Friday, January 5, 2018

Mumia Abu-Jamal's Health Deteriorating

The following statement was submitted by Noelle Hanrahan, a private investigator and the director of Prison Radio

I just came back from a visit with Mumia at S.C.I Mahanoy. Right now, Mumia is ill and his health is precarious. The call from the movement is to demand that Mumia receive an independent medical exam.

In the wake of our groundbreaking efforts that secured Hepatitis C treatment for Mumia in 2017 after two years of medical neglect, Mumia is currently experiencing the same debilitating symptoms - including worsening skin conditions - that put him in intensive care in March 2015. His vulnerability to this condition has been caused by the substandard treatment he received at SCI Mahanoy and from Correct Care Solutions during the last three years.

Although Mumia has received the anti-viral medication to cure Hepatitis C, it is past due for an independent medical exam. Correct Care Solutions, the for-profit contracted "health care" provider, and the PA Department of Corrections cannot be trusted to get the job done. Now it is time to demand that independent doctors are able to diagnose and treat our brother. 

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