Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happening in Harlem: Town Hall on Police Raids and Closing Rikers

Source: Street Corner Resources


Anonymous said...

And the head of legal aid societt, Adriene Holder, is one who conspired to have a homeless person arrested and prosecuted while lying about her sexual harassing actions... they are all friends! Believe what you want. Its a game for notieriety.

The G-Man said...


Three points:

1. The flier was published simply as an FYI for members of the Harlem community. "From The G-Man" is not interested in any ulterior motives that MAY be involved. This news and information source is confident that community members will be able to draw their own conclusions regarding the event and guest speakers.

2. Ms. Holder is not listed as the Legal Aid Society representative that attended the event, so it's unclear why you mentioned her or why she is the subject of your attack. Unlike many news outlets, this site does not engage in character assassination or smear campaigns. It provides news and information and invites viewers to follow up and obtain more information on any subject that's presented.

3. You're making extremely serious allegations, and you're doing so anonymously. If you have irrefutable proof of your claims, be willing to go on record and meet with "From The G-Man" or "The G-Man Interviews" and provide (your own) detailed information. Otherwise, what you stated is tantamount to hearsay, rumor and/or speculation. Again, if you're willing to make these claims in a public forum, you should be just as willing to go on record.