thousands of dollars in a hoax that continues to engulf the nation.

On February 1, From The G-Man received a phone call, as well as the following email, from a recent victim based in the state of New York, who requested that his name not be made public.

“I was contacted by a representative of “Protect Your Home”, by phone, and was offered an alarm system by ADT. The caller stated that Protect Your Home was working as an independent contractor for ADT, which meant that they would install the security system on behalf of ADT,” said the complainant.

According to the complainant, it was during this initial conversation that the caller also indicated that “Defender Security” was the parent company of Protect Your Home and cited 97-29 64th Road, Forest Hills, New York, as the address for the parent company.

“I was informed that the security equipment was free and that a refundable installation charge of $107.51 would be charged to my bank account. I thought it was an okay deal and didn’t think anything to the contrary, since I had an ADT rep in my home earlier that day.  Ultimately, I accepted the offer and made an appointment for installation. The payment was debited from my account about two minutes after I hung up,” the complainant noted.  

Several days after the installation, the complainant received an email from a company called MPELL Solutions, which is based in Encinitas, California. The email instructed the victim to print out an attached form, fill it out, and mail a copy of the security contract and a check for $4.95. 

"They repeatedly wrote me stating that once they received the requested items, it would take between six to eight weeks to send me a Visa gift card for $100.00. I was never told by the Protect Your Home representative that I would have to pay to get my refund, and I had a serious problem with sending MPELL the first page of my contract with ADT. I also didn't think it was right that I had to pay to get a refund, which, by the way, does not total what I paid for the installation," the complainant stated.

"I did some research, and it turns out I'm not the only one that this has happened to. People are being ripped off, and elected officials and federal agencies need to look into this." 

The MPELL email went on to state that the refund offer would be voided after 30 days if the requested documents were not sent.

“My wife and I are very upset and would like Protect Your Home to honor what I was told by the phone rep and refund my $107.51 or – since they didn’t honor the original agreement that was offered – they can send the tech back to my home to remove the equipment and refund a total of $155.78 withdrawn from my account: $107.51 for installation and $48.21 that has been taken by ADT,” said the Long Island resident.

On February 2, From The G-Man contacted parent company Defender Security and spoke with a representative to obtain more clarity on the installation process and to confirm its relationship with Protect Your Home and ADT.

“You have no idea how glad I am to know someone is finally looking into this. It has been a major problem for our company for a very long time,” said N. Allen, who noted she was the office manager.   

“This is a security guard and private investigations company. So many people have called here for years, especially elderly people, screaming that ‘we took money out of their accounts’. I feel so bad for these people because I don’t know what to tell them or how to help them. They’ve called from all over the country. I just keep telling everyone that they have the wrong company. We’re not taking your money,” stated Allen.

The next day, From The G-Man received the following email, which confirmed the office manager’s statements.

Dear Mr. Gary Glennell Toms,

Thank you very much for contacting Defender Security Services, Inc. and making Defender aware that unauthorized person or persons are using our name that have no affiliation with us.

Defender Security Services, Inc. has no affiliation with Protect Your Home or ADT. We do not install alarms and do not do business with alarm installation companies. We are providers of security guards and provide private investigations and security surveys for our clients. In the past we were notified that persons unknown to us were using the Defender name and committing fraudulent acts. As we were notified of these acts we instructed the victims of those act to notify the local law enforcement agency and file a complaint with that agency.

Defender also was a victim of a check scam that included victims in various states. Defender notified the New York City Police Department and the U.S. Secret Service. We were also forced to change our banking accounts.

I strongly suggest that any victims of this scam notify the local Law Enforcement agency. Please call me should you need any assistance in this matter. Thank you.


Richard Simon
Vice President
Defender Security Services, Inc.

Congressman Bob Turner represents the Forest Hills area where the scams are still taking place. A phone call was placed to media director Joshua Spielman to find out if the congressman was aware that other constituents have been or may be targeted. Congressman Turner has not responded.

The email from Defender Security vice president Richard Simon was also forwarded to Congressman Turner and Spielman to stress the seriousness of the matter and to obtain comment. There has been no response.

MPELL Solutions was also contacted for comments. An MPELL representative confirmed that the company is affiliated with Defender Security, but that company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, not New York.

Calls were placed to Defender Security’s Indianapolis office to obtain more information, but an actual representative could not be reached.

On February 2, Bob Tucker, Public Relations Director for ADT Security, was contacted to confirm ADT’s relationship with Protect Your Home. Tucker offered the following:  

“ADT uses many independent contractors, including Protect Your Home, so I’m not exactly sure who may be involved. Email me what you have and I’ll take a look at it,” said Tucker.

When asked if ADT executives would be concerned if they learned the scam has been operating on a national level for years -- and that it could eventually have an adverse effect on the company’s bottom line -- Tucker responded, “Absolutely!”

On February 7, Tucker sent an email to From The G-Man in response to the investigation.

"Defender, a totally separate company from ADT, which is authorized to sell our products, is resolving this issue with the customer. He will be contacted later today and a refund will be issued. Case closed." 

If comments are provided at a later date by Congressman Turner, Spielman, or Defender Security (Indianapolis), From The G-Man will publish them… uncensored and unedited.

The links below list complaints filed by homeowners on "The Rip-Off Report" and other sites. The complaints involve Protect Your Home and a company called Protect America. 

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Rabbi Writes Controversial Book on Jesus

Boteach's book, "Kosher Jesus," has drawn fire from fellow rabbis. Now he's defending his work to critics.

By Brian Lewis
Anchor: Christina Hartman
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