Monday, August 7, 2017

'Seeing is Believing: Women Direct' Wins Major Film Festival Award

The 60 minute version of “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct’ won the AUDIENCE AWARD for Best Feature at the SOHO International Film Festival.

"All My Children" Star Provides an Update on Her Groundbreaking Project

The following was submitted by director, producer and artist Cady McClain.

As some of you know, I’ve been working really hard on this documentary series called “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct,” all about women who direct film and television. It’s been a constant inspiration (and perspiration) to shoot, interview, and then edit these interviews with amazing women directors (who we will someday refer to as just “directors” I am SURE). If you’ve made it to one of our festival screenings, I think you might agree that their stories are pretty uplifting!

I could spend all day working on this project, but I decided that if I were going to be a director myself, then directing was what was going to have to get busy doing! I knew I needed to do it to give me the insight to create the documentary properly, but I also had to make sure that I kept growing creatively. So over the last two years while shooting over 50 interviews with women directors of all walks of life, I’ve also shot….

…two different productions of “Venice the Series” for which I was thrilled to be a recipient of an Emmy nomination!

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