Saturday, May 12, 2018

The 'US-UN Report': Why Did Trump Trash The Iranian Deal?

US-UN Report is a news source and weekly broadcast aiming to underscore, critique, and articulate the successes and failures of the United States’ foreign policy and international efforts. 

"Because we recognize that too often certain voices are left out of this discussion, it is our hope for US-UN Report to provide a platform that allows everyone to contribute to a conversation – specifically those directly affected by those foreign policies discussed," said Tom Osborne, creator, host and producer of the acclaimed foreign policy series. 

Assigned as reporter/producer and Bureau Chief at the United Nations in 1989 just prior to the Gulf War, Osborne covered the UN for ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings; Good Morning America and 20/20, overseeing all editorial coverage for the various prime-time news specials as well as general coverage at the UN through 2000. 

The renowned news veteran was elected president of the UN Correspondents Association in 1992. As president of UNCA, he inaugurated and chaired the 1992 series of international press conferences: The UN in the Post-Cold War Era. Convened at UN headquarters in New York, the conferences provided a forum for international journalists, members of the UN Security Council, and the UN Secretariat to discuss UN Security Council reform and transparency, an issue under intense scrutiny in the wake of UN involvement in conflicts in the first Iraq/Gulf war, and the impending crises in the former Yugoslavia. 

In this latest installment, US-UN Report tries to explain why Trump has trashed the Iran deal. It's a complicated issue with over 60 years of history. Osborne, Dr. David Kanervo and Ken McCaleb unravel decades of mistrust between our two countries, make that three including Israel. But there is more at stake now with Europe, China and Russia clinging on to whats left of the deal while the United States digs in it's heels. 

Click here to listen to the discussion. 

Source: Tom Osborne/US-UN Report 

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