Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rev. Sharpton Meets with Libyan Ambassador, Agrees to Lead an Ecumenical Fact-Finding Mission

Ambassador to Libya Elmahdi Elmajerbi, Minister Kirsten John Foy, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Attorney Michael Hardy. (Click on the photo to increase its size.) 

New York, NY – Rev. Al Sharpton, President and founder of National Action Network (NAN), met today with Libyan Ambassador Elmahdi Elmajerbi and gained approval to lead a fact-finding mission to Libya before Christmas with prominent clergy in the wake of reports that African immigrants are being auctioned off as slaves. 

According to Rev. Sharpton, it is morally reprehensible that the world has ignored the existence of slavery and he did a similar fact finding tour to fight slavery in Sudan 2001 and he publicly stated that “slavery is wrong no matter who the slave master or the slave is. He said it wasn’t about Muslims vs. Christians. “It’s about right versus wrong.” 

Source: Mercury

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