Friday, June 30, 2017

Albany Takes A Wary View Of Constitutional Convention

By Nick Reisman

From the Morning Memo:

Add Gov. Andrew Cuomo to those skeptical of a constitutional convention.

On Thursday, Cuomo said at a news conference he thinks “the devil’s going to be in the details” when it comes to the structure of the convention.

“Who are the delegates? Who would control it? What are the issues? I think that’s what New Yorkers want to know,” he said.

“If the convention is going to be run by the people who currently run the government, then I would say the purpose of the convention is basically defeated.”

To be fair, Cuomo had sought to change the structure of the convention before, proposing a plan to study how to change the delegate-selection process, spending $1 million to “create an expert, non-partisan commission to develop a blueprint for a convention,” according to his 2016 agenda book.

“The commission will also be authorized to recommend fixes to the current convention delegate selection process, which experts agree is flawed,” Cuomo said at the time.

At the time, Cuomo was bullish on the prospect of convening a con-con, which voters can determine later this year in a referendum. 

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Source: Spectrum News/State of Politics (via The Empire Report) 

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