Friday, January 5, 2018

A.G. Schneiderman Announces Settlement With Allure Group

Settlement Requires Allure to Make Major Improvements
to Greater Harlem Nursing Home, Open New Healthcare
Facilities in Brooklyn and Lower East Side

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric Schneiderman today announced a comprehensive settlement with the Allure Group to revitalize the Greater Harlem Nursing Home and replace healthcare gaps in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. The agreement results from the Attorney General’s investigations into the closings of two nursing homes, Rivington House - The Nicholas A. Rango Health Care Facility on the Lower East Side, and the CABS Nursing Home in Brooklyn. As part of the settlement, the Attorney General required new measures to fully reform the processes that led to the closure of Rivington House and CABS Nursing Home. Allure will also pay $750,000 in penalties and costs to the State, in addition to $1.25 million to Lower East Side healthcare non-profits.

“The processes that led to the closure of Rivington House and CABS never should have happened – this settlement ensures they won’t happen again, while addressing critical healthcare gaps in the impacted communities,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “We’re requiring Allure to open new healthcare facilities in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, and make major improvements to its Harlem facility, while also providing $1.25 million to non-profits serving vulnerable New Yorkers.”

The settlement resolves an investigation by the Attorney General’s office into the closure of two facilities that had been sold by non-profit nursing home operators to the Allure Group and its principals, who own and manage a group of nursing homes in New York City. In each case, the facilities were closed shortly thereafter with minimal notice to the affected communities. While such closures were taking place, the Allure Group was managing the Greater Harlem Nursing Home as a Receiver; the non-profit owner of the Greater Harlem Nursing Home is now petitioning the Court to sell its facility to Allure-related companies.

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Source: The Office of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

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Jack Halpern said...

Bob Dylan sings " Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king." This decision is absolutely horrible. It strengthens the fact that elder lives are cheap and dispensible. The AG is a lowlife but he still will be our future governor. God has totally abandoned our elders. He has left them in the hands of dirty, disgusting trash like JOEL LANDAU. The holocaust is here staring into our face, yet no one sees it.

For all that prophesize with your pen, now ain't the time for your tears.

My heart is broken and bleeding. Who wants to live in a world of such enormous pain. I must fix it. If not I who else?