Monday, December 4, 2017

Jailed Rapper Meek Mill Denied Bail Request

A Philadelphia judge denied an emergency bail petition in a probation violation case against embattled rapper Meek Mill.

In the opinion filed Friday and released Monday, Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley called him a "danger to the community" and a flight risk. It also detailed years of drug use and several probation violations dating back to 2007.

"The defendant is not entitled to this sort of special treatment simply due to his 'celebrity status,'" Brinkley wrote.

Mill's legal team filed appeals to have him freed on bail last month, and asked Brinkley to recuse herself after a nearly 10-year legal battle with the rapper. They cited an FBI investigation into her relationship with 

Philadelphia music mogul Charlie Mack, with whom she allegedly asked Mill to sign. 

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Source: NBC 10

Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks Out Against Perceived Bias
in Judge's Decision Not to Grant Meek Mill Bail Request 

NEW YORK, NY — Following his visit with Meek Mill last week, Rev. Al Sharpton released the following statement in response to Judge Genece Brinkley’s decision to deny Meek Mill’s bail request on Monday:

“We at National Action Network continue to urge Judge Genece Brinkley to recuse herself. We need a judge that has no interest or reported bias in the case to review this. It is the feeling expressed by many, and this concerns us, that this judge has been overly punitive in her decisions against Meek Mill. In the interests of justice, it would serve the community and all concerned to have an objective review of Meek Mill’s bail request while they argue out the decision of whether or not he should be doing 2-4 years for popping a wheelie. It is clear to us that the infraction does not merit the punishment as is the case with thousands of others.

“Let us not forget that both the prosecutor and the probation officer have said that they did not see any reason for Meek Mill to be incarcerated. For Judge Brinkley to say now that he is a “danger to the community” only further advances some kind of personal bias. It is unthinkable that a judge would not hear the prosecutor and the probation officer in this case. It is suspect to raise the ante by calling him a danger to the community when Judge Brinkley is the only person to have raised such a concern." 

Source: Mercury

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