Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Paul Massey Drops Out of NYC Mayoral Race


Paul Massey abruptly ended his campaign for mayor Wednesday. The Cushman & Wakefield executive, who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, described his time on the campaign trail as a “wonderful” journey, but said the cost of sustaining a campaign against Mayor Bill de Blasio was prohibitive.

“Unfortunately, the cost of running for office is extraordinary, and I do not see a path to raising the necessary funds to beat an incumbent mayor,” Massey said in a statement Wednesday. “I am forever indebted to my family, team and my friends for their support.”

Massey’s fundraising ability was expected to be a key component of his campaign, as many outsiders predicted he would have little trouble raising the kinds of donations from his friends in the real estate industry to compete with de Blasio.

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Source: The Real Deal (via The Empire Report) 

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