Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Millennials Don’t Like Trump. Here’s How They Say He Could Win Them Over.

WASHINGTON — Monica Robinson thought she was "good" identifying as a Republican — right up until President Donald Trump's election.

Now, nearly a year since his inauguration, she's wary. She called herself a "weaker Republican," skirting a full embrace of the GOP after dizzying months of Trump tweets, feuds and scandals. Robinson doesn't think the president's intentions are bad, but his "delivery" puts her off.

"The policies and the things that they (the GOP) want to do, I feel like are on the right track," said the 30-year-old African-American who lives in Georgia and was one of several millennials interviewed by NBC News about Trump. "The people they're having to use to get there, maybe not so much."

Robinson is hardly alone. A recent NBC News/GenForward poll found that, overall, young Americans don't like what Trump has done as president so far. Half think he'll go down in history as a poor president, and his bad marks only get worse when it comes to millennials of color. 

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Source: NBC News 

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