Friday, March 24, 2017

Keystone Approval Part of Big Oil’s Master Plan for Trump

Albany – Today, President Donald Trump reversed the Obama Administration’s mandate regarding the Keystone XL pipeline. In response, Peter Iwanowicz, Executive Director of Environmental Advocates of NewYork (EANY), issued the following statement:

“Keystone’s approval is not a one-off. It’s part of a larger scheme the fossil fuel industry hatched to make Americans more dependent on their product. They are cornering consumers into reliance.

While no one would accuse President Trump of having some master plan on policy, what’s now clear is how easily he is manipulated and cajoled into embracing whatever industry wants.

It started with attacks on basic clean air and water protections. It advanced with the dismantling of vehicle emission standards that will result in consumers paying more at the pump. It comes full circle today, with President Trump’s approval of the build-out of a pipeline through the heart of America for a product heading off to the global market. And it won’t end there. Big Oil has one goal: more profit. While the President is glad-handing his allies, he’s thumbing his nose at Americans across the political spectrum that will pay the price both out of our pockets, and with our health.”

Source: EANY

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