Monday, March 20, 2017

'All My Children' Star Showcases Women Directors in New Project

This video was published on YouTube on March 20, 2017.

The following statement was submitted by renowned actress and Emmy award-winner Cady McClain. The video is in conjunction with her critically acclaimed project "Seeing Is Believing: Women Direct".  

"During this series, audiences will hear from women who are on the front lines of the field: from major award winners and those in the vanguard of television and feature films, to graduated students and frustrated auteurs. Considering all aspects of the directing experience for women, we will learn how they drive through obstacles creative, cultural, and professional.

"The film is also intended to serve as “peer to peer mentorship” for anyone (of any gender) looking for guidance and real world experience as they pursue their dreams of becoming a visual storyteller.

"We are a thrilled recipient of an Awesome Without Borders Grant!

"Episode One: The Vanguard of Change will be premiering at the 2017 Newport Beach International Film Festival on April 25th at 1:30PM at Island Cinema 6."


Twitter: @CadyMcClain


Source: Cady McClain

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