Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Attorneys for Khari Noerdlinger to File Suit Against Bergen County Prosecutor's Office

The following statement was issued today by Attorneys Jeffrey Lichtman and Lee Vartan. 

"Today was complete vindication for Khari Noerdlinger, having lied-repeatedly-to the grand jury and engaged in gross prosecutorial misconduct, the state voluntarily dismissed the manslaughter charge and agreed to dismiss the remaining charges after the successful completion of six months of the pretrial intervention program. Now that the case is over, we will initiate a lawsuit against the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, Prosecutor Grootenboer and Detective Costello for their criminal actions before the grand jury. We also will push for criminal charges for the two and the disbarment of Grootenboer. In 2017, law enforcement cannot hide evidence from a grand jury in order to falsely charge innocent people with crimes. Those law enforcement officers who have sworn to uphold the law will now themselves be required to face justice."

Source: The Law Offices of  Jeffrey Lichtman

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