Tuesday, May 16, 2017

'Suspicious' Footage Shows 3 Fleeing Area Near Synagogue That Burned: NYPD


LOWER EAST SIDE — Authorities are reviewing footage that shows three young people running from the area around the Beth Hamedrash Hagodol synagogue near the time a fire broke out Sunday night that largely destroyed the historic structure, police said.

Surveillance footage shows three “kids” running from the area, the Deputy Inspector of the 7th Precinct Steve Hellman said, although it is still unknown whether they were fleeing the historic synagogue and it is too early to say whether criminality was involved in the massive blaze.

“We see kids running from the area — we don’t know if they were inside, we don’t know if they were responsible for the fire,” said Hellman.

“It is still under investigation, but it does seem suspicious due to the fact we saw individuals in the proximity possibly [around] the time of the fire,” he added.

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Source:  dnainfo.com (via The Empire Report)

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