Thursday, June 29, 2017

Gov. Cuomo Declares State of Emergency for 'Decaying' MTA

By  Maya Rajamani and Patrick Hedlund

HELL'S KITCHEN — Governor Cuomo declared a state of emergency for the problem-plagued MTA following a series of high-profile failures within the transit system.

"We know the system is decaying, and we know the system is decaying rapidly," Cuomo said at a press conference Thursday morning at Hammerstein Ballroom on West 34th Street, adding that he will sign an executive order declaring the state of emergency to allow his office to "expedite many of the normal government processes.”

He also announced plans to commit an additional $1 billion in the transit authority's capital plan "so the MTA has the resources they need to get that done."

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Source: (via The Empire Report)

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