Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Europe Watches Closely as the Netherlands Votes

As many as 13 million Dutch people are at the polls today (March 15) in a parliamentary vote that has been dominated by immigration, Islam and the rise of populism. 

Wilders: ‘people want to return our national sovereignty’

Before anti-EU firebrand Geert Wilders voted, he was asked about his controversial campaign.

What do you say, Mr Wilders, to those who say your campaign has been run on fear and bigotry?” 

The Party for Freedom leader replied: “We are having, I believe, a big support by the common Dutch people who have nothing with fear and bigotry. If we would be like that we would have 0.2% of the vote, but we have far more than that, and the common people who are interested in getting our country back and returning our national sovereignty are, hopefully, voting today in huge amounts.” 

Click here for summary/video. 

Source: euronews.

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