Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Schneiderman’s Fall Tears Hole in Anti-Trump Coalition

By Laura Nahmias and David Siders

NEW YORK — From his perch as New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman served as the self-appointed field general of the anti-Trump resistance. Monday’s bombshell abuse allegations changed all that, removing a critical player from the coalition of state Democratic attorneys general confronting the Trump administration on everything from climate policy to immigration.

Schneiderman’s hasty resignation is sparking a scramble to replace him in New York — the position has long been a springboard to national prominence and higher office — but just as important, it’s raising the question of who’ll step into his role.

“Schneiderman is gone, and whoever his replacement is … is going to be an equally forceful part of the resistance,” said Garry South, a longtime Democratic strategist in California. “There’s no way around it. It’s New York state. I’m not sure that the actual personnel really matter, because whether the attorney general of California is [Xavier] Becerra or [Democratic challenger] Dave Jones, California’s going to remain on the front lines of the resistance. And I think New York’s in the same boat.”

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Source: Politico (via Empire Report New York) 

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