Saturday, March 25, 2017

NYC Protesters March Against Alleged White Supremacist Slaying Of Black Man

NEW YORK ― Nelini Stamp wants America to say Timothy Caughman’s name ― not the name of the man who killed him. 

“Timothy was killed by a white supremacist, by a white terrorist,” Stamp told a crowd of about 300 protesters Friday evening in Manhattan’s Union Square.

This man, she said, “came from Baltimore to New York City ― our city ― to kill black people. He killed Timothy. We will not say this man’s name because he wants to be known. Instead we will say Timothy’s name to make sure no one ever forgets Timothy.” 

Stamp, of the progressive social justice group Resist Here, then led the protesters on a solemn, 22-block march north. 

“All across NYC!” they chanted. “Resist white supremacy!” 

“Say his name!” they yelled. “Timothy Caughman!”

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Source: The Huffington Post

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