Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Russia Probe: Senate Requests Documents from Money-Laundering Agency

The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested information about President Donald Trump and his top aides from a financial intelligence unit in the Treasury Department that imposed a $10 million civil penalty on Trump Taj Mahal in 2015 for multiple violations of anti-money laundering laws.

The committee wants to see any information relevant to its Russia investigation the Treasury agency has gathered, including evidence that might include possible money laundering, according to a committee aide who spoke on condition of anonymity. Also at issue: to what extent, if at all, people close to Vladimir Putin have invested in Trump's real estate empire. 

The request, made in recent weeks, comes as part of the Senate's investigation into whether Trump associates colluded with the Russian effort to interfere in the election. The FBI is also investigating that issue, but that probe is now under a cloud after Trump fired FBI director James Comey.  

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