Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Is Atlanta in Danger of Losing its 'Black Mecca' Status?

by Chandra Thomas Whitfield

In 1971, Ebony magazine declared Atlanta, Georgia, the "Black Mecca of the South." In the ensuing decades, the city fully embraced the designation, becoming a bastion of black success in politics and business.

But that could change, some have said, pending the results of Tuesday's mayoral election — a contentious runoff race that could end more than four decades of black mayoralleadership. Other political observers say the racial tensions animating the contest have exposed the fact that some lower class blacks feel like opportunities are out of reach.

Maurice J. Hobson, assistant professor of African-American studies at Georgia State University, said that despite the city's black mayors, many black Atlantans feel their needs in the community aren't being met.

“Voting always takes a second knee to political power in the city,” he told NBC News. “What we’ve had is puppet governments. The white elite will put a black face out there, but they’re really controlling the policies."

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Source: NBC News 

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