Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Abner Louima: 'I've Moved on with My Life'

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein Issues Statement
on the 20th Anniversary of the Police Brutality Case

"Two weeks ago, I met with Abner Louima in Miami Beach, Florida. He advised me at the time that he will not be doing interviews or issuing any statements regarding the 20th anniversary, on August 9, 2017, of his attack.   

"He authorized me to say 'He has moved on with his life and is focusing on his business interest and his family.'  

"His success in life serves as a role model for all victims and demonstrates that one can move on and succeed in life despite suffering a personal tragedy. The challenge today remains for those of us who work for justice for victims of police brutality, particularly in the era of Trump and when we have an Attorney General who publicly opposes bringing pattern and practice investigations of police departments accused of patterns of brutality. We must continue to shine a spotlight on wrongdoing by police whenever and wherever it occurs.  The battle goes on.”

Source: Attorney Sanford Rubenstein

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