Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Peruvian Community, U.S. Citizens Donate Over $200,000 for "Coastal El Niño" Victims

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Washington D.C. - The Peruvian Embassy and its 13 consulates in the United States managed to raise US$207,351 in favor of recent "Coastal El Niño" phenomenon victims.

More than 2,000 people contributed via bank and online donations to the campaign started on March 21, after receiving instructions from the Foreign Affairs Ministry to call for international solidarity aimed at benefiting Peru's flood and landslide victims. 

The collected amount has been fully and directly transferred to State-run National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci).

"It has been a very successful campaign that has shown the commitment of all our consulates and our Embassy to sensitize the American public opinion to the dramatic consequences of the Coastal El Niño in the most vulnerable populations of our country," said Peruvian Ambassador to Washington D.C. Carlos Pareja.

The Embassy in the United States opened a bank account and established an online donation mechanism —on its website— to facilitate the contributions by individuals and institutions interested in donating economic resources to the campaign of solidarity.
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Source:  http://www.andina.com.pe

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